The Liberal Agenda – CPAG: The drivers of deprivation and poverty


There are many factors that keep people poor

Do you live in Canterbury or Otago?

Associate Professor Daniel Exeter will be talking about depreviation in your region next Tuesday April 2nd between 5pm and 7pm atthe Alexander McMillan Room Dunedin Community House 301 Moray Place Dunedin Central.

On April 3rd from 6pm to 7pm Assoc. Prof.Exeter Daniel Exeter will be talking at Community Law Canterbury 198 Montreal Street Christchruch about the study he headed up into the drivers of deprivation and poverty.

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Admission is Free but you need to reserve your place by going to CPAG’s Otago Facebook page or CPAG’s event page


  1. The councils seem keen to keep putting up rates which effects rents and struggling home owners (fastest growing group in poverty is working parents with a mortgage) but somehow unable to find any way to charge multinationals for water rights for offshore bottling and lime scooters only pay $150 per year while ACC & ratepayers picks up the bills.

    Councils are also happy to ‘compensate’ the worlds biggest companies while not too worried about small business.

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