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GUEST BLOG: Gerard Otto – Nobody is to blame – cries Leighton Smith

By   /  March 24, 2019  /  9 Comments

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NZME had barely finished their frantic efforts to find and hide their own racist, Islamaphobic, or nasty race based content, before they were busy sounding alarms about the dangers of the Blame Game!!!

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NZME had barely finished their frantic efforts to find and hide their own racist, Islamaphobic, or nasty race based content, before they were busy sounding alarms about the dangers of the Blame Game!!!

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Socialists will try to harm us now and take away our freedom is the big fuss over at NZME.

“Don’t blame us”, was the primary message that needed to be communicated before the public sought answers about where these demented racist attitudes find their seed and watering.

“Don’t blame anyone” was Leighton’s conclusion after waffling about Western Civilisation being the aryan way, the superior path, the great blessing of opportunity which had benefited so many white capitalists…and a few others as well.

The racist fertiliser and the seedling mix had been taken off the shelves and now they sat empty, as NZME and it’s “long in the tooth” stalwarts, shrugged with innocent astonishment, nothing to see here.

Search the property if you like – we’ve always been innocent.

Leighton Smith told us that the wonderful journey of Western Civilisation began with the Greeks.

The Greeks happened to thrive on slavery rather than paid employment, but like other racist and deplorable content – such facts were not included in Leighton’s rose-white looking glass at history.

As he proceeded to expound the virtues of capitalism he had nothing to say about Anglo-American slavery which Southern States became so attached to – hell they had a bloody civil war over it for almost a decade.

Black people were nothing but property, bought and paid for – and slave owners felt their property rights had been infringed.


Such glorious chapters in Western Civilisation escaped Leighton’s summary, of course.

Along with the rise of the Klu Klux Klan – the white Knights with torches stringing up people in order to protect some great white culture that had benefitted white people – you know the superior ones – Leighton may be able to clarify.

The chilling similarity with that way of thinking and Leighton’s pompous wankery this morning – sweeping blame under the conservative carpet this morning made me shake my head.

I know what he is trying to say but let’s not fuck around here.

America has been a deeply divided and racist nation from it’s roots till now.

The mass genocide of the native Indians is hard to ignore – but Leighton does ignore it 100%.

The thousands of occasions were Black Americans, Chinese Americans, Hispanic Americans were treated shamefully are rife.

But do not merit a mention from Leighton.

This year the Academy award winning film is all about these deeply ingrained racist attitudes and there is no denying this shit flows straight through Leighton’s bullshit white-washed account of history.

Which brings us to this terrorist and his conditioning.

His main fear was the great white replacement.

Quivering with fear filled lunacy about how the great white Western Civilisation ( that Leighton mentioned ) is under threat of replacement by people from Africa or the Middle East ( Read Muslim or non white ) – this terrorist grabbed his gun.

NZME are at pains to stress that they don’t necessarily agree with the views they support, pay and give a platform to.

Nobody is to blame, they say.

Look the other way, look the other way.

There’s danger in looking too hard at where the seeds are planted.

The terrorist formed his thinking in isolation, he was from over the ditch…not one of us…. according to the narrative.

Racism it seems to NZME is nowhere here.

Nope – not a single white coffee bean of it.

That’s the mantra – and blaming NZME for anything here is not correct according to themselves.

NZME hosts are suggesting that they have NEVER planted any seeds, watered them, grown them, talked with them lovingly, and never slammed the phone down on anyone who dared to push the fuck back on them.

“They are leeches” is an infamous example of this nurturing from Du Plessis Allen when referring to Pacific Islanders

NZME doubled down and supported her about that.

But NZME will tell us there is no evidence of such accusations.

So it is, that Leighton’s biggest fear today is socialists and progressives, who may meddle with civil liberties and now put pressure on the good old boys down at Bob’s Country Bunker.

Yes, New Zealand is now united in support of the Muslim community, and they have banned semi automatic weapons, and next they may come after the attitudes that feed and grow demented lunatics.

Something Leighton is determined to stop.


Gerard Otto is an activist and a writer.

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  1. Mjolnir says:

    I’ve heard Leighton Smith on radio

    Not much, just enough to be sickened by his right wing claptrap. Well he can fuck off

    Smith is an enabler

  2. Mjolnir says:

    “NZME are at pains to stress that they don’t necessarily agree with the views they support, pay and give a platform to.”

    Missed that bit

    Which is bullshit of course

    If NZME tried that line in court in a defamation case brought against one if their columnists or radio hosts, the judge woukd rejrct it outright. Fact is, they *ARE* liable for the views expressed on their platfirms

    They cant resile from that fact

    Maybe the muslim community should consider a lawsuit against NZME whenever one of their employed wankers utters a derogatory insult on one of their platforms??

    If rich white men can issue lawsuits to protect their “reputations” why cant an entire ethnic group?? Because the white mans legal system is for white men only

    People of colour need not apply

  3. mosa says:

    It has always struck me as odd that if you want to listen to talk back you have to listen to the bias right wing opinion of the shows host as if they are preaching a sermon.
    There is no opposite view point tolerated even the competition over at media works is talking to the same right wing audience only with less listeners.
    Even the so called red radio has joined the right wing nasty’s with Espineer and Lisa Owen and soon to be joined by Corin Dann who is hardly impartial thanks to the politically appointed board a hangover from the previous nasty Natz government.
    Public broadcasting needs attention as the current MSM does not support healthy debate or fairness.
    The right have had a strangle hold for too long and it is time it ended.

  4. Ngungukai says:

    This guy is another enabler like Hoskins/Garner/Richardson/Plunket/Brash they don’t say things directly however they incite the natives

  5. Snow White says:

    L-Smith’s got a nerve. He endorses Amy Agnes-Mary Brooke’s book on the outside back cover where she is antagonistic to Muslims, and to Maori, and even advocates abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal.

    Abolish the Waitangi tribunal ? Really ? How off the planet is that ?

    I have never heard the man, and never will, but the $300 odd bucks – give or take a few bucks – which he’d have picked up for that, I see as Judas money.

    Here is New Zealand trying best it can to right past wrongs, and Smith
    supports stopping this ? Says that NZ’ers may find this book a compass in a storm ? Spare me.

    These tiresome prats who think that quoting Greeks and Greece enhances their prattling have got it very wrong – the stature of the ancients belongs with the ancients not with them, and we will not have a civilised future by dismantling the tools needed to achieve this.

  6. Ngungukai says:

    He is a red neck Australian me thinks ?

  7. Ngungukai says:

    He is a red neck Australian me thinks ?

    • Snow White says:

      Good spotting Ngungukai, he’s Australian alright, started off as a disco jockey in Sydney which I guess is how he got so red in the face and neck. But that’s just on the outside. Nothing much inside – stands to reason.

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