Waatea News Column – White supremacy and terrorism


The pain exposed in this dreadful atrocity against out Muslim whānau is too painful to process.

The loss, the symbolism and the deep guilt at how long they have suffered from increasing racism unheeded only makes the grief more bitter.

White supremacy not only committed this unspeakable violence, it helped aid it.

How on earth could security agencies with a combined budget of $240million manage to miss a white supremacist who crossed the border on multiple occasions plot a terror attack and no one pick up on that?

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Our SIS & GCSB are supposed to protect us from this type of act, yet despite being warned about the shooter and the Muslim communities own complaints about ratcheting violence, white supremacists weren’t seen as a threat and according to the last decade of SIS reports, have never emerged as a specific danger.

Compare that to the Urewera ‘Terror’ raids and the huge illegal spying and massive Police action against Māori training activists.

The cultural blindspot the Police & Intelligence services had towards white supremacy allowed one to commit a terrible act of racism. Those entrusted with keeping us all safe failed in part because they couldn’t see one of their own as a threat.

We all have an enormous amount to learn and reflect upon here.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Talking to a relation in the Bay of Plenty not long after the Tama Iti and Tuhoe Raids in the Urewera’s, he reckoned Tama Iti couldn’t even organise a clean up at the Marae ?

    • Lol…a State crime was committed against the Tuhoe people ( many stupid gullible people bought into that one!)

      ….and just as a crime was committed against NZ sovereignty and New Zealanders in the Rainbow Warrior bombing( actually done by French saboteurs and spy agents…but if we hadnt caught them it would have been blamed on New Zealanders)

      …. a crime has been committed against the people of Christchurch and New Zealand ( by an outsider) !

      ….and I and other Christchurch people are so f..king sick of hearing about ‘white supremacy’ …as if Christchurch and New Zealand is riddled with it ( so why dont those accusers just toddle off back to where they came from)

      … as someone has pointed out nationalism, pride in ones culture , and advocating against destabilising mass immigration into New Zealand is not ‘white supremacy’

      (…and lets not forget that there are videos out there on the internet of the most heinous crimes committed by ISIS against women (Scandinavian girls in Morocco) , Christians ( in Libya and Syria)…and mass murders of innocents in their own countries ( truck mowing down French in Nice and the shoot out in Paris) )

      …it has now turned into a guilt tripping hate fest against ordinary Pakeha New Zealanders and politicians ( who of course are all ‘white supremacists’ by virtue of their skin colour and the fact that they have lived in this country for generations)

      …personally imo a lot of the crap comes from the woke Greens

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