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    @ Martyn, after today, I’m pretty sure the radar has just been switched on.
    What we’ll need to do is watch closely just how much push-back comes from within (i.e. within the ranks of various agencies), and what the response will be.
    For example:

    (and in that article – pay close attention to Andrew Little’s comments re ‘organisational culture’. AND, when they’re looking at that, let’s also hope they reference Dame Anne Salmond’s take on it all:

    Pretty sure there are a few in our public services that are SUDDENLY getting all touchy feely and ‘We hear what your saying’

    They’re not going unnoticed.

  2. An Alt Right racist and anti Muslim nutter killed 50 in Christchurch on the day school children striked to raise climate change concerns. The message they were sending went under. The MSM is all over PC answers to how to deal with the ChCh massacres, whether to wear a hijab in solidarity or not, and reports on little else.

    When are we going to address the most major and biggest challenge for ALL of us, especially the younger generation? That is CLIMATE CHANGE. We have March, almost April, and temperatures like in January in Auckland. FFS, wake up, we are boiling and nobody does a damned thing about it!!!

    • Yes MOSA,

      This sad event has also taken ‘climate change’ off the radar too, as if it was never an issue.

      Climate change is the most serious catastrophe facing all of humanity, and this is a travesty of immense proportions facing us all and generations to come.
      We hope Martyn gets ‘climate change’ now back onto the radar on the daily blog and show leadership here as the MSM has gone into sleep mode on climate change now.

      The oil and coal industry must be gleefully stunned and elated, and can’t contain their delight that these killings have taken the spotlight off them now.

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