1 week after mass shooting atrocity, Jacinda bans machine guns – this is what political leadership looks like


Jacinda hasn’t just led the country with dignity and compassion, she hasn’t just given us the grace of good conscience and strong words, she has shown real action.

1 week after mass shooting atrocity, Jacinda has banned machine guns – this is what political leadership looks like.

As America struggles with pointless mass shooting after pointless mass shooting, Jacinda changes the gun laws within a week.

Thoughts & prayers are nice. Action and decision are better.

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‪Hasn’t every person who claimed Jacinda couldn’t be a mother and lead the country at the same time been shamed by the incredible courage, empathy & fortitude she has shown over the last week – we would be a lesser people right now without her leadership.

As we ban guns, the NZ Police are now routinely wearing them…

…I understand why we need to arm Police, but part of me is horrified at a time when horror seems redefined every day over the past 7 days. Remember when James Shaw being punched had left us breathless?

We didn’t know what breathless was.

The reverberations of atrocity don’t end but thank Allah we have a leader who has the wisdom to lead.

This feels like it’s been the longest week of our lives.



  1. We heard her on RNZ at 3pm yesterday. Her steel was unmissable. This woman is not for turning, that was evident. (And she didn’t have to crush a single car to show her resolve!)

    If she carries on like this, she will become one of our best PMs ever.

  2. The globalisation of American fascism is obsequious and does not serve NZ well.
    Gun toting Police was unheard o fin NZ and most people even a decade ago would have reviled at the thought.

    An now we have it. How did it happen.

    Whats next .

    • Interesting that you ask that question @ JOHN W.
      Mostly, because no one else has.
      Well done. IMV.
      @ MB states…
      “this is what political leadership looks like”
      This is what bullshit looks like, more like it.
      Where the fuck has your thinky-thinky thing gone @ MB?
      Banning rapid fire, little-diddle-tinglers is great. Don’t get me wrong. Paying our security services $230 million to keep us safe is also great, if they’re doing the job they’re supposed to be doing, that is.
      Jacinda Adern’s great, isn’t she? Marvellous! Amazing! Could be God? Was on Tony Blairs team leading up to the UK’s military involvement in Iraq. How many people were murdered to be free from their tyrannical ‘leader’ ( and their oil but shhhhh…. Not too loud. Need gas for the Big Black V8 Ponsonby Tractors. ) ? 2 million people and counting? Wow! Great! Taking the $470 k per annum while driving past the wretched homeless in our ministerial BMW’s when a fucking 20 year old Toyota Corolla would a done. Wow! Aw, but she’s beautiful an’ that. The teeth, the Hijab, aw…”Sniffle”. Ignoring the fact that our agricultural primary industry is in ever deepening shit largely because the corporates have lean’d on farmers so heavily via the banksters that the family farmers, actual farmers, are suiciding themselves into extinction. Wow! Great! Queen Jacinda! Wow! How about banning youth suicide Jacinda? Banning poverty in a country rich-as where the foreign banksters suck more money out of us per capita than anywhere else?
      One gun nut shot a mind numbingly large number of people and what an awful thing that was on many levels and all eyes are indeed upon that. Funny that though, right. Cynical, me? You fucking betcha.
      In my mind, as Jacinda scruntches up her eyebrows at the sheer and inexplicable horror of it… Take a look around Jacinda? Your country’s in ruins and is in free fall. Ban that too would you now!
      ( I wonder? Is there, in there somewhere within Labour, a private marketing consultant paid to put the twinkle-sparkle into Labour’s image leading into an election year next year who can’t believe their luck at this slaughter-house windfall? )

      • Very well done @ Countryboy and John W. Erdogan has already made poitical hay out of the event and doesn’t Netanyahu have an election soon? And I seem to remember reading in the Guardian some time ago when NZ opposed the moving of the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Netanyahu told NZ our action would be a declaration of war but “Oops, Sorry this page is not available.” How convenient.


        Then, does anyone remember The Mossad passport scandal or the cell which was discovered during the Christchurch earthquake. The link still available.


        Every household in Switzerland is armed but I’ve never heard of a massacre there. No need to disturb the gnomes of Zurich.

        The lone vile white fascist nutcase emerged quickly. The killer travelled to North Korea and spent months in Pakistan yet was not on any watch list??? Others were arrested but seem to have disappeared. To wupwup, or the bouai, or even Tel Aviv? No one seems to care because of course beelzebub Donald masterminded the whole thing don’tcha know?
        Since 9/11 the Middle East has been pulverised and millions slaughtered and maimed. Whistle blowers have suffered mediaval
        confinement for years on end and Middle Eastern heads of state
        have been relentlessly demonised and done to death. Yet no one has mentioned the Plan for the New American Century or Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilisations or even the Balfour Declaration or Gladio. Yawn.
        Of course the slaughter in Yemen and Palestine never stops. Anyone short of a few flowers for these victims mght find a few straggling end of season cosmos or sad little zinnias somewhere.
        This morning I read the very best article on our atrocity. A copy should be downloaded and framed by everyone for the lounges of our lugubrious sphere.


      • Well said Country Boy, prepare for the backlash. Are we still trading with the Saudis, how many Yemenis have they killed to date, ably assisted by the Kings of Chaos?
        Total outrage required when innocent civilians are murdered in NZ and rightly so however when we get down to trade deals and cosying up to the war mongers of the Club on their humanitarianism rampages only selective outrage is permitted. And of course they can come and have a round of golf.

      • Yep, sure moved fast on the guns, now let’s see a one week turnaround on welfare reform, water sales, over irrigation, foreign political influence and the sale of assets to foreigners.

        Let’s put our morals where our mouth is and wind back trade with the country that receducates it’s muslims
        Or are we sweet with intolerance if there is a dollar in it?

      • @COUNTRYBOY…can’t resist saying “well bugger me”…had decided to give TDB one more read before tossing it in file 13. You’ve hit nearly every bloody nail on the head!! So few know about the smiling alligator’s background which Vinny Eastwood sums up well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kmukUisSkM
        I have just listened to a dairy farmer telling us about his throwing in the towel as the last of his prize cows were driven off his property to be murdered because of micro-plasma bovis …which is CURABLE but like cancer cure withheld. No money in a healthy nation. This farmer is off to Tanzania to work with eugenicist Bill Gates on artificial insemination.
        Well, Countryboy, if you want a laugh and a good read I recommend RenegadeTribune.com ’cause it contains nothing so far banned by our government, but a hell of a lot of lightbulbs, which this government may be allergic to.
        Thank you, Countryboy. Stay safe.
        OH…you might also want to dial up utube Agenda 21/30 Exposed by Rosa Koire. Explains it all.

  3. too soon i Know and yes she has been amazing and I fully support everthing she has done so far in connection with this terrorist act But before we get carried away and nominate her for sainthood a bit of a reality check. everything she has done so far has been politically easy, emotionally draining but politically easy not even bridges would be dumb enough to speak out againist gun law reform at the moment and the mood of the people at the moment we’d even except the death penalty but real leadership and real steel will come when she takes on the racism & white supremacy in our communities and the zionists in our parliment. sainthood will come when she shows leadership in fixing our childpoverty and homelessness

    • Approve the death penalty, Dale? Nah, I don’t think so.

      Aussie MP Deryn Hinch suggested that on social media, and was utterly shot down by 99% comments opposing it. People may be demanding gun control, but are still rational in their thoughts on how to deal with the alleged offender. We won’t be stampeded into extreme responses.

    • The country has pulled together under her leadership on this solemn occasion. Forget the past or the future, she has governed for the now.

  4. Come on..its ‘easy’ for any half smart non psychopath to look good after a disaster of this scale.

    Though personally, I thought announcing the new gun laws on the day/week of the funerals was unfortunate…these days should be all about the victims and their lives..not peoples gun fetishes.

    I’m waiting to see the depth of her empathy levels and economic /social policies and solutions for people living their lives on the brink of homelessness, and those pulling out their own rotten teeth.

    The way NZ media seems obsessed with comparing Jacinda with Trump is so sad…most of the planet looks good compared to that guy, its a pretty low bar.

    • The trouble we get is if Jacinda hadn’t acted urgently others would consider her weak. The fact the opposition have backed her proves NOW was her best approach, one I totally agree with, why?, it sends a message.

    • I heard that John Podesta was here under the radar a week before the event pushing for gun control. Does anyone have more information?

  5. Jacinda Ardern has been absolutely stunning in her leadership since that dreadful day one week ago today. She truly is an inspiration.

    To those people who have rubbished and continue to rubbish and criticise her your own weakness and insecurities have been highlighted because they show you cannot handle the strength of a young woman who can and does lead.

    Jacinda has gone beyond what the last prime minister and the current leader of the national party ever would have done in this situation. She has reached out, sympathised and empathised with the Muslim community. She has conducted herself so marvellously that she has become the personification of what we as a nation should be. She is admired by world leaders for the qualities of a true leader that she displays and displays with true heart.

    I am so glad she is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I am so glad she stands up for what is right. I am so glad she speaks out against those who still express intolerance and distrust of other groups including the Muslim community and those who justify what the non-human did last week when he massacred 50 innocent law abiding citizens of this country and tried to murder the same number. Jacinda will not mention his name and neither should we because to do so gives him a voice and a platform to preach his vile, evil and twisted thoughts.

    Dale Frew you raise a good point but I think Jacinda Ardern is aware of and will do something about the white supremacists in this country. The real problem is the nuanced white supremacy that continues to display itself in this country. Look at the position taken by Diocesan College forbidding its students from wearing hijabs. It boasts being a christian school with a corner-stone of inclusion but it acts in completely the opposite way.

    Wasn’t it the so-called christians who, under the era of the crusades, murdered, tortured and raped tens of thousands of Muslims? Today, it is the same sanctimonious weak-minded unintelligent individuals who espouse intolerance, distrust and hatred of the Muslim community and justify that hatred by blaming the Muslims for the terrorist acts of the extremists who do not represent the Muslim faith. Luckily, those few people are in the reviled minority.

    • Quite right YOUNGSUFFRAJET, I can’t believe the brain dead criticism of those few before you. If they were of the left they need a good kick up the arse. They must be happy with the Nasty Nats in charge or they wouldn’t be doing their work for them. Must be Nat trolls to be that stupid. Go Jacinda, NZ turning in the right direction at last.

  6. Hopefully the GCSB/SIS/NZ Police will be a bit more vigilant in the future and concentrate on major problems rather than bothering the general NZ Public with trivial matters.

    Hopefully they will start looking into the Asian Crime Syndicates and the NZ Gangs distributing the likes of P to the youth of today.

  7. “1week after mass shooting atrocity, Jacinda has banned machine guns”

    No. She hasn’t. Neither the police nor the general public is allowed machine guns. They’ve never been legal here.

    Only the military has machine guns.

  8. Yes, I have no problem with supporting this.

    Next I expect the same leadership to reduce and abolish poverty, starting with giving people on Supported Living benefits, and those on Jobseeker Support due to illness and disability to be lifted to liveable benefits, similar to the pensions.

    Nothing has been done there, people with illness and serious conditions are struggling to survive. Accommodation Supplement increases, and some other increases have led to those most in need having had their TAS and Special Benefit rates reduced.

    Reduced doctor’s fees leads to a reduction in Disability Allowance, for those most in need.

    WTF is the government doing for those, me included? Nothing so far, empty words about a welfare review, redesigned offices, nicer talk and PR actions, no REAL improvements for those most in need.

  9. This incident ceased being about the victims about 5 minutes after the act. All that’s happened this week is a series of knee jerk reactions from politicians, pundits and the public. Carrying out the exact wishes of the terrorist, the government are in divide and conquer mode. Rather than acts of solidarity with our fellow countrymen, the political class has placed more restrictions on law abiding citizens.

  10. Hi Bomber i just wanted to add my blog to Gerard Otto’s earlier post.
    Gerard that was a superb post.
    Can i make a suggestion you don’t need to use profanity to make your point as your posts are always a true reflection of any issue we are facing at any time.
    I can understand your fury at the conservative media and agree totally with regards to the negative barrow they always push when they have a government that is not a National one.
    It is almost like most of the voting public’s vote for the three parties of the coalition don’t count at all.
    Racism and it’s effect are deeply ingrained and until now never countered.
    1981 and the ” tour ” should give any millennial an insight of the last time racism raised it’s ugly head and was on display for everyone too see.
    A lot of soul searching was done in the years that followed but attitudes remained the same.
    Some how because it was rugby the violence was justified and hey nobody died in the guerrilla like war that ensued between both sides of the protest so the red squad was praised for kicking the s**t out of these people for daring to make a stand against apartheid.
    It did demonstrate that a great many kiwis were prepared to take action against a rugby tour from the racist regime being played here.
    They made a stand against injustice just as we are doing now but without the violence , there has been enough of that.
    Jacinda has stood high above all her enemy’s to show the leadership , strength and fortitude that the Likes of a Key , English , Bridges or Collins could never have provided because they don’t understand humanity because if they did they would not pursue polices that harm it and sit back and allow their friends in the media and elsewhere to assist in destroying it.
    A lot of people attended their first Islamic sermon today that they would never have done prior to last Friday and i was one of them here in Christchurch.
    My only religious belief is to protect others right to attend their mosque or church in this country without the threat of violence.
    A lot will change and Jacinda is best placed to do just that.
    It is time we changed how we see things and that means a different media that survives on being bias to one side over all the others.

  11. Martyn, mate, talking about banning machine guns is just going to inflame the situation. Machine guns have been banned here for over a century, the only non-military ones in existence here are in Museums and other extremely tightly regulated collections. What is being banned is semi automatic centrefire rifles. The distinction is like the difference between an army tank and a farm tractor.

    I want to express an alternative view. I’m an organic farmer, longtime Green voter, basic leftie. I have planted 300,000 trees on my farm, but what I have achieved would have been impossible without access to semi-automatic rifles. For years I shot goats with a bolt action .303 rifle (itself
    a military rifle from 75 years ago), but successfully shooting 30 goats with a single shot is not something I have every achieved. These days I use an E category rifle with a 30 rd magazine. I say this and everyone says I am a rambo-wannabe. Rubbish, this licence required a massive police vetting system, the rifle is stored in a triple-locked 6mm steel guncase bolted to a concrete slab and walls, and located inside another locked room. My rifles serial number is recorded by the police. If I break the very strict useage rules, I go to jail. This is not easy access. And it didn’t come cheap.

    I use the rifle to control pests; I challenge any of the morally outraged anti-gun crowd living in a city centre to get themselves motivated to plant 300,000 trees and come out the next day to see them all killed by goats and hares, and to just take it on the chin and have another go.

    Yes this change sounds great in a time of high emotion, but I just hope the people who are so enthusiastic now don’t in 10 years time
    start blaming all farmers for lack of trees, or get upset when the 1080 use in this country doubles, triples, quadruples in future. Without access to basic tools work is much more difficult. I am a motivated greenie but can’t do this work without access to firearms, and farmer with less motivation is unlikely to even bother.

    Australia introduced a similar ban after Port Arthur, in the same emotional knee-jerk reaction. 22 years on the per capita firearms death rate has been basically the same as NZ, until last week (thanks to an Australian). In both countries, most of the firearms fatalities are suicides, not homicides. Most people have no idea just how bad the feral animal population in Australia has become since the massive tightening of firearms laws.

    Everyone is jumping on how great the ban is, what I’m seeing is a lack of democratic process in allowing public consultation. I see a shortsighted legislative process with potential to have devastating ecological impacts (depending on what it actually says).

    Obviously there were massive holes in the legislation that urgently needed fixing, and I personally see limited reasons why many people (particularly in cities) need access to firearms. But a blanket ban will have massive unintended consequences, including sending many of the intended rifles into criminal hands. This would have been much better addressed by radically tightening the existing laws, and the courts actually imposing decent sentences on people who broke firearms laws, instead of punishing all law abiding firearms owners, and making those of us working for our natural ecology have to work much harder.

    Yeah I’m feeling picked on; 30+years of legally and safely using a semi-auto to protect NZ flora at my cost, and suddenly I’m a criminal based on what I see as an atrocity attack on our sovereignty by a foreign national.

  12. Question -Does NZ still have the (genuine) human right of Free Speech?
    ie allowed to ask legitimate questions – without being jumped on, and immediately attacked / labelled ?

    The answer is….NO.

    Left , so-called “Liberal” is heavily equipped with the use of Labels.
    (you can list them all by now I’m sure)

    Use of Labels to intimidate and silence
    Communism killed more than 200 million people last century.
    Strange that they never teach that in “history”class .

    Is NZ going Full Commie do you think?

  13. That is amazing considering it wasnt a broken 2017 campaign promise! Like the “Crises!”

    Housing Crisis!
    Poverty Crisis!
    Homelessness Crisis!
    Health Sector Crisis!
    Education Crisis!

    Are they fixed yet? Yeah Right!

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