Waatea News: Why I’m taking my daughter out of school today


I’m taking my 9 year old daughter to the climate protest today, which means she’s wagging a day from school.

The moment she knew about the protest, she demanded that her not going wasn’t an option open to debate.

Her certainty was surprising.

She does her homework in front of the News while I make dinner most nights and she peppers the evening with question after question about what she has seen and climate change is always a topic at our dinner table.

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The anger she feels that her future environment will be polluted while little gets changed now is righteous and one I can’t disagree with.

To tell her to stay in school when the biggest threat to her future is being protested against would make me a hypocrite and in my opinion a lousy father.

We adults have done a crap job of combating climate change, over half the emissions have been generated in the last 25 years alone and I refuse to allow my daughter to carry the environmental sins of my generation without helping her take that weight.


This was written the morning of the shooting. It seems like a distant shore now.

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  1. No reason to stop fighting for our collective “global village” future together is there? Don’t let a single shooter win here. We owe our allegiance to save our children’s future.

    The oil companies must feel that God is on their side now – as the Christchurch killings has sucked all the oxygen out of the ‘climate emissions debate’ it seems by looking at the “corporate media now.

    Keep up the fight to save our planet please people.


    ‘Climate chaos’: Melting ice sheets will trigger extreme weather across the world, warn scientists
    ‘This unpredictability is going to prove extremely disruptive for all of us’
    • Josh GabbatissScience Correspondent @josh_gabbatiss
    • Wednesday 6 February 2019 19:27

    The Independent
    Collapsing ice sheets at the poles are powerful symbols of a warming world, but new research suggests they may also be ramping up the global impact of climate change.
    As the icy cliffs of Greenland and Antarctica thaw, scientists think the influx of water will trigger extreme weather and disrupt ocean currents across the globe.

  2. The Christchurch attacks are reprehensible, but climate change AND pollution is still probably the number 1 issue to collectively solve in terms of saving lives.

    Sadly the more neoliberalism gains a hold throughout the world, the more terrorism or public mass attacks the world is going to have.

    Neoliberalism is creating less government focus on society and more on supporting business profits in a win/win situation, for government/business even if it effects other people badly. You see it from poor guy laws here to poor resource management laws, aka giving away water rights to foreign companies to put in polluting plastic bottles and take around the world for richer people to drink from as more world water supplies are polluted.

    Neoliberalism is helping to create terrorism. Climate change and pollution are all interrelated. As resources get more restrained and more people are competing for them, the middle and working class is eradicated, then more wars and attacks will happen.

    We need more critical thinkers and less obedient children if we are to combat climate change!

    As for missing a day of school, the teachers have been on strike themselves so can hardly hold it against the kids!

    Sadly the kids didn’t really get the politicians attention as the long wolf fucker stole it from them and probably pushed it to the back burner in policy eyes.

    • Obeying the dictates of Business NZ, its off shore owners and mouth pieces and MSM owners; will lead us further down the path to annihilation taking most species with us.

      Current so called “economic” policy is economic only with the truth, but is extravagant in its design to feed further BAU and wealth to a few while stripping out Non Renewable Natural Resources local and global, at an increasing rate, but close to an all time peak.
      Beyond that is de-industrialisation and decline across a wide range of critical supplies including food.

      We don’t need more Non Renewable Natural Resources, we need to stop consuming them now. Double the rate of NRNR usage and you quadruple the rate of pollution, a well established data set.

      BAU = greed and denial.

      The younger generation are waking to understand the lying and denial so evident to any thinking person not tied to the BAU ideology.

      BAU Ideological bigots and their hollow promises, get votes from the fearful and ignorant as well as the greed merchants who are without regards for anyone but their miserable sociopathic selves. They have empathy deficit disorder. They really don’t care about the younger generation or the poor.

      We hear them on radio and TV preaching everyday, private sector champions telling us what we need to do, stock market reports, promises of solutions, financial advice for investment, bankers economist commenting on a range of Govt policies or trying to shape public opinion and even market / investor opportunities in greenwash developments.

      Kids keep up the protest and change the system direction. The change must be forced as organised resistance to change is well entrenched.

      More power to parents and grandparent who support and encourage kids to fight right now, to have a future which will have a chance of being less devastating than that with continued BAU.

      Its a revolution that must bring down BAU and its hegemony against life on this planet including our NZ communities and environment.

      Kids are the hope, and protest led revolution the path to change.

      The Christchurch tragedy has seen an outcome of five days of national and international coverage. That has left little room for public discussion and follow up in NZ, of the Kids international strike for climate, which with respect, addresses and confronts a far greater impending disaster.

      Strike again soon and keep up the public dialogue.

      Law changes can be made quickly as we have seen promised in recent days.

  3. Pollution is as much a global threat as climate change… and the governments don’t even seem to be interested in even talking about it’s prevention on the world stage by collective agreements to stop air and ocean and deforestation pollution…

    Dead whale washes up in Philippines with 40kgs of plastic in its stomach

  4. Humans evolved by their co-operative social structure not by dog eat dog competition that will wipe us out.

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