TWITTER WATCH: National Party – sensing the political backlash, quietly remove far right UN conspiracy


Well, well, well. Look how quickly one can edit ones past.

The National Party, sensing the enormous political backlash once the grief turns to anger, have quietly removed their far right online petition attacking the UN…

…let’s remind everyone what it originally looked like…

…so after National embarked upon a far right conspiracy about the UN we had the co-leader of the Greens punched by a man yelling angry things about the UN and we had this diseased human being scrawl messages about the UN on his guns…

…it’s not appropriate to raise these issues now as bodies are being buried but when our sorrow turns to fury, the National Party of NZ have an enormous amount of explaining to do about why they championed this far right conspiracy and gave it oxygen because their words and their race baiting politicisation have had real life impact.

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  1. The NZ National party are never called on to explain anything they do or say.
    It is just accepted time after time with no consequences.

  2. We do not all have to want open borders but now it has become racist to even discuss what it actually means for a country like NZ.

  3. Both major parties could be accused of race baiting, I vote Labour but I also think it is important to be self critical. Under American pressure and without any evidence we have entertained suspicion of Chinese companies, especially Huawei, we have entertained ideas that they may be helping the Chinese government spy, again without any evidence. It raises tensions and fuels those who engage in confirmation bias fueled conspiracy theories. My hope is that Auckland doesn’t experience some nut job going down Dominion Rd attacking people at the many Chinese restaurants because they’ve been encouraged despite a lack of evidence to think that Chinese people are a threat. If we’re going to raise tensions between nation’s with different cultures then we should at the very least have solid evidence for doing so.

    • I think this article is inaccurate as according to newsroom the petition ended and was taken down before the attacks. In fact newsroom originally made the same mistake (posiible having sourced from here). Seems like an honest mistake.

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