Vanessa Kururangi : Hate is not welcome here…


Hate is not welcome here…

Mosque or Marae
Muslim, Maori
It makes no difference to me
I’ll walk with you and hold your hand
And allow you to simply “be”

Synagogue or Church
Buddhist, or Baptist
I don’t care in the least
What matters most to me right now
Is our right to walk in peace

Quran or Bible
Vedas, Torah
I care not what you read
I’ll defend your right to walk unharmed
If you’re a friend in need

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Brothers, sisters
Near and far
Do not succumb to fear
Together we will face it down
Hate is not welcome here.


Vanessa Kururangi is a State House Tenant Advocate, a mother and a writer.


  1. Good poem.

    Could be improved by the inclusion of atheists, blasphemers, apostates and LGBTs amongst those entitled to the right to walk in peace.

  2. Yes.
    But also:
    The poorly educated, deliberately ignorant, socially maladjusted fringe dwelling and dis-eased hater will always be easily manipulated by the malignancy that is the well educted, deliberately manipulative, well aware and socially psychopathic, and usually for a dollar.
    Call me old fashioned if you must but I smell a rat behind this nightmare.

  3. Human kind has been around much longer that any of those religions mentioned.

    Buddhism is not a religion and welcomes criticism by followers.

    Those captured by religion have a hard task and a burden to carry given to them by organisations.
    Get them while they are young and instill a fear that is hard to leave behind. That can include a fear of others.

    Humans come in many sorts but are all related, regardless.

    Harmony is not likely while we are divided, and that does not mean others have to be the same as you.

    There are many who use division to control. Beware of them and their toxicity.

    Free yourself.

    • Hold your tongue John W.

      There may be children in ChCh who have lost their parents, parents lost children, husbands or wives who have lost each other, and those of us who are even slightly human, and who have lost people dear to us, know that this is not the time to start skewering them for their belief systems.

      And perhaps you may consider writing to the publishers of the Concise Oxford Dictionary John W, and telling them that they are wrong in their elucidation of Buddhism.

      This is not the time, John W to attack others’ belief systems, just try to let them be – run away if they harm you or frighten you, but just let them be.

      • Christine it was not my intention to upset anyone and my apologies to you and anyone else my comment may have upset.

        The shocking event on Friday is distressing to many including myself. family and friends.

        I was commenting back to Richard Christie who was remarking on the wider universality of the sentiment in the poem. People are not defined solely by a religious label or belief system.

        Humankind is more enduring than that to the many who do not align themselves with a brand of belief, and that is an important recognition.

        I have the greatness respect for peoples belief and their right to enjoy them without impinging on the freedom of others to enjoy theirs. Tolerance of differences is a fundamental learning and understanding to be encouraged and respected.

        Belief systems are learned and diverse, with respect for others needed for coexisting within communities like NZ, and with all freely participating at various levels of society.

        The terrible event prompts a time for reflection of how that important respect for others is not always as we would hope it to be.

        I suggest it is a time for thinking about a better future and empowerment across the community. Blind faith alone is not enough.

        On the minor point I would respectfully ask a student of Buddhism about it, rather than an English dictionary.

        Thank you for your comment.

  4. This was a DISGUSTINGLY evil massacre, it made me think of the movie Hannible ..

    Asks; ‘what happened to Hannible to make him this way?’

    “Nothing happened to me, Officer Starling. I happened. You can’t reduce me to a set of influences. You’ve given up good and evil for behaviorism, Officer Starling. You’ve got everybody in moral dignity pants – nothing is ever anybody’s fault. Look at me, Officer Starling. Can you stand to say I’m evil? Am I evil, Officer Starling?”

  5. What happened in Christchurch was terrible without a doubt, I refuse to allow my emotion to take control of me and join the herd in the blame game. If anyone is at fault it in the person or persons involved, that are now in custody and will face the law. Nz Govts movement to strengthen current gun laws came as no surprise at all, I can’t help but wonder if they would be as hard on knives and baseball bats if these were the weapons used in the Christchurch killings, I doubt it. Gun control is nothing more than people control. Before I am set upon by the herd, please think for a minute before allowing your emotions to dictate a rash response.

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