The OTHER Reason Street-Assault Of James Shaw Is Abominable

By   /   March 15, 2019  /   11 Comments

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You know what one of the more ridiculous parts of the whole thing is ? Shaw’s actually one of the more reasonable and personally-decent politicians around these days.

Waitwaitwait … let me get this straight. Somebody goes out and tries to bash up James Shaw of the Green Party, on grounds that Something Something United Nations Conspiracy Something Something …

… and yet the National Party, and other Neoliberal political vectors can engage in all sorts of dodgy efforts to pack up, parcel off, and otherwise dismantle our country and its sovereignty to appease globe-spanning ideological currents …

… often loudly cheered on by the same sorts of people who’ll be braying their enthusiasm for this cowardly attack upon Shaw.

Seriously. Was not the Green Party the only party in Parliament still holding out against the #TPPA, #CPTPP, or whatever it is that it’s calling itself these days?

As applies “Immigration” [there’s some suggestion on the news that this might be linked to the recent UN Migration Pact], did James Shaw not call for a ‘sustainable immigration policy’ which would have reduced numbers from the National Party’s escalating years of historic highs?

I have always gotten a lot of flakk for my personal advocacy of the view that the Green Party is often far better at being “pro-New Zealand” in values, voice, and vision, than a number of other parties which like to emphatically brand themselves as National-ist.

They are not perfect. They are, after all, a political party, which semi-frequently produces politicians.

But in amidst all the clamouring would-be “castigation” of the Greens as the alleged local beachhead of whichever cockamiemie “conspiracy” is doing its rounds on the sumps of social media this week in particular … the real culprits who actually are engaged in clandestine efforts to make your and my country a worse place to be, go largely unheralded, and certainly unpunished.

Now, lest I find myself with another visit from the NZ Police’s potential-counter-terrorist chaps, I am not suggesting that somebody go out and do to, say, Judith Collins what has been done this day to James Shaw. That would be ridiculous, and highly counter-productive. Dildo-bombardments, perhaps, marginally excepted [for my international audience … it’s a long story, but it involved the protesting of a pernicious international trade-deal, and the then-relevant Minister coming into close physical contact with an object which bore a disconcertingly close resemblance to the shape of his head]

I also do not mean to invoke the annoying downright cliche of WAKE UP, SHEEPLE, directly [particularly given the various quips around NZ having 12 million or more sheep, of which a little above four million tend to walk about on two legs].

But seriously. If you are STILL attempting to pour all your energy into harassing and haranguing The Green Party, alone and all-above any other political party presently active in our politics, our Parliament, an our Government …

… then you, sir or madam, are likely a moron – and are actively doing the work of the very same people you claim to want to stop by misdirecting the anger of the people around you in their exclusive, especial direction, alone.

I’ve got little to no doubt that the Green Party, as with any moderately large sized grouping of New Zealanders, has a few Muesli Bars within their number. They may even possess the occasional daft idea as actual party policy, from time to time.

Yet the only “impact” which this peculiar form of pseudo-pugilistic “protest” has upon the politics of the nation … is the quite literal one, upon the face of the Greens’ co-Leader. That’s it.

And you know what one of the more ridiculous parts of the whole thing is ? Shaw’s actually one of the more reasonable and personally-decent politicians around these days.


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  1. tony Kidd says:

    Perhaps we travel in different media bubbles, but I haven’t heard anyone braying with enthusiasm for this cowardly attack upon Shaw? The people I know, regardless of their political position have all condemned it

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    [ ” the real culprits who actually are engaged in clandestine efforts to make your and my country a worse place to be, go largely unheralded, and certainly unpunished ” ]…

    Exactly. The globalist neo liberal slime . We could say the didymo ( rock snot ) of politics which the Greens are trying to eradicate and / or lessen.

    Those creeping , slithering back room agents that hide away behind the limelights, who in their cloistered board rooms plan reports to submit to govts , with generous donations and the chance of dividends for the same…

    Like the Business Roundtable was to Roger Douglas,… now called the NZ Initiative. Who put their people in key positions in finance , govt depts and the like… who try to and succeed ,… in normalizing wildly radicalized economic ideas that in turn find their expression drawn up as legislation that affects every aspect of our lives, … with massive and destructive consequences barring the select few…

    The self entitled thinking of the politically correct.

    These slimy surreptitious operators turn radicalism into a grotesque new ‘Orthodoxy’, .. so much so that many are swept along with the strange notion that this is actually genuine conservatism, that this is morality, … not realizing that just a few decades ago such notions would be anathema to the values of this country… pre 1984.

    And so these un- perceiving proselytes look for those to attack who seem to challenge their new found sense of false ‘conservatism’ … not seeing that they are in fact helping to perpetuate their own self entrapment and giving full license for the globalist to continue the plunder of him , his family and his own nation.

    To attack the Greens who support the U.N accord when it will help in moderating the out of control immigration setting of the previous National govt and all the massive problems it has caused?

    Just simple further evidence of the neo liberal globalists and their success upon the unthinking and the deluded .

  3. Matthew says:

    This attack is unacceptably horrific for all the reasons you state. Principally that violence is wrong. Secondly, that someone walking to work should be held up as a hero, for walking the climate change talk at least. And also, as the prime minister pointed out, access to politicians will be reviewed because of this, and making politicians less accessible will be of no benefit to anyone, even the lunatics with worms in their brains on the other side of the argument.

  4. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Good points made, I feel the Greens are ineffectual though, they certainly aren’t leading any fight against our corporate masters, Shaw worked for them didn’t he?
    As far as the assault, its barbaric and a sad day for NZ to see this happen, stuff today saying Shaw might have fractured his eye socket.
    Get well soon Mr Shaw, fight back (politically) harder.

  5. Andrew says:

    It’s funny when someone throws something at Steven Joyce but less funny when it goes the other way?

    Revolution is fine, just as long as it’s YOUR revolution? 😉

    • It’s a matter of degree, Andrew. Throwing a soft sex toy (the dildo, not Stephen Joyce) is a wee bit different to throwing a punch.

      If you’re in doubt, Andrew, get a mate to test it on you.

      Come back to us when you have the results.

      • Gary says:

        You are totally wrong. You would know dildos are not soft sex toys, they are quite firm and are filled with batteries and metal.

        Being struck on the face by one could have cause a laceration or severely damaged an eye.

        You are playing this up for all you can, it does not have to be a hard punch on the face to blacken an eye, but when Steven Joyce is assaulted with a hard piece of plastic thrown into his face in the face, John Banks and Don Brash have mud thrown at them (also dangerous) and Sir John Key is jostled by two bully boy thugs the left leaning media did not treated it seriously but took a light hearted approach to it

        There were no howls of outrage from the left leaning blogs. only applause, even to the point of interviewing Joyce’s assailant and making a hero out of her.

        As I said to you in another posting Frank, pray tell me what the difference is. Are you saying its OK to assault someone you dont like, but dont do it to someone you do like?

        • ” You would know dildos are not soft sex toys, they are quite firm and are filled with batteries and metal.”

          Okaaaaay, I yield to your greater experience on the subject…

          • Gary says:

            Gee whiz, my last comment to you was blocked. No foul language, no personal attack, just too difficult to handle, obviously

      • Andrew says:

        Is it?


        How’s about throwing mud in Brash’s face?

        How’s about spitting in John Bank’s face?

        You just can’t handle the boot on the other foot!

        • Joyce wasn’t harmed by the dildo, and seemed to think it was at least a bit funny himself. He didn’t get a black eye. Neither did Brash or Banks. Mud may be less amusing than a cream pie (or a lamington), but it’s equally harmless. If someone had thrown a sex toy or a mud pie at James, I would think that was funny, and I would totally agree it’s tit-for-that (pun intended). But I think it’s very important that whichever side of the aisle you sit on, we agree that there’s a difference between political theatre and vicious assault, and that the latter is totally unacceptable no matter who the target is and what they’ve done.

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