Dear young people of New Zealand – strike, strike and strike again!


Bless you young people for shaming us.

Climate change is an existential challenge to our species that will impact the lives of Boomers, Get Xers, Gen Y AND Millennials in their lifetimes.

If catastrophic climate change is a lived experience for us, that means your future is shaped and defined by it.

We have failed you as adults, we have allowed the vested interests to reign, we’ve allowed the 100 corporate giants who create 70% of the emissions to deceive us with quack science so the magnitude of what we face is diminished by the numbing pretence of skepticism as if the science isn’t settled and brutally clear.

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Thank you for standing as one to scream at us, to wake us from our petty slumber. Your voice echoes and challenges down the corridors of destiny. The time is now to listen.

And if you after still on the fence about marching today, the boyfriend of the Prime Minister said it’s ok…


  1. When the eloquent, courteous and knowledgeable young spokeswoman spoke on RNZ yesterday morning she was well received by the radio host and she outshone all other guests in recent times. When she spoke on the Larry Williams show in the afternoon she was again eloquent, courteous and knowledgeable and she showed up Williams for his ignorance and arrogance not to mention his total lack of courtesy.

    Go the young students – your support base is growing by the minute. Don’t let the climate naysayers like Williams and others disillusion you. Their lack of intelligence on this issue is breathtaking.

  2. It is very important young people get politically involved and articulate their concerns for their own futures’ sake and empowerment

    …this is part of a healthy grassroots/flaxroots democracy

    ….those who feel completely disempowered, unheard, unacknowledged, trapped and desperate are often the ones who resort to violence

  3. My wife and I attended a gathering in Gisborne today holding two banners saying “save our rail” and to my astonishment young folks were happily holding banners saying “Use rail and save a planet” and I was so very proud of these amazing young as they were loud and very determined to get the message heard out there.

    What was very clear is they they have had a gutsful of the slow pace of action from our politicians so I am 100% behind this splendid sector of our young among us that it has transformed my feelings about our young now that makes me feel that they are are future who will finally fix the politicians lack of action we see all the time.

    No more will Government ever ignore the young who now have a legitimate role in shaping how we go about our life from this day on.

    • CG
      Government have ignored and are likely to continue to ignore anything that Business NZ doesn’t like.

      The young will need support in being more radical, more insistent and more resistant against pressure to accept compromise.

      The world has already been compromised beyond any realistic hope of continued civilisation.

      The young must aim for radical moves towards what ever restoration or their planet is possible regardless of political fall out.

      That has to mean a reorganisation of the entire community, education, food supply and future planning.

      Some very hard changes cannot be avoided as things will not continue with BAU.

      The young face a future of surviving in the wreckage of destructive human greed and stupidity.

      They surely have to be angry, very angry for change.

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