Māori Climate Commissioner: ‘Everyone who love their children should march with students this Friday against climate change’.


Māori Climate Commissioner, Donna Awatere Huata, is calling on every Parent, Grandparent, Uncle, Aunt and whanau member to join their mokopuna this Friday to strike against climate change.

“With the planet dangerously warming at such a rapid rate, the grim reality of a climate change future will be shackled most tightly to the generation of todays children. We have an obligation as adults to join them on Friday”.

“Our lacklustre response to the realities of climate change force us to engage and listen to the fears and anger of our children. May they shame us righteously into action and jolt our apathy and nihilism into meaningful leadership right this minute”.

“I look forward to standing with them and walking behind their agency on the single issue which will define, shape and decide our capacity for adaptation”.

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 For full details of the strike in your city and town, check out their Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/schoolstrike4climatenz/

Donna Awatere Huata
Māori Climate Commissioner


      • Me too in Wellington along with children and grandchildren.

        Schools define themselves by their support of real education.

        Wellington High School, a leading co-ed in preparing young thinking adults with the dignity of confidence to act.

        See you all parliament today with a clear message to Business NZ and politicians.

    • While Corbet makes some remarks which deserve following through, as a reporter Corbet makes typical sweeping statements and conclusions that cannot be taken as as sound nor a basis for belief.

      His business is selling news not scientific analysis of evidence.

  1. I am SOOO totally with the kids on this.

    My children have my blessing: short of violence, make your protests loud and clear!!

  2. Drawing on the successes and failures of the past, we must help young climate strikers to win their existential struggle

    Join the Global Climate Protest Friday, March 15th

    ” to strike against climate change.” We were aware of the seriousness of Climate Change back in 1975 44 years ago. Perhaps if then the World had ‘turned on a dime” as Americans say against Industrial Civilisation and a voluntary downsizing away from fossil fuel use we might have had a chance. Other than adaptation to what’s coming and that is truly worthwhile I see these protests as at last awareness has arrived for most despite the MSM’s banalisation of the whole subject as an irrelevancy, just lately changed. That’s my pontificate. 🙂

    Adaptations can easily thought up: Just four of mine;

    1. No more immigration.
    2. Make NZ society more cohesive by ending the gross inequalities of our society such as wealth and income. A society that swings together will survive. otherwise more police and prisons and police armed.
    2a. Outlaw property speculation for capital gain. one ‘home’ is enough for anyone. Start with a 60% CGT.
    3. Focus on self sufficiency- reduce our dependency on the car the truck and flying
    4. Government that controls the market for the people not a government by the market for the market.

    • Immigration? What’s that got to do with climate change? (Aside from the mass movement of millions of people as climate change effects impact ion coastal habitations.)

      • The link is over population and environmental destruction.

        All communities need a welfare and pension system open to all, resilient local food supply, education and a benign policy controlling population numbers.

        Communities exporting people are problem communities. Their problems are being ignored.

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