Burning Michael Jackson’s music – this is who we are now


The neo-Salem witch trials

New Zealand radio stations drop Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson will no longer be played on MediaWorks and NZME radio stations.

MediaWorks Group Content Director Leon Wratt told Magic Talk’s Peter Williams this will primarily affect The Breeze and More FM, but also extends to the network’s wider brands.

NZME & NZ Radio are run by micro aggression policing millennial culture groupthink so thought crime censorship of Michael Jackson should surprise no one.

In the post #MeToo cultural landscape where accusation is the new evidential threshold & outrage olympics the virtue signalling of choice, book burning presentism is the new cultural revolution.

Woke social media lynch mobs are the custodians of the neo-Salem witch trials.

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This is who we is now, this is what we are

How enlightened.


  1. I’m not really a fan of Michael Jackson, but I can’t help the feeling that this latest outrage is little to do with finding the truth, and everything to do with wannabes creating a witchhunt to make a whole lot of dosh.

  2. Can, or should, the Art be separated from the Artist? an old question…

    I have gone right off Chrissie Hynde and Iggy Pop, and a couple of other ageing rockers, that played Israel over the last several years, and people that like Jacko’s music may have to make a personal call too

    But, some dickheads at radio stations should have no authority to ban anyone

  3. I would rather listen to an advertisement than a radio jockey speak. Why are people in this country so thick?

    • You say “revolution” like you’re the boss of one. Radio stations when I was growing up was so important for summer time entertainment. Now they’re trying to tell me what to do.

  4. If one were to extrapolate this infantile logic to it’s natural conclusion, then what art are we going to be left with…fuck all good art that much is for sure, most of us understand that at least half of our favourite art (fine art of music art) was created while the artist was probably crazed and dearanged, drunk, stoned, addicted, recovering, on the way either to or from their personal hell, and who knows what depraved stuff they got up during their creative peak, but you can be sure that the fall out from that will effect their personal life, but at the same time should have no bearing on how we perceive and absorb what is created ourselves.

    The people who make these decisions about what we can and can’t listen to or see obviously have had little experience of associating with actual real artists (and you can safely discount about 85% of people who are described as artists in my opinion btw).
    I can tell you right now that generally speaking artist are obsessive, selfish, self absorbed, self destructive, often suffer from addiction problems of one form or another, and often destroy anyone or any relationship in their life through a combination of one or more of that list combined with an obsessive single minded need to create their art.

    The art an artist creates and the artist along with their often dysfunctional private lives have to be seperated, that just goes without saying, as it has always been, and with good reason….for the common good.

  5. This is all on the back of the “Leaving Neverland” documentary which just aired on HBO: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9573980/ .
    I have not watched it yet (but will hopefully do so tonight), but I suspect it’s going to be choka block full of incendiary accusations backed by preciously little evidence – the hallmark of the #MeToo movement. Apparently “innocent until proven guilty” has become a bit of a joke these days. /slow clap.

  6. The media is so selective.
    They won’t all of a sudden play Michael Jackson’s music but they will take the money of advertisers that rely on the exploitation of children overseas too sell their products.
    These allegations have been in the public arena for 26 years and Jackson has his music still has wide appeal.
    But no real proof exists that he has committed these heinous crimes that i am aware of and was found to be not guilty of the charges against him yet the media have become judge , jury and executioner where Jackson is concerned.
    It is hard to see that the motivation of money is not the main driving force here.
    If real proof is found then Jackson will be forever condemned and his fan base will decide whether they will want to listen or watch him knowing that he was a child abuser.
    I hope the up coming documentary can enlighten us.


  7. I’ve hated the way people feel free to denigrate Michael Jackson because he was unusual, he led his life the way he wanted. And now this. A media lynch mob attacking the greatest pop artist of our time.

    He was amazing, fantastic. He’s dead so leave his life alone, and leave his music alone so the people who love it can enjoy it on msm.

      • Oprah said in her interview with the Never Land director and the victims that they where going to get into a lot of trouble for what they are doing and one of the outcomes of the movies was a world wide ban. I knew there was some higher up pulling the strings but I didn’t know it was her until the interview. After watching Oprah’s special interview the accusations of the Never Land Documentary become undeniable.

  8. Frank, as you say ‘allegedly abused’, but none of the evidence you always want. Jackson isn’t around to defend himself. Are we going to watch the accusations tonight and feel we can truly evaluate the accusers and definitively condemn him? As others say, it’s a trial by media.

  9. The allegations against Jackson are horrendous and there’s enough evidence to give it credence. I won’t be spending any time soon listening to his music, it churns my stomach. The doco last night was damning

  10. Frank, although you refer to ‘alleged’ abuse, you don’t wait for your usual evidence before suggesting I don’t care about those complaining of abuse. Contradictory and personal, so I defend myself. Like most other NZers I abhor the sexual exploitation of children. In a post last year I mentioned a close family member was the victim of a pederast. As an adult he still suffers from what happened to him as a child. Extremely upsetting for me too.

    I’ve never had contact with Michael Jackson or any of his accusers and I don’t make judgements based on this trial by media.

  11. A quick search of the www (it must be true) listed the following teen enthusiasts:
    Bill Wyman
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Jimmy Page
    R Kelly

    Please radio stations, save us in the name of the lord and avoid these artists and anything that they have had a hand in producing. While you’re at it, blacklist:

    Phil Spector (murder)
    Tupac (sexual assault)
    Chuck Berry (armed robbery)
    Paul McCartney, David Crosby (drugs, two convicted out of probably thousands over the generations that actually used)
    Lauren Hill (tax evasion)
    Chrissie Hynd, Tom Monello, Paul Simonon, Joan Baez (protesting)

    Why stop there, add artists with parking tickets, have alternative views or fart in the privacy of their own home.

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