BREAKING – The Human Rights Review Tribunal FINALLY will hear my case against the NZ Police



I just head this morning that my case will be heard in front of the Human Rights Review Tribunal this month.

The NZ Police, who breached my privacy and civil rights by illegally seizing my bank records and defaming me to every bank in NZ by falsely claiming I was involved in computer fraud for the hacking of Cameron Slater’s computer, have already settled with Nicky but are refusing to date to settle with me.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with what I write, but everyone can acknowledge that the Police can’t simply breach your privacy or civil rights without proper judicial oversight.

It has taken years to hold the Police to account, I’m not giving up yet.



  1. now for our other banks need to fall into line the sooner the better this was bad I left westpac and went to a NZ owned bank and so should others we are being creamed by the Aussies.

  2. The police have shown that can act outside of the law and heads should roll as well as public naming of the police personnel who sought private information to press a political witch hunt.

  3. Good news Bomber. At every opportunity when speaking with managers etc. at my bank westpac, i made it very clear that i was not happy with there actions regarding both yourself and Nicky re. privacy. Thoughts of changing my bank were pointless, as all banks in New Zealand have the same grubby little agreement with the Police?? Good to hear a statement today from westpac that they would in future be demanding a court order for information. I await statements to that effect from all the other banks.

    • If possible please change banks.

      Everyone should bank with Kiwibank who possibly can.

      And we need to push the government to put more money into Kiwibank which has been staved of funds by the previous bank.

  4. Great news Martyn. Wish you well in getting justice, which is way overdue coming your way.

    Kia Kaha

  5. Good on you Martyn.

    The NZ Police have done so many botch-ups on so many investigations over quite a number of years that one just wonders why???!!!!!

    But then looking at the previous National government who had Paula Bennett(the prime expert of privacy breaches when all things considered and considering the fact she didn’t like people criticising her beloved Dearest Leader(at the time)John Key, was for a period of time Minister of Police(God NZ Police!!!!!!!…. you certainly got a right porkie pie teller with THAT one as your Minister!!!!!) and perhaps she used her ‘influence’ to have investigations altered or ‘disappeared’ when she wanted them gone.

    It sure as heck however shown up an incompetence within the NZ Police that needs to be addressed.

    Who knows but there could well be numerous others who found their rights to privacy breached by the NZ Police at the behest at the time of the National government Minister of Police.

  6. Lets hope the underfunding of the HRRT under National that has led to unacceptable delays in decisions is reversed asap. Good luck Martyn- you have waited long enough

  7. So the real battle is just going to start now, before the legal institutions that is?!

    Prepare for more disappointments, I suggest, it may turn out to be more difficult than first thought.

  8. All of you are right in your comments. It is a sad indictment on this country, which boasts open and fair justice and upholding the rights of others (yeah right – look at what happened to Teina Pora) that the cops are not held to account for the injustices they bring to many innocent people especially those who stand up from themselves against the inexorable growth of corruption in this country which perpetuated by the state agencies.

    The cops boast that they can demand information about people from banks and mobile phone providers under the umbrella of carrying out a legitimate criminal investigation where they have “good cause to suspect” that the person they want information about has committed a crime. The banks and mobile phone providers immediately submit to their request – like little puppies rolling over to have their tummies stroked. I see that Westpac admitted to Nicky Hager that it was wrong in rolling over for the cops but that does not mean they won’t do it again when the cops put another request in wanting financial information on a person they have developed a dislike for.

    What constitutes “good cause to suspect”? That they hate the person or have developed a dislike for him/her and want to disrupt their life. Its pretty obvious that this is what they decided about Martyn – no doubt driven by their corrupt zealousness which is protected by their very own organisation.

    What crime did Martyn commit? If it is a crime to uncover the truth and stand up for yourself then those of us who are prepared to do this are all in a lot of trouble.

    We all say that the cops should be called to account but the sad truth is that they won’t be because they smugly believe they are right even when they are wrong – and here they were so wrong, so intentionally and deliberately wrong.

  9. Well done Nicky.
    We should do lunch at Bellamys again.

    A victory for the RULE OF LAW over RULE OF POLICE

    First we had Tuhoe – Solicitor General was unable to authorise prosecutions because the culmination of police abuse, arrests, detentions, was deemed unlawful.

    Then we had DOT COM where massive damages payments were made to DOT COM for unlawful police raids.

    Somewhere the Red Devils were done over – unlawful conduct by police.

    Then there was YOU.

    As long as police avoid court sanctions for the culpability of their conduct, e.g. 38 persons shot dead by police since 1966 when I joined the police and not once has the Crown but a case before a proper open Court where witnesses can be examined on oath, this inexorable trend toward RULE OF POLICE over RULE OF LAW, will continue.

    Evolution mate.

  10. Bomber you have not let them get away with running roughshot over your rights or the law.
    Dont let the bastards off the hook.
    Kia kaha

  11. Staunch warriors, both of you. You’ll get justice in the end Bomber and I hope they pay you heaps.

    My partner went Michelle’s way and now I have joined him. But I will check on their policy re giving police info – GAP has sorted it with Westpac so they require court orders before allowing police searches. So why not Kiwibank?

    • Janio westpac would have been doing this ( bending over backwards) because they were trying to appease our government so they could keep them as a customer so they gave them what ever they wanted never mind the customer and his rights very bad practises not best practise for sure.

  12. You’re constantly engaged in anti-white propaganda based on lies about history, so…..I hope Karma kicks your ass.
    It will eventually though.

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