If Golriz Ghahraman is a ‘clichéd leftie’ – does that mean Duncan Garner is a banal redneck who suffers from a bewilderingly gleeful ignorance?


Duncan Garner: Golriz Ghahraman a ‘clichéd leftie’
Is it just me or does Green MP Golriz Ghahraman comes across as a clichéd leftie who will never surprise you with her view on something.

If we are calling people names and if Golriz Ghahraman is a ‘clichéd leftie’ – does that mean Duncan Garner is a banal redneck who suffers from a bewilderingly gleeful ignorance?

I’ve lost actual count of the amount of times Garner has managed to get the wrong end of the stick on a magnitude of issues and makes calls that are counter productive to the point he’s trying to make.

His performance to date on TV is best summed up by his awkward, self conscious attempt at dancing in the new TV3 promo where everyone wears more white than your average Klan rally after laundry day.

He sways right, left and then clicks his fingers while attempting to find a rhythm to dance to…

…like I said, it sums up his entire career in broadcasting.

If only Golriz was a ‘clichéd leftie’, if she was she would talk about universal health care, fully funded public education, redistributive taxation, better welfare and a systemic repudiation of  neoliberalism.

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Unfortunately she is a middle class identity politics activist who alienates far more than she recruits.

Her weird desire to press ahead with MMP changes in time for the next election that automatically looked like self interest masquerading as democratic engagement wasn’t ‘clichéd’, it was ill thought out and ultimately derailed.

Can we PLEASE get some ‘clichéd leftie’ politicians? That would be great.


  1. Duncan Garner is an anti-intellectual, which is why he appeals to a broad base (particularly the un(der)educated in NZ. Once you appreciate that, everything else falls into place. I don’t know about everyone here, but I can literally feel myself getting dumber whenever I listen to him.

  2. “Can we PLEASE get some ‘clichéd leftie’ politicians?” Like Jian Yang, you mean? A spy for the largest communist dictatorshit on planet Earth… can’t get more clichéd leftie than that, Martyn 😉

    • So, what’s he doing in the national party then? And why are the chinese in the process of taking the party over for their own uses? Are you saying that the National Party are actually more communist than everyone else?
      It actually makes sense when one considers how strong the communist regimes influence within the national party is.. Maybe the communist revolution here will come from within the ranks of tories.. Who’d a thunk it??

      • You have humour albeit miss referenced.

        Exactly what is communist about China today.

        Where are the state run communes.

        Many decades ago there were land reform an Henry George’s system of land ownership was instituted and cooperative were formed to run agriculture and share areas of land.

        Centralised planning is not communism.

        The Chinese capitalists buying up NZ houses and businesses are capitalists and Nact love them.

  3. Television by the Boomers, for the Boomers – what do u expect?

    Calling Golriz Ghahraman a ‘clichéd leftie’ is pretty low – very insulting to associate ‘the left’ with her. The Greens unfortunately have a few nut jobs like her in parliament.

  4. This government was going to run out of rope eventually.

    Don’t blame the messenger – in this case the interviewer. He’s just doing his job, and I suspect this is just the beginning of what promises to be dark days for the current government.

    That this intellectual midget of a woman has been found wanting is not exactly a surprise. She’s the AOC of New Zealand.

  5. Cringe, wtf was tv3 thinking with this white suit interpretive dance promotion? All that was missing was black face makeup, red lipstick and some ‘mammy’ poses with open shaking hands

  6. And once again NZ politics descends into any distraction so we can’t talk about the fact the poor are still getting shat on from a Huge height.

  7. I don’t think Garner “suffers” from ignorance so much as he actively cultivates it. Breakfast television in this country makes me want to violently regurgitate my Weetbix.

  8. I don’t watch Tv and I don’t listen to any radio stations that air advertising, I limit my reading of NZ newpapers to the factual reporting, avoiding opinion columns like the plague. It was the output of the three clowns (Gower, Garner, Hosking ) that 5 or 6 years ago finally convinced me to bin my TV set.

    So I don’t ever get to hear much from those pricks. It’s liberating, I highly recommend it to anybody slow enough to still own a TV set.

    When they do come to my attention I’m mostly stunned that they still manage to maintain their employment, I shouldn’t be, it’s Nu’zild.

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