RIP Luke Perry & Keith Flint

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Two cultural books ends over a decade too short.

It seems Gen X men are dying early.

Actor Luke Perry and Singer Keith Flint have both died overnight, Perry was best known for his Beverly Hills 90210 character and Flint as the frontman to 90s band The Prodigy.

Perry was the bad boy on a TV show that redefined American soft power cultural values at the start of the 90s. Their wealth worship and myopic focus on youth was agenda setting and re-shaped what an entire generation aspired to obtain.

Flint led The Prodigy whose pride in their threat value was the late 1990s puncturing antidote to the kind of inflated sense of arrogance Beverly Hills 90210 inspired.

The malicious gleeful anger of The Prodigy became a soundtrack of angst to those economically failed by the cultural promise of  neoliberalism’s Beverly Hills 90210 muse.

Two cultural books ends over a decade too short.

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1 Comment

  1. sumsuch says:

    Can’t see any significance in either. The sense I do see is none of these slim-waisted young women matter now.

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