If you are angry about the ‘Kiwi Jihadi’ being able to return to NZ, wait until you hear what Australia is doing by forcibly repatriating convicted criminals

By   /   March 5, 2019  /   36 Comments

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Failed terrorist Mark Taylor is a tiny problem in a much larger issue.

If you are angry about the ‘Kiwi Jihadi’ being able to return to NZ, wait until you hear what Australia is doing by forcibly repatriating convicted criminals.

The irony of a country founded by criminals reacting parochially and forcibly renditioning citizens of other countries despite those individuals living most of their life in Australia would be hilarious if it weren’t so damaging.

Between 2015-2019, 1664 Australians have been deported back to NZ  and of those 44% have re-offended.

Failed terrorist Mark Taylor is a tiny problem in a much larger issue.

If you have outrage for the former & not the latter perhaps your Islamaphobia is showing?

If the biggest threat to us is a ‘terrorist’ who forgot to turn off his geotagging function, we aren’t doing too badly for the beginning of the week.

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  1. Im right says:

    Ahhhh the old ‘islamaphobia’ nugget thrown in at the end there Martyn! NZrs are not happy with Australia sending back criminals that have spent most of their lives in OZ but it’s their law, bad or good it’s their law, but trying to match an ‘Aussie criminal’ with someone that has a hatred and indeed a proven desire to kill non Muslims, individually or on mass, and been part of killing via a gun on the battlefield or sword behind the battle front line in beheading infidels or murdering gay’s for well, being gay. Yes Martyn let’s equate an ISIS fighters to NZ criminals being sent back from OZ and if we don’t like the former and object to the latter we are Islamaphobes…. Let’s see how the Greens get on with campaigning and trying to get Jihad Mark Taylor home, I think them trying to get the MMP 5% to 4% may be too high to save them as a party! (I see Jacinda is spinning on a pin head, and where is NZs foreign minister on this issue, strangely quiet… Funny that!)

    • Sam Sam says:

      Australia culture is in an identity crises at present. The Great Empire that used to be Great Britain is a shadow of its former self. Even if England was to double its military capacity they would have major issues maintaining hard power halfway across the planet in any reasonable numbers.

      A lot of this identity crises is driven by suicide of the cult of white supremacy. The crises being are the European centric or Asian centric or something else.

      As soon as colonists arrived in Australia they began clearing the land of its indeginous and I hope I don’t have to give you a quick history lesson of the facts. Moving long, white Australian settlers now claim to hold there heads up high while they proudly walk around on the international stage promoting how mighty there economy and military are. So why should any one take people like Scott Morrison or Australian Immirgration Minister Peter Dutton, how are we meant to take these people seriously when they can’t even come to terms with there indigenous problem. The Liberals are stupid as illustrated by there leadership problems and unfortunately there is no cure for stupid.

      These people are not welcome in the Pacific Forums or any other leadership role that involves Australian and New Zealand while Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton refuse to come to terms with Oceanias indigenous.

    • stefan says:

      ” Funny that”?? Funny? About as funny as elevator flatulance, in a slow elevator inside a tall building… Are you having a bet with the rest of your flock as to who can get the most nonsensical drivel published? Mate, you’re in the wrong country.. It’s north Queensland for you cobber.. Where men are men, and reality is only six long necks away…

    • Jase Son says:

      just hang him from the closest bridge.

      • Sam Sam says:

        That’s one way of looking at it. Seems like a good idea, especially if combined with surveillance.

        Contrary to what Todd McClay would have you believe, not all jihadis are irredeemable murder machines like that decapitating Brit.

        Most of them when they actually find themselves in a warzone will come to the insight that violence is perhaps not such a spiffy solution when they have to see women with their guts from tree branches or children charred extra crispy on a daily basis.

        Providing them with a possible exit from violent jihad is an excellent measure, and a good way for intelligence of making personal assessment of their potential dangerousness and keeping tabs on them.

        Always provide your enemy with a retreat path less he be cornered and fight to the death.

  2. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Jacinda explained it this morning on Breakfast. The reason he must be allowed to return, is simply because you’re not allowed to make someone “stateless” and it ultimately cuts both ways. Imagine if some guy from, say the US, shoots a bunch of people here in NZ while on holiday and then after serving his 20 year sentence here, the US say he’s not welcome back (after all, no-one wants these type of people) and his citizenship has been rescinded… well then we’re stuck with him here for the rest of his life.

  3. RED BUZZARD says:

    Yes he should go to jail here for a while , as his former army mate said ( he is not a bad person just misguided ), and get re-educated and make amends somehow to the people of Syria

    …maybe the Syrian Government should be involved in his trial and how he can make amends

    …there are a lot of misguided people in the world …not least of all politicians that create the crises in the first place

    How would Nelson Mandela treat him?

  4. Im right says:

    OK Nitrium, what PM is saying if he gets to a NZ embassy we are obliged to help him (and he will get a few years in jail here) but NZ govt will not help him get to an embassy (I think that was her meaning, she likes people to read between the lines), now let’s see if the Greens actively assist him in getting to an embassy, GG has been out of the headlines for a while, is this her time to step back into the limelight and actively defend/help jihad Mark?

    • stefan says:

      ” let’s see if the Greens actively assist him in getting to an embassy”.. They gonna send in Rambo?? Or are “we” assuming the green party has the right to order the military around?
      Seriously, do you ever think on what you write?

      • Chris says:

        There are plenty of ways a number of people could help him get to an embassy apart from getting Rambo in or ordering the military around. I think you might be the one who doesn’t think “on” what they write.

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      It’s going to be very tough for him to get back to NZ regardless of NZ help. For starters, which airline is going to carry someone literally on a terrorist watchlist? Are they even allowed to do that?

      • Chris says:

        Once he gets to an embassy things will get better for him. Ardern’s trying to talk tough now but shortly she’ll have no choice but to accept he’s coming home. She’s going to look a bit silly soon when she finds she unable to follow through with all that “he’s made his bed” crap.

      • mosa says:

        That is a good point about his security risk with regards to getting on a plane Nitrium.
        Regardless where these guys come from they should all be held at Guantanamo.

  5. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    I’m reminded of the young people in the 1930s who followed their ideals to fight against Franco and fascism in Spain. They weren’t excluded (though they were probably hounded by the anti-communists forever and a day).

    Same principle, different team.

  6. Keepcalmcarryon says:

    Hand him over to the Yazidis

  7. Tom Gardner says:

    Winston is quite likely correct when he says 99.9% of NZers wouldn’t give a “rat’s derriere” about Taylor.

  8. Michal says:

    He should be brought back, can you imagine if that was some important’s son the PM would be bending over backwards. The whole thing is ridiculous the man has a serious mental health problem /s Get on with it he belongs in this country. Let’s do this!

    • Chris says:

      We will be doing this, and Ardern’s going to have a wee bit of egg on her face after all her bullshit tough talk. All she needed to say was what a lot of people have already said: the guy’s a clown but not dangerous. He’s a NZer and we’re not going to make him stateless. He’s likely to be prosecuted when he gets back, and we’ll let the criminal justice system deal with this.

      I just hope the courts see he’s just a lost soul and go easy on him. A lengthy prison sentence for a chap like him wouldn’t be right.

  9. David Stone says:

    The thing is why should the country he went to help murder and rape it’s citizens be required to look after him. We might not care if they line him up before a firing squad, but what if they are actually a civilised people and don’t want to do any more killing. So do they have to take responsibility for his welfare for the rest of his life, and of the people he might harm in the future. He came out of our society. He is ours. So are the criminals deported back her from aus. It is a privilege to be allowed to make your home in another country, and if you are not prepared to abide by that countries’ laws you should not expect to be allowed to stay there. Go back to where you were spawned. Religion has got nothing to do with it.
    D J S

  10. Antony says:

    This is a very stereotypical photo. Someone in a Middle East hood with a beard and wielding a large knife. Photos like these are meant to scare you. When reports like this come from a foreign country, you have to be skeptical. How do you know the photo isn’t photoshopped? Does this person exist at all? ISIS means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  11. Antony says:

    The photo is bait. Someone posing with a big knife like that is meant to intimidate you. Failed terrorist… more like fake terrorist. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Stories about individuals hog the media’s attention, they should just give us statistics instead. Even then, there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

  12. Michelle says:

    Despite him going over there he is still a NZ citizen and not some other countries problem bring him home and deal with it from there, simple.
    As for being a clown we have heaps of clowns here what is one more clown gonna do, the fucken national government let in every man and his dog and his dogs mate anyway for cheap labour for their mates

  13. John W says:

    What is the ISIS arrival about.

    The greatest terrorist group of all time is the USA, who have used ISIS and other groups while vehemently denying their patronage.

    Political affiliation has nothing to do with NZ citizenship except in the minds of a few vocal fascist.

  14. David Stone says:

    To take another tack; all the western world’s governments and the MSM were demonising the government of Bashar al Assad .The US secretary of state was taped acknowledging that the US had hoped ISIS would help to overthrow him. All the western recruits of ISIS could well argue that they were acting in the interests of their own governments though not directly on their specific orders. Though even this might not be so in the case of some high ranking ISIS members that the US seems to have been evacuating.
    D JS

  15. Sally says:

    I have no sympathy for him. His views on women are evil, truly evil, without redemption.

  16. mosa says:

    ” He is one of ours ”
    NO he turned his back on his country to fight for a ruthless terrorist organisation that has taken no little effort to suppress
    I don’t care what his motives were when he signed up but he knew what he was getting himself in for.
    He should be detained until he can face trial and as it stands at the moment he will have to be repatriated back here as there is no tribunal ( set up ) or court that has jurisdiction where Taylor is concerned.
    It seems the worst may be guests at Guantanamo if Trump gets his way.
    It looks like he will end up back here where we will be paying to keep him.

  17. Marc says:

    This case just shows how immature NZ really is, that is its people. While this Jihadi, or rather self proclaimed Wannabe ‘Jihadi’, is a person to be seriously concerned about, he does clearly display significant mental issues that should be falling under ‘mental health issues’.

    While he has burnt his own passport, has even tried to incite people to kill policemen and soldiers here in his own country, and then joined IS, he is still a NZ citizen by birth, and has NO other recognised citizenship of any kind.

    Therefore NZ government and agencies would act illegally under international law, to not allow him back to his only truly native country, where he would of course have to be held to account for his past comments and deeds.

    It is stupid and immature to play a kind of moral high ground here, when as a nation this country has among the highers imprisonment rates in the world, at least the ‘developed world’, has unusually high youth suicide rates, has high rates of domestic and other abuse, and so forth. NZ Inc is just not that pretty, it is a lot of BS that goes around in this place.

    This person may well be one of those who got a bad deal at one stage in their earlier life, but is punished for this and blamed for this for the rest of his life.

    So I would not be so sanctimonious as a “Kiwi”, when making a judgment about this disturbed human individual.

    Deal with it is a mature, responsible and legal matter, thanks, also Jacinda, Winston and Simon, our so called ‘political leaders’, whatever that may mean.

  18. Brian Drury says:

    Give him a forced sex change and make him live as an islamic wife in Syria for 10 yrs after his jail time. Then she can come homes and I’ll feel sorry for her.

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