Top cop ‘forgets’ to follow up on state sanctioned corporate spies – of course he ‘forgot’


The Wellington 4 Eyes Mass Surveillance Domestic State

Top cop ‘forgets’ to follow up on state sanctioned corporate spies…

Top cop forgot to start investigation into spying by Thompson & Clark on earthquake victims

A police investigation into spying on earthquake victims has been delayed after a top cop “forgot” to progress it.

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes laid a complaint with police in December after private investigators Thompson & Clark were found to have covertly recorded Southern Response clients.

An SSC inquiry found an unlicensed investigator had posed as a victim and attended meetings.

On Friday, Police Deputy Commissioner National Operations Mike Clement admitted to Stuff the inquiry hadn’t progressed, following an Official Information Act request.

…of course he ‘forgot’ so now the paper trails have all been covered up and nothing can be found.

It’s not just that these agencies have been given enormous mass surveillance powers, they are also a law unto themselves when it comes to the bureaucrat slow down of the supposed check and balance to that power.

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The obscene irony here is that State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes who is supposedly our mighty champion of civil rights against a mass surveillance state, was actually head of MSD when they committed this atrocity…

State abuse survivor in spying scandal says Govt lawyers set out to vilify him
A state abuse survivor surveilled by private investigators is “vindicated” by a report confirming the Crown hired spies, writes Andrea Vance.

As a 10-year-old boy, Keith Wiffin was beaten, sexually abused and psychologically tortured in a state-owned boys’ home.

Forty years later, he came forward as a witness to help two brothers who were suing the Ministry of Social Development for abuse they suffered while in the care of the state.

In response, Crown lawyers hired private investigators ICIL to dig up dirt on witnesses and Wiffin, now 59, is certain he was put under surveillance.

“Instead of the Crown taking responsibility for what happened to us, they set out to try and vilify us and cast us in the role of the enemy and it just felt like more abuse,” Wiffin said.

…so the very embodiment of the Wellington 4 Eyes Mass Surveillance Domestic State, Peter Hughes, who used these very same corporate spies for a vastly more vile act than spying on earthquake survivors (as if that could be topped) is in charge of getting to the bottom of State Agencies using the very same corporate spies he used?

And that’s all acceptable is it?

Peter Hughes is the State Servant you put in charge of an inquiry to service the state, not democracy or justice.

Meanwhile under the politics of kindness, the State are removing children ever faster from their parents…

Porirua mother fears Oranga Tamariki could take her children away at any time

In the last financial year, 68 Porirua children entered state care – up 70 percent on the year before.

Born and bred in Porirua, Maarametua Williams had her first child removed from her care 15 years ago when she was on meth and facing serious criminal charges.

She’s now raising her three younger children but said she feared Oranga Tamariki could uplift them at the drop of a hat.

“It’s quite distressing for me because I will never know whether or not my children will be uplifted. All it would take is for someone to make a phone call or a complaint about myself,” she said.

“I’ve had three drug tests so far in order to prove to keep them. I’m a recovering meth addict and I feel like my past is always something that will come up.”

Ms Williams spent eight years in prison for aggravated robbery, firearms and violence. She got out in 2011 and said she’d been off meth since 2016.

She said she passed every drug test the agency ordered and had done self-help programmes but couldn’t escape the system.

“I am not the only mother that suffers from this, there are a few other mothers out there as well… I know that they are under scrutiny too,” she said.

“When does it stop for someone like ourselves – who do makes changes in our lives, who do want the best for our children, who don’t want our children to be uplifted – when does it actually stop?”

Ms Williams suggested the agency was more likely to find problems if it was targeting someone.

…the NZ State is the biggest enemy of the people. The sooner the Left start appreciating that and recognising the need for an enormous state sector purge, the better.



  1. Send in the inquisitors! New South Wales purged hundreds of cops with there Royal Commision into police corruption in the 90’s and that was an opportunity for them to give some young officers responsibility. Some one always puts there hand up for it. Probably have to be a new political party that’s trying to make a name for its self by ruthlessly crushing corruption and savaging some high profile scalps.

  2. After 30 years of neo liberalism, of course the State Sector is loaded to the gunwales with right wingers–happy to collect fat salaries, while overseeing the dismantling of the original Social Security “safety net” and public infrastructure generally

    these traitorous bludgers mission is to increase the penetration of private capital into as many areas of state activity as is possible–the Govt. has a major fight on their hands, and would likely get wide support if a) they realised there is an ‘enemy within’, and b) sacked a few hundred of the worst offenders, and went public about why

  3. Am I at risk of cognitive dissonance?

    I read Chris Trotter’s warning about how powerless the left is against the forces of the state, police and military, now here about the necessity of the left to purge the state sector.

    Certainly there must be some risk of disappearing into a gulag institution because one must need treatment if one self-harms by dissenting against an all powerful state.

    Then there is becoming paranoid about “their” surveillance (which they are all too willing to let you know about – because you cannot prove it, and they will not admit it) and following Snowden et al into internet exile.

    It’s all quite sad, that we are such fast followers of such practices as outsourcing surveillance to those who are less accountable and who have state protection from consequences. The only reason we are not known as a corrupt state is because we are unable or unwilling to uncover it (and an under resourced media barely functions within its allowed parameters). And by allowing untaxed CG we presume financial corruption will be limited by largess towards towards those most able at practicising it.

    The colonial servant mentality is strong in this vassal state of the global capitalist order.

    Knee high about as far as we can jump when asked by our friends and when told to by our important trade partners.

  4. Doug Graham (excuse the missing undeserved preamble, Sir) and Bill Jefferies went for criminal negligence. Lombard affair.

    Jenny Shipley (excuse the missing undeserved preamble) went for negligence. Mainzeal affair.

    Deputy Commissioner Clement forgot! Dirty tricks affair.

    Time to apply a undeserved preamble to this chap’s Monika, surely?

  5. No one has the guts to do anything in regards to this frighteningsituation.
    I agree with Sam that the whole system needs clearing out and where necessary charges laid.
    If Jacinda and her colleagues weren’t horrified to discover this including her coalition partners then i would be seriously concerned as a NZ ( law abiding ) citizen.
    This is what happens when we allow a corrupt National government to govern for nine years with a programme of enforcing mass surveillance and espionage on its innocent citizens.
    Jacinda , Andrew Little , Winston and James Shaw must act and let the country see clearly what has been done here.

  6. Forgot?
    It seems to me that Dough Graham and Bill Jefferies faced penalties when they forgot their duties and were done for criminal negligence.
    It seems to me that Jenny Shipley and others faced penalties when they were remiss in their obligations and were done for negligence.
    When an deputy commissioner forgets a duty to the people of NZ to get to the bottom of dirty tricks by police and GCSB, I reckon a penalty is also appropriate.

  7. Utter madness for our government to accept the integrity of Hughes and his ilk. I’m sick of these no-ones who have embedded themselves in the public services, sucking on the teet while the government scratches them behind the ears. Inbred twitterati wellington rubbish. It has parallels with the media reporting on Trump et al, treating the administration as valid with business as usual, even fawning over these psychopaths.

  8. Thanks for pointing these sorts of stories out to people like me who would otherwise miss them, Martyn

  9. Martyn you missed the most important part of the story “The most serious allegations against Thompson and Clark is that they unlawfully recorded a meeting of Southern Response claimants on 13 March 2014. The relevant offence there is unlawful use of an interception device, which carries a penalty of two years in prison. That penalty means that charges must be brought within five years of the offence.” (from norightturn) so the cops have ensured that the excops of Thompson and Clark can not be charged unless they are charged in the next 13 days

    • Spot on Lucy.
      There had to be a reason why Hughes delayed.
      The police along with the National party select which laws they will ignore to suit there agendas.

  10. While it must be tough being an addict, someone or some agency has to check on the safety of children. There would be a furore if the children were neglected or abused by a partner. It is not a simple issue.

  11. ” I forgot ” is bullshit and is the clearest signal yet that this country is a banana republic.
    It is outrageous and offensive that this deliberate oversight can be forgiven with this pathetic excuse
    This is Key talk pure and simple.

  12. Police Deputy Commissioner National Operations Mike Clement “forgot”???????


    HOW DOES A COP FoRGET TO DO HIS JOB , FFS??????? He has only one job: investigating wrong doing. How does a cop forget to do that?????

  13. More venting, more catharsis.

    The repression will carry on regardless, sometimes I think the catharsis offered by internet communities stymies any meaningful push back.

    • Feels good to release these emotions though Richard? Many thanks to the DB team for the platform to discuss these wrongdoings, these feather nesters and old boys/girls networks, these ingratiated ingrates

    • Just wondering when the NZ Coppers are going to grow a pair of gonads and sort out the gangs here in NZ.

      Evidently South Auckland is saturated with methamphetamine at the moment a guy from work’s cousin was shot down at Mangere Bridge, Auckland last weekend, Drug & Gang related incident.

  14. In my job as a humble customer service person whenever I forget to do something or make a mistake I get dragged over hot coals and berated for the error. And on my job I wear many hats i.e customer service, accounts receivable, debt collection, website updating, reconciling accounts, taking orders for products, dealing with queries and problems. The list is in fact endless.

    This COP ONLY has one job. If he cannot deal with one job then he cannot be acceptable as a senior Police officer.

    This guy(this senior cop) conveniently forgot a crucial investigation and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he only gets a rap over the knuckles with a wet bus ticket.

    Which brings up the disparity between ordinary people and so-called senior people of government departments across NZ and of course through out the world.

    The senior person can and often always blames someone else eg a tradesperson leaving paint thinner in a container for Nick Smith to swill or; the office junior in John Key’s office(whilst he was prime minister)did not pass on the right information. blah.blah. blah…..

    Heads need to roll in the NZ Police because in a couple of recent matters they have proven to be lacking in intelligence, common sense or doing things right.

    To imagine my taxes, and yes I am on a below average wage i.e $39k, paying for this cop and his mistakes makes my blood boil.

  15. I agree with Mjolnir and Lucy raises a very good point too.

    It’s not as if Clements would do the investigation himself and he wouldn’t be swamped with files to investigate. At his rank his desk would be clean, except on this occasion he had one piece of paper – a letter from the SSC requesting an investigation into a matter of top importance – unlawful spying by Thompson and Clark on decent law abiding people.

    How could Clements forget a letter like that? It is a very lame and pathetic excuse, especially from someone of his rank and it smacks of covering something up, perhaps the fact that the Police also used Thompson and Clark for some investigations and Thompson and Clark are ex cops.

  16. Old boys and old girls network is in charge, they all know each other, cops in service, former cops working for private investigators, they will not step on each other’s toes.

    Even if forced to investigate, they will in the end look the other way, wait and see.

    NZ Inc is a Banana Republic in the appearance of a ‘constitutional monarchy’, without bananas, but behaving very much like such a republic.

  17. Peter Hughes has loyal friends within government, this one and the past one, and he can rest assured to get a handsome retirement pay off or pension.

    The average Hobbit in Queen Street or the suburbs of Auckland, or in other cities on this turf of earth, they will not even know the man, as the MSM only ‘inform’ in little bits and in a way where dots can not be connected easily.

    Add that very few Sleepy Hobbits even bother watching, listening to or reading any ‘news’, most will NEVER hear about this, and it will be like water under the bridge, nobody will crow about it.

    The ‘system’ works, as it protects its servants and mercenaries, and beneficiaries.

  18. Here is DOC using Thompson and Clark to spy on lawful protesters

    “On 6 February, Mr Maher thanked Thompson & Clark.

    “Te Anau DOC crew very appreciative of the early heads-up on this one Gerry. Gave them lots of time to get ahead of the protesters. Great work,” he wrote.”
    “One anti-1080 activist Carole Sawyer was not impressed.

    “It’s very concerning. More concerning is the fact that we were not able to access that information,” she said.”
    Remember the same DOC was found to have used unlicensed security guards one of whom assaulted a protester.
    Whether you agree with the poison or not, spying on your own citizens is a horrendous abuse of power.

  19. The state have always been nasty particularly to Maori but under national for 9 years they went overboard and have REALLY abused their power When you call up the Ministerial departments they start being bloody nasty and spiteful. How do I know I just experienced it from parole when I called up Mr Davis office to complain about an issue the state servants get the shits and take it out on you by making things as hard as possible for you. The culture in some of these government places is so toxic.
    Also when are our Maori people gonna wake up and realise that the national party and the goons in there don’t give a flying fuck about us and our culture I did not see one national politician at Te Matatini show casing our culture unless they were hiding in the corporate boxes and I doubt it cause as I mentioned they don’t care. Heads need to roll on this one but somehow I don’t think they will.

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