The last kilometre for Palestine! I’ll be walking the last kilometre of the North Island section of Te Araroa this Friday 1 March. If you are in Wellington and can make it I’d love you to join me. It will be from Houghton Bay to Island Bay leaving Houghton Bay at 12 noon. Wear your Palestinian solidarity T shirt and bring flags and banners etc to support he struggle for freedom in Palestine. Please help spread the word to friends and family who are in Wellington and encourage them to join me.

I’ve walked over 1700 kilometres (from Cape Reinga to Wellington) since December 14th.

The New Zealanders and overseas visitors I have spoken with along the way are overwhelmingly supportive of the Palestinian struggle, this contrasts with our government which has a policy heavily skewed in support of Israel, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters was soft on apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s and is soft on Israeli apartheid in 2019, he has failed to condemn new Israeli laws discriminating against Palestinians and the murder of unarmed Palestinian protesters by Israeli snipers during last years Great March of Return, he has not responded to requests for me to meet him in Wellington.

I’m wearing my third Palestinian T shirt because the other two fell apart along the way.

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I’m encouraging people to donate to the Palestinian struggle. Donations can be made at Christchurch Progressive Network Account: 38-9017-0034814-00.  Please reference Palestine.


  1. Winston Peters ‘stand’ re Israel and the Palestinians is no surprise.

    But I’ve NEVER been happy about his being made the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    Why did Labour and the Greens go along with this? Such a vital post!

    Oh how I wish we could have a Government with an independent foreign policy, opposed to military entanglements, committed to JUSTICE for all peoples. New Zealand COULD lead the way to a better world.

  2. Are you retired John, or taking annual leave to do this walk? Love it that you believe almost all visitors and people you have met along the way agree with your political views, not unlike all the polls in USA had Hillary winning by a landslide!! Sometimes it’s just easier to agree/smile/nod/walk away from a fanatic.

    • Fanatic – who?

      Polls ? Credibility ?

      Avoiding conflict is a common first level approach is disagreement.

      The genocide and blatant dishonesty of Israeli war on native Palestinians and others nearby also, should never be avoided and demands outright condemnation, sanctions, UN legal reprisals and anything else that can be mustered to quell this Israeli cancer.

      John your honesty and principle stands far higher than the weasel word of many other politicians on this open state / racial/ religious terrorism.

  3. Well done, John. Anything that draws public attention to Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people is to be supported.

    The Israeli government would love for for media attention to all ” go away”. But that’s not going to happen.

  4. I am proud of your campaign here John for trying to draw attention for the inhumane situation in Palestine.
    Your efforts should have been covered in the media and that is another injustice in this in humane situation.
    We have the T.D.B to keep us informed so again well done.

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