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  1. OK, we have the third highest immigration per capita, increasing amounts of people at food banks, a housing and pollution crisis, teacher and hospital crisis, wages spiralling downward and apparently our immigration criteria is so pathetic that even more people can over turn immigration decisions. It’s starting to look like our RMA and OIA where the law is so pathetic you can’t fail to whatever you want!

    “Last year we allowed in 129 000 migrants for a population of almost 5 million.

    On top of that we have 150 000 international students and workers with temporary work visas who have been obscenely exploited by a de-unionised job market and additional to that, we have almost 4 million tourists visiting us each year.

    Meanwhile more of our assets and land are being owned by overseas interests.”

    Time the government urgently put back real measures into immigration such as an English language test, much greater time frames like 10 years to gain permanent residency and citizenship and thus be able to get NZ funded welfare and have a limit of the amount of visas given out per year.

    Immigration decision should be based around the clear long term benefits of that individual to NZ society and not be a economic or social drain on the country, like allowing criminals or relatives into NZ or 11 day marriages, just based on that criteria .

    When our immigration criteria is getting someone on very low wages who can come in and bring multiple family members in then it means some Kiwi is having to work harder, pay more taxes, more money required for hospitals, prisons and so forth to pay for that immigration decisions.

    Then we have all the crimes now being committed by NZ citizens and permanent residents who should never have been allowed in. Even the tourists criminals are starting to come here to do scams, such is our reputation for being an easy target to fleece.

    If the government wants to stay in power then they have to change the law in NZ so protect Kiwis including migrant Kiwis who came to NZ to escape the scams and corruption at home, otherwise in a few years the government is going to have to limit welfare, have more means tested education and medical system and be more corrupt with greater crimes and scams. It is already happening!!!

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