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  1. We seem to be demolishing our state houses and privatising the land at an alarming rate, and under a Labour/Green government with Kiwibuild… meanwhile state houses waiting list up 5000… what this architect has to say

    “The demolition of state-built housing in the late 20th century was symptomatic of a more general abandonment of the values of that century, a Dutch architect says.”

    Great fanfare of Kiwibuild and private developer building 100 houses on the tax payer dollar which 2/3 will be privatised under the Thatcher/Rogernomics model, less interest in solving this by Labour/Greens… reminds me of the link above where the bureaucrats calculated people to die quicker in the rest homes… what happens when bureaucrats are everywhere, complete fuck up and lack of practicallity and risk management. People are getting poorer in NZ and our wages are dropping in real terms while employment conditions are poor and you can be made redundant at the drop of a hat, thus they need more state housing and rentals for the poor, (not Kiwibuild $120k salaries).

    Not rocket science you would have thought!

  2. ‘National light’ = Labour;

    If true, it’s really is working behind the scenes to better the ‘rorting’ than Natiional did under their nine year term?

    • Good move by Shane Jones just as the Local Government was looking shaddy on every level from rejecting Climate change to some councils ready to assume selling off public assets like HB regional Council who is attempting to sell half of publicly owned Napier Port.

      Shane Jones should help stop this madness invading the local Governments ‘slash and burn’ models of the John Key era.

      New independent Commission to tackle infrastructure issues
      Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 1:57 pm
      Press Release: New Zealand Government

      Hon Shane Jones
      Minister for Infrastructure

      20 February 2019 MEDIA STATEMENT
      New independent Commission to tackle infrastructure issues
      Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones has today announced the name, form and functions of New Zealand’s new independent infrastructure entity.
      The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission – Te Waihanga – will be established as an Autonomous Crown Entity to carry out two broad functions – strategy and planning and procurement and delivery support.
      “The new Commission will help ensure we are making the best decisions about infrastructure investment to improve the long-term economic performance and social wellbeing of our country,” Shane Jones said.
      “The Commission will develop a broad consensus on long-term strategy, enable coordination of infrastructure planning and provide advice and best practice support to infrastructure initiatives.
      “We want the Commission to be a well-respected public voice that has credibility among the private and public sector and helps integrate across our entire infrastructure system.
      “A short-term, project specific focus by previous governments, along with underinvestment, means that New Zealand is now facing an unprecedented infrastructure deficit that this Government is committed to tackling.
      “Our transport and urban infrastructure is struggling to keep up with population growth, increased demand and changing needs, including transitioning to a low emissions economy. New Zealand’s regional infrastructure is often not at a standard required by communities – this infrastructure deficit is manifesting in housing unaffordability, congestion, poor quality drinking water and lost productivity. That’s simply not good enough.

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