“Government is being stymied by bureaucrats over health care, transport, and trades training” – Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre


This week we saw salvation army releasing their “state of the nation” report “ that showed that Jacinda’s vision of a “Kinder gentler caring Government is not being nurtured by the bureaucrats who still have an iron grip on government departmental policies.

Salvation Army report that the gap between rich and poor is still becoming worse with household debt still rising while the use of P is alarmingly still increasing amount our young.

Next subject was with Labour’s talented PM Chris Hipkins as Minister of education discussing the worsening of our trades shortages and his plan is to make the education of early trades skills more ‘seamless’ in our schools as he wants an early school integration into trade skills made free to all at school level, I went through school during the 1950-60 era and all woodwork and mechanical training was taught us as a skill we needed to have for our life skills, so why was it scrapped then?

Next was the sad story of the case of young Nicky McPherson who was under the care of a health facility in Hamilton and was left un-attended when he walked out of the facility and committed suicide, and this worried me greatly as now the Health Department is demanding another official review of the case even though the family had successfully made a claim against the health department.

All these cases that are our mirror into how the bureaucrat’s control our public services are showing that the bureaucrats are causing problems and public concern for the government now as they are slowing down progress from the past autocratic government of national Government into Labour Government’s stated transition to become a kinder gentler caring Government.

Transport issues are also under the spotlight today over the lack of the ‘Kinder gentler caring Government’ vision and services.

We in our long fight for better land transport options are having a similar problem with NZTA (the roading controlling agency) (RTA) as this agency are after 19 yrs is still holding their iron autocratic grip over the current government by not giving any care for a ‘fair kinder, caring mitigation’ to residential communities all-over NZ who are now adversely affected by rising truck freight movements causing noise, vibration and air pollution into their homes everywhere as NZTA is effectively actively forcing truck convoys to use roads through many sensitive residential zones today and Auckland is an example where large 4 metre high concrete noise barriers are being placed all over Auckland now but not in very many other regions sadly.

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So powerful have past government’s made this road agency, that they have changed the regulatory rules of the RMA and the ‘NZ Standards’ to lower noise standards in NZ regarding ‘road traffic noise levels’ to where NZ has some of the ‘lowest protections’ for all residential communities now.

Evidence of this is shown here,

The noise, (sound pressure) measurement is only measured in a single (dBA) descriptor (now considered improper) as their standard used is regarded as insufficient for low frequencies emitted from trucks as (industrial activities) so they refuse to use guidelines set in this globally accepted symposium. “https://www.acoustics.asn.au/conference_proceedings/ICA2010/cdrom-ICA2010/papers/p987.pdf

In this study report it states; “Relying on traditional A-weighted measurements will not capture the modulation nor would it offer the potential to distinguish engine brakes from other traffic noise.”

NZTA is simply being seen publicly now as a ‘truck transport agency’ (not a ‘transport agency’ as the press often referred to it as) and we now suggest if Government want to succeed with the vision of being a “Kinder gentler caring Government” they need to remove being stymied by bureaucrat’s bent on revenge of the public seeking a kinder gentler service and we urge the ‘Labour coalition Government to now get involved’.

Ken Crispin..


Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre Incorporated. (CEAC.)


  1. Here again bureaucrats fail us again; – all ‘our children are leading the charge’ to save our melting planet from climate change, while the bureaucrats stay at home quietly counting their big fat pay-packets not saying anything about the climate change we are all seeing happen every day now.

    Bureaucrats make me sick.


    “Theresa May criticises pupils missing school to protest over climate change”

    Published by at 1:31pm 15th February 2019 (Updated 4:33pm 15th February 2019)
    Theresa May has criticised pupils who walked out of class to demand action on climate change.
    Thousands of school children are taking part in strikes in 60 towns and cities across the UK, according to organisers Youth Strike 4 Climate.
    Demonstrations have taken place in locations such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Cambridge and Brighton, with pupils also descending on Westminster to call for change.
    However, Downing Street warned against the “disruption” being caused by the protests.
    “Everybody wants young people to be engaged in the issues that affect them most so that we can build a brighter future for all of us,” the prime minister’s official spokesperson said.
    “But it is important to emphasise that disruption increases teacher’s workloads and wastes lesson time that teachers have carefully prepared for.
    “That time is crucial for young people precisely so that they can develop into the top scientists, engineers and advocates that we need to help tackle this problem.”
    Outside parliament, protesters carried banners with slogans such as “There is no planet B”, “When did the children become the adults?”, and “Why should I clean my room when the world is in such a mess”.
    They want the government to declare a climate emergency and act fast to tackle the problem, inform the public about the severity of the crisis, and change the curriculum to make it an educational priority.
    A recent United Nations report warned that unprecedented action was needed to limit global temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.
    Anna Taylor, of the UK Student Climate Network, said: “We’re running out of time for meaningful change, and that’s why we’re seeing young people around the world rising up to hold their governments to account on their dismal climate records.

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