GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – NZ/China relationship: ‘We have a big problem’ NZ Herald 13 Feb 2019


NZ/China relationship: ‘We have a big problem’  NZ Herald 13 Feb 2019

After reading, watching and listening to main stream media extol the power and might of Aotearoa – all week!  Finally. A mainstream media journalist Liam Dann seems to have “got it”.

Axiomatic I reckon.

Play with fire get burned.

Lie down with dogs (Uncle Sam) get fleas.

When Russia stopped buying Turkey food product and sending tourists to Istanbul after the Turks shot down a Russian plane, within six months, Turkey’s economy had collapsed.

Did NATO allies EU or USA, take up the slack?  Did these fair-weather friends self-serving friends come to the rescue?

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So, do we need to ask why Turkey turned back to Russia on the gas pipe and dealing with Syria?

David Mahon’s forthcoming interview will address the folly of Huawie – as a bad idea.

Coming on top of Défense Minister Ron Marks virtual declaration of war in China late last year when he bought a couple of new planes for the RNZAF, New Zealand in my view, have made some bad calls where China is concerned.

When China stop tourism to NZ and students to NZ

Yep.  U can figure that for yourself


Ross Meurant: 

After 21 years as a cop, Meurant resigned with the commissioned rank of inspector O/C Criminal Intelligence Section & V.I.P. Security; a nationwide profile role as a Red Squad riot group commander and an earlier reputation as a ruthless detective with a tendency to enforce the rule of police.

During 9 years as a Member of Parliament and the Executive as Under Secretary, he was accused of being an arms trader; was fired from the Executive by Jim Bolger for having a perceived conflict of interests (becoming a director of a Russian bank) and started the first political party to be registered under MMP.

After 4 years in the wilderness teaching kids to ride horse and property developing, he returned to Wellington as parliamentary adviser to Rt Hon Winston Peters where allegations of conflicted interests with roles he had with three major fishing companies and a race horse baron and later in false allegations of corruption culminating in the Scampi Enquiry.  

From 2005 Ross lived abroad pursuing commercial options in Zimbabwe, the Balkans, Czech Rep, Syria, Russia, Morocco, UAE, Iran & North Korea.  

Today in New Zealand he is trustee and managing director of NZ forestry and property assets owned by absentee Russians & Honorary Consul for Morocco.

Ross has a B.A. in politics; a Master’s in economics and law and COPs in law.       He speaks Russian, rides horses and water-skis.

He is the author of:

Two biographies:  The Red Squad Story & Beat to the Beehive.

Two novels: The Syrian Connection & Sex, Power and politics.


  1. It’s only in fairy tales and the pages of intellectual opinion where power is used wisely and well to eradicate evil in the world. The real world teaches very different lessons and it takes wilful and dedicated ignorance to fail to perceive the natural world.

    The successful application of war usually engenders praise among the entourage of the mega pastors and the state religions of intellectuals in the modern era. Of course if it all works then we will all be saluting the wisdom and statesmen of the American government in lands that we have turned into wreck and ruin.

    But force probably won’t work against China at great cost to us so perhaps the Chinese pivot strategy may have to be rethought. The reasons and commentary almost carries over with out thought from the days of the Iraq and Afghan invasions. Don’t think we need to review the facts that Iraq and Afghan is wrecked and ruined and that’s what China seeks to prevent. And I can’t half blame them.

  2. NZ as a small nation would benefit from the most independent foreign policy possible, independent of the US led 5 Eyes Club at least

    With Waihopai, Echelon, NSA’s XKeyscore, 5 Eyes info sharing, the multitude of Police special tactical groups, SIS and GCSB, extended surveillance powers and increased budgets under Mr Key, the snoops are already having a good old look at NZ citizens and internet traffic that passes through NZ

    is Huawei really anything to worry about in real terms? or more US anti competitive behaviour and geo politics under cover of “Security”?

  3. Yes it really is beyond belief. We go begging China for a free trade deal and surprise surprise they become a very important trading partner. We beg the USA for a trade deal and get strung out forever even after agreeing to hand over our sovereignty in the form of dispute tribunals and then completely cave in to USA on spurious claims of Huawei “security ” concerns. Unspecifieid of course and unable to be made public but “very serious” never the less. And then we call China belligerent. Pretty sure a trade deal means you at least get the same chances to compete on infrastructure builds as foreign companies whose governments dont have trade deals

  4. David Mahon, businessman based in China says we need to bend over for the Chinese, well fancy that.
    The only thing free in our Free Trade Agreement, is New Zealand’s precious water, our recreational fishing and our superannuation when you bring your grand parents over.
    Do we get the same in return or even the ability to buy land there?

    • yes listened to moran this morning he is all about himself not our country or us we should not be bending over for no one but national have set a very bad precedent curtailing to the Chinese and now they expect us to bend over and shut the fuck up or we will leave your exports to rot in our ports= bullying

  5. Huawei offered Australia and others, complete and unrestricted access to their source code and equipment.

    No US firm would do that.

    Meanwhile NZ Govt and all its department use Microsoft OS which is secret code with back doors for NSA and M$.

    The CIA, US defense and many others won’t use Microsoft as only stupid people would not see the dangers of being spied upon by unscrupulous US information harvesters – NSA.

    Yet NZ worries about Huawei. Bullshit.

    • Penguins of course us open source code developed and supported by a global community and closely guarded, very wisely.

      The option is available for all.

      No back doors, no corporate profiteering empire nor viruses and its free.

  6. No surprises here.

    Anne-Marie Brady break-ins: Police investigation hits dead end

    An investigation into a burglary and other incidents reported by prominent China critic Anne-Marie Brady is unresolved and police say they have no further lines of enquiry.

    Anne-Marie Brady Anne-Marie Brady Photo: Supplied
    Canterbury University professor Anne-Marie Brady has said her office has been broken into twice, her house burgled, her car tampered with and she has received a threatening letter after she published a paper on the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the Pacific.

    “Professor Brady has reported a number of incidents which have occurred since late 2017 including a burglary at her home, two break-ins at her university office, damage to her vehicle, and a series of anonymous phone calls,” Detective Superintendent Stu Allsop-Smith said.

    “Police have taken these incidents very seriously and a lengthy, detailed and extensive investigation has been conducted.

    “This has involved all necessary police resources including detailed forensic analysis, interviews and expert advice.

    “The burglaries and other matters reported remain unresolved at this time.”

    Mr Allsop-Smith said at this point there were no further lines of enquiry to pursue unless new information became available.

    “Any new information will be carefully assessed to determine what, if any, evidential relevance it may have,” he said in a statement.

    Police and the university would continue to provide her with updated advice, including security advice if required, and maintain an active response plan, Mr Allsop-Smith said.

    International academics, researchers and human rights advocates wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last year in support of Prof Brady.

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