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  1. Why we are a low wage economy and have a midwife, hospital and teaching crisis here… 5 people coming into NZ on the basis of a nursing support worker, who probably earns circa $20 p/h and is a easy to obtain qualification… and now 3 children in NZ being educated, housed, and using the medical system here …

    “Zara’s mother, Aileen, a nursing support worker, came to New Zealand first on a student visa in 2014. She was joined by her machine operator husband, Arnold, 41, two years later after she got her work visa.

    They have another daughter, Zia, 8, and a son, Aaron, 15, who have also come as dependent children of worker visitor visa holders.

    “We didn’t think Zara needed a visa at birth to remain with us because she’s born in New Zealand … she didn’t have a passport and wasn’t travelling anywhere,” Aileen said.

    A request for a visa for Zara was lodged after her interim visa had expired.”

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