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    • Yes totally agree with this e-clectic. Political parties go “How can we get business to come along. Oh I know … Theirs money to be made” As if the over riding concern as per usual is money which is the attitude that got us here in the first place.

      In Nelson we have a lot of pine plantations as does many places around NZ. These are sold to us as mitigating climate change. But of course all the forestry companies understand is making money. As the climate warms all these pine forests are going to become very susceptible to burning. And the government response to climate change is to plant more pine. So it can all burn down in another 10 years when these dry spells become the norm.

      We need to at least attempt to plant trees that are native and or resistant to burning down. That create an ecosystem that retains whatever moisture is around. Oh but there might not be any money in doing it that way. I guess theres still enough money in pine from insurance or if you can get the government to supply and plant the trees. But soon the 30 or 40 years to harvest are going to be too long to have much chance of escaping fire.

      And all this is without even starting to consider the social costs. Wakefield evacuated, Farmers unable to work their land. Lives put at risk all because of the inherent danger in pine plantations.

      We need to wake up. Making money from climate change should be criminalized

  1. We all know that Trump is a racist bigot so it should come as no surprise that his support for Guaido is also along racial lines. When Chavez came to power these old minority colonials lost the ability to direct the profits of resource extraction to their own wealth and betterment at the expense of the majority Indian population.

    It is very clear that the wellbeing of citizens is furtherest from the minds of Western supporters of the current coup attempt. In France 19 yellow vest protesters have lost an eye through deliberate targeting of protesters by police using LBD40 bullets. These are a paint ball type weapon delivering 10 times the velocity and highly accurate with laser sights. This is in addition to those who have lost hands from GLIF4 grenades exploding in their vicinity. Both these weapons are regarded by Macron as non lethal and therefore legitimate for the police to use.

  2. Dirty little secret has just come out in Napier;

    ‘Dirty water’ in Napier from 2017;

    So we are possibly the worst polluted city in NZ now as the truck volumes through the city are killing the residential “amenity values” there, and now the truck volumes are going to increase 187% in the next eight years according to a report from the Napier Port and NZTA.

    Apparently lots of folks living near the truck routes through the city now cant sleep through the night as trucks run through that city all night and all day.
    YEAR 2017
    Last updated:9/01/2018
    DateAddressAreaRequest details1239/01/2017Robinson CrescentTamateaDirty water – please flush #442 called410/01/2017Galway StreetTamateaHe has been getting black particles in his water on and off for several weeks, black floaties were particularly bad today511/01/2017Lamason StreetGreenmeadowsShe has very low water pressure in her shower, please check if private or council67 819/01/2017Kennedy RoadOnekawaTheir water is starting to taste funny and requires a flush in the main pipe. This is a reoccuring problem and they often have to call ever 2-3 months.920/01/2017

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