Pride 2019 – When going from 30 000 to 2000 is considered a victory – So let’s talk about the pigs then


Apparently the less than 2000 who turned up to the eviscerated remains of whatever the Pride Parade became was a victory according to Amnesty International…

…when going from 30 000 to less than 2000 is a victory, I’d fucking hate to see a defeat.

Remember, this wasn’t the fault of the woke extremists who Lizzie Marvelly, the Spinoff, the Green Party…

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Alison Mau and the Fourth Wave Feminist Identity Politic Activists of Twitter empowered, oh no.

It was not the fault of the woke extremists who naively self mutilated this celebration of diversity by demanding Police not wear informs because it might ‘trigger’ them . Oh no.

It was not the fault of the woke Board who gave these woke extremists  so much say over the direction of the festival. Oh no.

It was all the fault of the heteronormative patriarchy for rigidly enforcing gendered stereotypes.


Remember, this entire self sabotaging fiasco came about because Trans activists might be ‘triggered’ by Police in uniform and then rapidly that was spun into a massive web of complaints about the NZ Police.

So, now this is less a celebration of sexual and orientation diversity and an anti cop protest, let’s get serious about these fucking pigs shall we?

Because I despise the Police.

They are racist and violent.

They are a law unto themselves with bullshit oversight by the IPCA.

It is despicable the level of search and surveillance powers they’ve been handed in the wake of the failed Urewera Terrorism fiasco.

I have seen them bully a friend of mine into suicide.

I have had the NZ Police destroy my credit rating by telling every major bank and financial institution in NZ that I was a computer fraudster who hacked Cameron Slater’s computer in regards to the Nicky Hager case.

I am still waiting for justice years later against the Police for this breach of my privacy and civil rights after they  illegally seized bank documents because the only board powerful enough in the land to actually hold them to account, The Human Rights Review Tribunal, doesn’t have enough budget to actually prosecute them. 

So if Pride is now a protest against Police, where is Lizzie, the Greens, Spinoff, Alison, Amnesty International etc etc etc attack plan against the Police?

Will we be appealing the Search & Surveillance powers?

Will we be demanding the IPCA is truly independent of the Police complaint process and fully funded so that every investigation can be investigated without using Police?

Will we be demanding an incredible increase in budget funding for the HRRT so that they can hold the police to account?

Where exactly is the action plan to fight the dirty filthy corrupt pigs of NZ, if the Pride ‘walk’ is now a protest against Police?

I suspect there isn’t actually any plan at all to challenge Police power and that once things spiralled out of control the manufactured complaint against the cops became the only shelter from the shit storm these woke extremists had accidentally kicked off.

Here’s the thing, even though I despise the cops after all the damage I’ve seen them wrought against me, my family and my friends, EVEN I acknowledge there needs to be some bridges between them and us, which is why their inclusion in the Pride Parade was so important.

What these woke extremists have actually done is sever one of the few culturally connecting bridges the wider community has with the Police with zero idea on what they destroyed and no real plan to actually challenge Police power. Everyone who empowered them refuse to see their own role in this.

The unquestioning support from shallow Millennial twitter activism has a lot to answer for here.

Self mutilation this needless is nothing to be proud of.


  1. I did not go on the ‘walk’ NOT because I disagree with the ban on cops. I do not support the ban on lesbians that these trans people advocate. They think if you declare yourself a woman you should get legal status as such. They do not acknowledge the difference between biological women and gender women.

    You posted a blog recently of a trans woman who loved her new appearance. She has breasts and can enter beauty contests. She seemed sweet natured and happy, how could I object. But embracing some of the trappings of being a woman, picking up on female stereotypes, does not make you a woman. We remain subject to discrimination across our society which we continue to fight against. Trans people have their own history but it is not the same.

    • Janio, your transphobia is not the issue here.

      Your reference that “they do not acknowledge the difference between biological women and gender women” was pretty much the same argument used against decriminalising homosexuality in 1986.

      Your views belong in the history books.

      • Frank, what you think the difference between men and women is?

        How do you think lesbians are different from heterosexual women?
        Please clarify.

        • Why don’t you tell us, John? There’s nothing quite like a MAN advising on the innate differences between lesbian and heterosexual women. I mean, women just jump for joy when a man pontificates on issues like this.

        • How do you think lesbians are different from heterosexual women?
          Please clarify.

          John, I find your entire line of questioning inappropriate.

          As CIS Men (assuming you are a CIS Male), it is totally inappropriate for us to be creating such definitions. It is arrogance in the extreme for you or I to define lesbian and heterosexual women.

  2. +1 – unfortunately there seems to be a left hate/exclusion/woke/division effort and it’s working, judging from the low turn out of the Pride festival and the lower and lower numbers for the Green Party.

    I hate to see the hijack because the original concepts were so good, but now we have such odd people about who spend their entire careers on in/out dynamics in many organisations so that so many other’s walk away. And the figures are showing this.

    Not to late to try to change things but to do that might require some changes and a clean out of power of some people on committees in power and so forth to people with other ideas who are more accepting.

    Often people in power in those roles are hard to dislodge and don’t like to share power either… the in/out dynamic is how they hold power and feel good about themselves in their righteous rigidity of the rights of the few while the overall rights of the many and the living standards, freedom of speech and environment goes down hill …

    • Bang on Save NZ as usual 100%.

      I will always believe in “Live and let live” that model worked well in my time living in the US in the 1992 to 1998 era it was a sweet time that we felt really ‘free’ of anyone judging us as to what we did then it was so wonderful then, ‘real freedom’.

    • The bit I find puzzling is that rather than pushing the very basic idea of “we’re just like everybody else, except for who we choose to fuck”, the more extreme element of gay culture (a problem in itself), tries to make it clear they’re different from everyone else in as many other ways as possible. Equal rights is stuck in the professional campaigning ghetto.

  3. You rubbish my post Frank Mackasy because you didn’t read it carefully, or you don’t understand the argument. I say “I do not support the ban on lesbians that these trans people advocate”. I am not objecting to all trans people but the ones organising the march who are anti-lesbian, plus other trans who oppose lesbian women who are politically active. By supporting lesbians surely I indicate I am not homophobic, I was active in supporting decriminalisation of gays so you are drawing a specious argument there. The male gays seeking freedom from oppression were unashamedly men, so the parallels are ludicrous.

    The move to legitimise the identity of men claiming to be women especially those who retain their male biology, is a current debate
    not consigned to history. The Greens are to the forefront in NZ on this issue as Martyn’s photo shows. They accuse those who oppose their bill,as transphobic. Sound familiar?

    • Well if a manicured guy in bling presents in tight fitting cloths, angry and aggressive at being denied entry into female toilets or what ever, I will fight with that person. No ones going to scroll back through some ones medical records just to validate some ones sex, gender or what ever.

    • Janio, Frank isn’ t the onky one to rubbish your posts. You’re either a TERF or some weird christian fundy. Whichever does you no credit. Your comment (unsubstantiated) that trans-women have assaulted women in prison is designed to smear the entire trans community. Shame on you that you express your bigotry so casually.

      So women “remain subject to discrimination across our society which we continue to fight against”?? So why are you taking your frustrations out against transwomen (but not transmen I notice) who are subjected to just as just as much discrimination, lack of services, abuse, and slandering as expressed in your comments??

      You should know better than to express the same chauvinistic prejudice against transwomen that you, as a CIS Woman have experienced. You don’t win equality at the expense of a harrassed minority

  4. Sam, the issue is not just about appearance, it’s more complex. It can be about safety. When Corrections moved to protect trans people who were being attacked in men’s prisons, they moved them into women’s prisons. They are now offering them operations to change their genitalia. Sounds good but they have created another problem. Corrections admits that over the past year there have been six attacks on women by trans men in prison.

    Women are vulnerable to men’s violence even in public loos.

    If Corrections are going to protect prisoners, they should consider setting up separate units for trans people (I’m assuming for those who have not had the sex change operation) in men’s prisons.

    • Well it’s not a class issue…, corporate elites couldn’t give a dam whether you’re trans, gay, intersectional or what ever. Ever one in the culture wars still needs to poo poo so y’all will still buy the toilet paper and pad corporate profits. Don’t need to denigrate any one but no one really cares if the CEO is homo or not, which illustrates that there isn’t any commitment to civil liberties.

      So because of the random way genes come together, eventually you’ll get people who ARE born in the body. It’s just so hard to spot when they look like a guy or girl. So when some one does go through transition surgery, they end up being convincingly like the opposite sex. There’s no doubt that people who fail to complete transition sugary are perfectly sincere using mental gymnastics and complicated words to justify playing dress up outside of privacy, which apparently is perfectly normal. It’s all very inflated and it’s got a lot showmanship but it’s having a terrible effect on social cohesion.

      All this is is ideology masquerading as science. It’s basic really, if you’ve got a penis, surgically altered or not, you go to a men’s prison, every one else gets to the female prison.

  5. ffs…why couldn’t they just wear something that identified them as the Police. without wearing the full uniform?. They seem like some crazed 5 year old that demands to wear his new school uniform to bed come hell or high water.

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