Trump’s SOTU a modern day pied piper for Nascar Dad’s & white men who have lost their identity

By   /   February 7, 2019  /   5 Comments

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‪Trumps speech yesterday brilliantly hit ever twang of America’s jingoistic banjo.

‪Trumps speech yesterday brilliantly hit ever twang of America’s jingoistic banjo.

Children with brain cancer, Nazi killing World War 2 veterans and chants of USA, he just needed an open BBQ and a hand gun to perfect the down home symbolism.

It was almost as if the thing was written with such wide open platitudes that Democrats had to stand and clap. It was classic Trump. Full of fake cream compliments and over processed flattery with spite spasms that erupt unexpectedly and leaves the listener cowering in the corner waiting for his next rage flecked outburst.



He even managed to make the increased number of Women a personal victory lap. His audacity is off the actual charts.

In short, he exemplified the fear/terror roller coaster that everyone else feels when engaging with America.

There is  no doubt that Trump is a political circus freak but he can play to America’s low threshold identity consumer culture id like a used car salesman at a boy racer festival.

Trump’s secret is doing the barest in civility & for that be considered a patriot‬.

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  1. Castro says:

    AND… still better than the racist Chinese dictatorshit… how about those Uighurs, Bomber?

  2. Rickoshay says:

    Lest in Gitmo they dont sell your organs to the highest bidders, but we get it you feel threatened bye The Donald, if you think that running POTUS down has done anything for your credibility as a journo, think again, no doubt he thanks you for all the free press tho lol

  3. Iain McLean says:

    “What’s really going on with trump? Sotn responds.”

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