MEDIA ADVISORY: Exclusive Interview with Jami-Lee Ross 7am Monday


Media Advisory:

The Daily Blog will be publishing an exclusive interview with Jami-Lee Ross 7am Monday morning.


  1. Jami-Lee Ross is taking a huge risk; a number of huge risks.

    I would hope that the left would be a little sympathetic.

    Nobody is perfect, and men sometimes take it upon themselves to take on a cause, even if the consequences are wholly negative for them, at all stages of their life, and from all sorts of political origins.

    Don’t stifle that. The “left” has done some awful things over the past decade out of tribalism. It has ruined the lives of many men and women for not being part of the tribe; people well to the left of Jami-Lee.

    Please, allow people to speak, act, and more importantly change.

    More importantly, because if you don’t allow people to change we shouldn’t believe a word you say.

  2. I enjoyed your piece too, but I thought you were perhaps a little too one eyed in your assessment of Dowie and a little too forgiving in your one of Ross. Neither of whom are that great a people and more alike than dissimilar in the way they operate. Typical gnats in other words. I also don’t see what the age difference has to do with anything, Ross is a grown man and a pretty capable one at that.

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