Alt Right protest flop – will February 9th be better?


The Alt Right anti UN rallies held today in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have been a failure.

An amalgamation of politically confused Yellow Vests, anti 1080 fanatics, anti Vaxxer fanatics, anti UN  fanatics and culture war New Conservatives have all come together to create a pretty confused message.

50-130 in Auckland, 30-50 in Christchurch and no word from Wellington.

Not so much a populist movement as it is a barely moving bias. Less reactionary, more stationary.

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A picture normally says a thousand words, this one says less than 2 dozen…

…ummmm. I get the feeling the person on the left has no actual understanding of Sharia law, and I’m guessing the one on the right isn’t much of a student of history as they seem to be claiming ANZAC soldiers were killed by the UN?

I’m not really sure what the fuck is going on here.

Today was the anti UN arm of the Alt right, next week we see the politically confused Yellow Vests stage their protest outside TVNZ.

I’m not sure without a charismatic leader the Alt Right have much of a future if this is the best they can muster. NZers are too laid back about politics to rally around this kind of active bigotry, Kiwis prefer their bigotry to be casual, as in just voting National once every 3 years, anything requiring more effort than that is just a bit of a hassle.

We like to burn books around the BBQ, not during highly choreographed night rallies.


  1. Do you have an understanding of Sharia (it’s not really “Sharia law” BTW; the word “law” is redundant given Sharia is always the law)? Do some reading. It is not something we should ever be forced to tolerate to work alongside our laws given that it is inherently incompatible (being based on religious texts) with our long established secular ideals and morals. Indeed, one could make a good case that any potential Muslim immigrant to NZ should be forced to renounce Sharia – something I’m pretty sure not many of them will be prepared to do given it is a fundamental component of Islam.

    • Wow, you are not daring to challenge our ‘openness’ and ‘multi culturalism’, and freedom of expression, are you?

    • Do you have any understanding of New Zealand law – obviously not. Many religions have rules for their members – the Catholics with Canon Law, the Jews with the Kosher rules (and lots of others). Are you going to require them to renounce those? We have the separation of Church and State in New Zealand.

    • Indeed, one could make a good case that any potential Muslim immigrant to NZ should be forced to renounce Sharia

      A New Zealand that would enact what you’re suggesting would be a vastly different tolerant society we have today, Nitrium. Think about what you’re suggesting and the social step-change we’d need to carry out such a policy.

      After “renouncing Sharia”, what next? Renouncing a particular brand of politics?

      You realise where this is heading?

      For example, I may not particularly like Whaleoil or Cameron Slater’s style of politics – but his continuing existence is a “litmus” that we still have a wide, divergent spectrum of political activity in New Zealand.

      • Speed and distance can not seperate humans from there instincts. Humans are still using the same instincts as our tribal ancestors from 10,000 years ago where vagrant travelers carrying disease was a big threat, and if you didn’t act the same way or speak the same language then huge conflict would erupt into war. We still use the same same instincts only cities forces a whole bunch of different tribes together against our base instincts and that makes us all not want to know each other. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s so important to have a “working-language” and a “cultural-langauage.”

        • Been brushing up on the human sciences have we, good to see. Please explain “working language” & “cultural language” big shot? I think you’ll find that the instincts of which you speak have been with us since the slimy year dot; hence the tiny reptilian brain that protects you from harm at night & gets you moving in the morning.

    • Nitrium, you won’t dissuade the Woke, as evidenced by the replies to your comment.

      Better to simply condemn and resist many of the unacceptable and medieval practises found in Sharia and in the Hadith and elsewhere.

      Many of these barbarisms* have no place in an enlightened society. Fight to ensure that ANY religion cannot call for the introduction of such practises on religious or even cultural grounds. Don’t even mention the terms religion or Islam etc. Let the woke argue on the merits of the practices in question. It usually shuts them up.

      * Death sentences for adultery, homosexuality, apostasy and blasphemy. Honour killings, inequality of the sexes, compulsory dress codes etc. etc etc.

  2. Unfortunately many NZers are politically naive and do not wake up till it is too late. Jacinda & Peters are deceiving the people on the UN Agenda.

  3. Well, bizarre that, but their numbers come dangerously close to those the extreme leftist activists tend to attract when they have their ‘protests’ these days in NZ Inc..

    Treen, Carolan and Co do hardly much better.

  4. I have a bit of an understanding of sharia Nitrium and it’s much more complex than you and the woman in the yellow vest (groan) appear to imply.

    A blanket ban on Muslims would be the equivalent to a blanket ban on Catholics because they breed to get the numbers to take over the world, and the nuns lock kiddies in cupboards and the priests fiddle with them.

    Chances are you know Muslims now who are quite okay sort of people.

    The problem with these sort of women (I shall never wear yellow again)
    is that some believe their crap, and it is unfair on both them and on okay Muslims, and (I think) all extremes are bad news, and it’s not about Islam, or even about Aotearoa NZ, it is the politics of desperation and thoroughly bad.

    • Snow White,

      Please see my reply to Nitrium and let us know all which of the practises (all of which currently existing in at least one of many Islam dominated countries) you find acceptable.

  5. It is amusing to watch the alt.right get jiggered by the very forces that they helped to create: The Sleepy Hobbit Syndrome.
    Watch what you create in the lab Dr Frankenstein, it might come back to bite you!
    Ha ha ha!

  6. Alt Right = Tragic American Term. We live in NZ. If these people are calling themselves “Alt Right” I’d suggest they’re just a bunch or uninformed idiots.

    Who cares, blah, meh .. moving on.

  7. The shallow end of the gene pool??

    They’re a small bunch of clowns who gave coat-tailed on Trump, Brexit, and the Yellow Vesters, into a small measure of publicity. Their cause is a joke in search of a punchline .

  8. Very disrespectful of the French yellow vest’s who’s rage against the elitist liberal globalisation machine being championed by Macron, Merkel, Ardern et al is broad, unabashed & savage. No pain no rage no gain.

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