Waatea News Column: Is it time for Auckland’s first Māori Mayor?


With John Tamihere throwing his hat in the ring for the Mayoralty, Auckland could get it’s first Māori Mayor.

John, a former Labour Party Cabinet Minister, is bridging the left-right political spectrum by running with former right wing Mayor Christine Fletcher and utilising National Party strategist Michelle Boag and former Labour Party Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten as political advisers. His focus is forcing central Government to fund more of Auckland’s creaking infrastructure and building far more social housing.

This road to the Mayoralty begun after John started a fight with Phil Goff over the funding models of social housing in Auckland when it became apparent that the Council’s funding body, Panuku, was more interested in returning a profit than building houses for the poor.

Unifying Auckland politically so that the SuperCity speaks with one voice would force central Government to listen, but beating Goff is no easy task. While Tamihere is a maverick who could create real change, his past comments on almost everything and everyone will be rehashed and thrown back at him.

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If John can withstand that counter attack and convince Aucklander’s he can do more than the gridlock Auckland’s current power blocks are able to generate, we may have our first Māori Mayor.


First published on Waateanews.com


  1. The NZ style Italian approach without real old left or old right teeth. Just another typical mediocre cop out.

  2. The shape and colour of the person doesn’t bother. In fact, I find them completely uninteresting.

    The sexist, homophobic and blame the victim politics of JT needs to be kept as far away from power as possible.

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