The West Coast Regional Council is the face of climate denial – let them drown!


Look at these glazed hams

My God, the astounding ignorance of these sanctimonious pricks…

West Coast council rejects government climate change bill
The West Coast Regional Council wants more scientific evidence to prove human-driven climate change is happening before it will commit to reducing emissions.

…look at those glazed hams. Is there a better image of white privileged climate denial ignorance?

As a record breaking heatwave hits NZ after the warmest year on record, we still have beige male dinosaurs roaring about their own extinction.

It’s like the Renaissance never came to the West Coast, if these book burning creationists represent the people of the West Coast, then the West Coast should receive NO Government funding to help them adapt to the realities of climate change

This month’s deluge across the West Coast brought more rain to some places than other parts of New Zealand receive in a year.

Roads were cut off, the approach to a bridge washed away, and one person lost their life. This was a tragedy, but all too real for us all. It is also a poignant reminder of things to come.

Flooding across the West Coast is only going to get more severe in the coming decades with climate change.

…if a region who will be hit hardest by climate change denies that climate change, they should be left to drown. This is darwinism and evolution now, something the West Coast Regional Council probably doesn’t believe in.


  1. what a bunch of f*****s

    You wonder what damage this lot may have caused to other people already over the course of their munted lives…

  2. The dead hands of the West Coast Regional Council, the chilling self interest of the climate deniers (all of them with a MSc from the Readers
    Digest Night School of Environmental Science) – and not a woman amongst them.
    Speaks volumes about the tragically short-sighted mentality of the macho men of the South Island West Coast .

  3. I heard them wank on this morning on RNZ. Unbelievable ignorance. What more evidence do these neanderthals need, the Word of God??

    In the hottest year on record, these clowns are demanding “more evidence”? Human stupidity reigns supreme on the West Coast.

    • Age, sex and skin colour are irrelevant. The issue is whether there is a conflict of interest that has affected the Council’s view.

      • Agreed.

        Lets explore what is actually happening here rather than attack representatives of an isolated community remnant, from corporate extractive industries who have put little back into the community.

        The Coast is a relatively depressed community with very high unemployment, many not even being on a benefit as they nowhere to live with an address. A subculture has evolved for many poor where survival is independent to employment.

        The business sector is where the WCRC representatives come from.

        Business on the Coast is facing downturn. Investors are fleeing, property values overall have not moved much for many years and look to be falling. Rates are in-affordable for many.

        Infrastructure costs are high and tourism places demands on infrastructure, but the corporate ownership of tourism ventures, including transport, is mainly based outside of the Coast so little return from their profits goes to the Coast.

        Earlier wide spread mining has all but ceased, as has removing and exporting of the slow growing indigenous forest for short term cash. Some multinational corporates are mining for gold inland.

        Food is sourced from outside the area with few local initiatives for food supply, and no leadership from business or Govt in this regard. Food is basic in any economy. Food is expensive on the Coast.

        Profit on food imported to the Coast leaves the Coast with chain stores extracting local dollars.

        Tourism is a mainstay with dairy supplying some money for farmers to buy equipment and supplies to continue treading water. Environmental damage is not ranked to gain attention except where tourist attractions are at risk.

        Nothing has been done to foster changes needed for the community to become more resilient without extractive industries based on depleting natural resources. The capitalist model of business is not working for the West Coast.

        Local cooperatives could thrive if that model was set up and supported initially.

        One local Greymouth engineering firm remains solid after many decades and is developing specialised skills producing equipment sold widely, with customers out side of NZ. Its other mining based work is supplemented with diary plant manufacture. This is not a public company so may survive.

        Marine work has all but disappeared with local ports on the Coast now little used commercially. Coastal shipping is sparse and with cement production moving away from Westport to Oamaru, further downturn will be seen.

        Very different to the Auckland’s division of community.

        The market rules in NZ but this does not work for many communities including the West Coast. Govt initiative is needed to develop a different sort of economic community that works for people.

        The climate denial is indicative of desperation.

        The denial of the market economy not working, is widespread throughout NZ, but fragrantly ignored.

  4. The people if Granity need to have a word with those glazed hams. How ignorant can they be, its happening on their own doorstep. I heard that dimwit on the radio this morning too and what a sanctimonious der-brained fuckwit he did sound.

  5. I like the West Coast, love it’s people. What you need to realise is once past Otira set your clocks back 20 years.

    This council is typical Coasters, resilient people descended from gold and coal miners, they are altogether more fundamentally attached to and closer to ripping a living from the earth than most Kiwis. And their environment offers precious little but coal and trees, and now tourism.

    If you want better environmental behaviour and beliefs from them ask what their needs and desires are and help them get there. Otherwise expect what they give us.

  6. Sack the whole lot and bring in commissioners to run all 4 councils on the WC. They would dig the whole bloody thing up if they had their way,

    I would even forcibly relocate the West Coasters and turn the whole thing into a permanent nature reserve,

    • let the insurance companies deal with them they understand climate change better than anyone lets see how the west coast deals with the realization they may be living in an insurance black zone

  7. Trying to understand them by looking at their photo. Jam Tomorrow refers to their “dead hands” which are strategically placed to protect their life-affirming private parts. All but one in gray suits, the one in jeans & a jacket looks like the Coasters Nick J describes. Can’t tell their stupidity from their faces. Surely they can read & find the evidence they want, plenty out there in their environment too. But I’m just a smart arse woman.

    • You may have noticed that most people conform to expectations and opinions of those around them.

      The West Coast has had some brilliant thinkers but little evidence of such in recent local politics.

  8. This is what happens when you live in a area where it rains just about every day of the year….it has an effect on the cognitive process.

    • The high rainfall does vary along the coast with some micro-climates being very suitable for growing food crops but not on a large commercial scale. Production for local consumption is what is needed.

      Some protection from rain is generally needed for many crops that form a basis for the common Kiwi diet.
      Work needs to be done in this area and strains of crops adapted to local conditions may need to be developed and so reduce dependence on tunnel houses for low volume commercial production.

      Feeding locals is what resilience is about yet no Govt or local body initiatives in this area of R & D are known.
      Its a no brainer to develop local food production but corporate entities will not see a high profit motive for low cost vegetables.

      If we look to overseas solutions then the model of community taking charge of food production stands out. Hence the need for Govt initiative in laying foundations for this.

      NACT would never do this as there is not a investor /shareholder profit outcome. Labour should have done it yesterday.

      Where community involvement has been led then, cooperatives across many services can grow to substantially alter the balance of local economies serving people rather than predatory investors.

      The Coast is facing a very uncertain future made worse by the neo-liberal model demanding profit and growth, the demand of both which are helping to kill the Coast and the planet.

      Tourism with its high fossil fuel consumption may give some short term cash in small business pockets but that is not what is needed for longer term sustainable community and a vision of hope.

      Facing climate change is about looking after the planet and people which the capitalist model does not do.

      Some good things can arise out of adversity but leadership and clear thinking is paramount.

  9. All NZ councils are in denial of the reality. They all promote economic development based on use of fossil fuels. It’s just that the West Coast mob have been blatantly stupid about their denial of reality.

  10. Well, now we’ve all had a bash at the Coasters, who among us has the facts and the ability to relate to them and the issues they face?

    They’re not numerous. They’ll be near the back of the queue for roading and land protection. Poor province and, yes, not heavily brown, either. The good old ‘partnership’ won’t be working in favour of your average Coaster.

    Few are going to the Coast to set up industries. With Christchurch sucking in resources – where’s the money and energy?

    Blokes who rarely wear suits often do look like hams when they’re dressed up. Doesn’t make them thick, though. (Neither are pigs…)

    They’ve got to sell this to their constituents in ways a bit different from how you’d flog it to a gushing townie. They aren’t the only sceptics around. Nor are they the only ones who need the info so they can start to respond and plan in their own ways.

    How about we help them out? For everyone’s best interests…

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