GUEST BLOG: Gerard Otto – Judith Collins speaks weasel words


“The government has only delivered 33 houses in the time the private sector has delivered 35,200 houses” – said Judith Collins on 23 January 2019.

A Nat weasel sniggered and nodded vigorously.

The Nat weasel was as smug as John Key with a ponytail – as long as nobody asked how many of the 35,200 houses were priced under $650,000?


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That’s right bugger all.

The number “35,200 houses” – was spread around the propaganda media network and no journalist investigated the price breakdown.

What was the real comparison?

Affordable houses versus Affordable houses?

Once again New Zealand’s media were too lazy to research the answers and the slanted mistruth delivered by Collins was accepted as some valid comparison.

Collins referred to the Tamaki Transformation Project as some sort of proof that National had built a few affordable homes.

It appears that about 40 people move into affordable homes in Tamaki just before the 2017 election but there was no data about how long they took to build these.

At the moment only a few are available on their website.

So National skated past the truth here and ducked hard numbers – while smugly acting like they knew everything.

Collins started to lecture how the real path to solving supply side housing was to reform the RMA which begged the question – why the fuck didn’t you do it when you have nine years to do it?

The answer was a confession that National has no mates.

Yes the much vaunted largest stable political party was actually a minority party and unlike the Coalition of today – National was a dog’s breakfast – constantly at war doing deals with it’s minor partners.

People cared about coastlines and trees and the natural world it seemed.

This frank admission skated past the noses of girl fans like Audrey Young and Fran O’Sullivan as if it was all super stable and hunky dory.


But a quick look at RMA Reform shows Nick Smith had a couple of cracks at changing the RMA during Nationals time but just made things worse.

Now his tinkering is being unpicked by David Parker.

Back in 2015 everyone laughed at Nick Smith ( The NBR etc ) and his claims that the RMA was responsible for most of the 40,000 house shortfall that accrued under National.

National were a joke – but we all carried on.

Today not much has changed as Judith still cannot give you an apples with apples comparison and the weasel is shitting all over the media.


Gerard Otto is an activist and writer 


  1. reading his article it seems like Winston this writer cannot admit the failure of Kiwibuild. Even the ones that are about to be completed cannot be sold . The ones built in New Plymouth are overpriced for the area . The whole programme is not going to help those in cars but is aimed at winning the middle class in the same way the fee free students are the children of the wealth middle class not the poor .

  2. What looks absolutely bullocks.
    Fancy comparing Labour in the 40s to the National party.
    Try comparing National with the present day Labour Muppets.
    Hate her or loathe her, Collins is right. KiwiBuild is a cluster whatsit of epic proportions that would appear like the insanity it is to Labour of the 40s.

    Labour in the 40s achieved the outcomes they set out to, the current bunch could hit the ground if tackled by an all black.

  3. Yes but the rot’s gone deeper than a plump, blue, power-freak/money-fetishist in an ill fitting frock. ( Poor frock. Not its fault.)
    We must never forget the basics.
    It was labour who excreted the parasites who fucked us back in the mid 1980’s and you can bet your best undies that those parasites were a long time in the hatching. They’d have had their jaundiced eyes on our cash assets and stuff and things for perhaps generations and were just waiting for the right time to pounce. The irony that they chose 1984 would not have been lost on George Orwell.
    [It] was actually labour who put people into the streets or if they were lucky, into cars with their kids. And those scum who were in there, in the labour party back in the day are still in there. Sucking away…
    There’s no real cure for the judith collins virus. We must simply run them off. Wipe them off our backs with an antiseptic and there’s no better antiseptic than the harsh light of day. Exposure, is what I’m trying to say.
    It seems to me that there is a deep state indeed. There seems to be a dark corner somewhere yet to be exposed where the rats can still hide.
    The reason I can write that with some confidence is because no real change has been mooted from the major political parties. Nothing. No Royal Commission of Inquiry. No radicle movements against those criminals who now own our stuff and things then charge us to use them. We must pay use our own assets, the dividends of that usage is syphoned off shore to foreign ‘investors’ should be the stuff of revolution. ( I.e. Our electricity. Can someone tell me why we have electricity ‘retailers’? What, exactly, do they do??? )
    We have a small rich country and yet we have poverty. I could reasonably expect, say, one homeless person by choice living with the wee beasties under a bridge because the voices in his/her head tell them to do so. ( No disrespect meant towards people with a mental illness. ) But we have real problems of poverty. There’s more going on than meets the eye.
    And I think it’s because we were, and are, being swindled. No. Really. We were literally swindled by criminals. Not metaphors. I mean; We.Were.And.Are.Being.Swindled.
    At the time the swindle-pimple came to a neo liberal head in 1984 NZ/AO had a population of 3.227 million.
    Our beautiful AO/NZ is 25K sq km BIGGER than the UK.
    Canterbury alone is the size of Holland @ 45K sq km.
    Canterbury has a population of about 600,000.
    Holland has 17 million and yet Holland can still manage to provide a reasonable standard of living for its most vulnerable including refugees of the global neo liberal war machine.
    The main thing AO/NZ does to earn foreign currency is to produce then export primary produce in the form of foods, wool, forestry, fish etc. Not exactly luxury items that people can chose to buy or not. One must shit, therefore one must eat, right?
    Bear with:
    This, is where I think the problem may lie.
    AO/NZ has been parasitised by swindlers for generations and now, to suddenly be able to provide for our most vulnerable ( I.e. Housing ) would be to rat themselves out. ( No disrespect to actual rats. )
    If AO/NZ’s true wealth was to be disclosed, we might rightfully ask “ Where the fuck did $-this come from? When you fuckers were telling us that we had no money you can suddenly find cash resources to sort poverty, housing, transport etc ! ? Where the fuck’s the rest of our money then! ? “
    A pissie few billion budget surplus off-set by a world leading household debt to income ratio in a resource rich country = swindle in anyone’s language. ( Transfer debt from the state to private areas =’s budget surpluses but private debt which means we’re now directly paying for the use of public paid for assets which are now in private hands as are profits ‘earned’ from them. )
    I’ve just had a wee look here.
    Put your teeth away for Gods sake. You’re not selling real estate ( Or are you? )
    This is no laughing matter. Do your fucking job! If Labour actually did their job? They could look on as the sneering, giggling natzo’s were arrested and marched off. To the gallows, one could only dream.

    • What’s so confusing? The cost you are seeing is for the land. It doesn’t include water, electricity, sidewalk, police ect. Stand alone monuments are no good for any one. Precinct development is much harder to do. Better to deal with HNZ entity than a whole bunch of feral home owners.

  4. The big problem is land prices NZ are over the moon add in compliance costs, high cost building materials and high labour costs it is not easy to build affordable homes IMHO ???

  5. Labour/NZF have to start rebuilding State Housing as there is no such thing as affordable homes anymore here in NZ

  6. What I want to know is how the hell she managed to weasel her way back into Parliament. She was kicked out for skulduggery but somehow managed to sneak in the back door again. WHY? HOW?
    Out should mean OUT – you go and don’t come back.

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