GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Thank you everyone for the support


Ex Judge Louis Bidois chaired & the other 3 members of the Parole Panel included ex Judge Ron Young.

In 2007, High Court Judge Sir Ron Young sentenced me to 4 years . Today, as Chair of the Parole Board Panel , he released me, saying “You have done what you can in prison. To keep you in custody would be without purpose. It would be vindictive,”

All were very fair minded & seemed to want to give me a fair go & a chance to prove myself outside .

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends. I’ve had so many messages of support .

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I’ll get round to replying .

Thanks for everyone’s support .


Arthur Taylor is The Daily Blog’s Prisoner Rights blogger.


  1. Good luck, hope you can use your considerable skills to help others and society! Don’t fall into the trap of crime, prison is a waste of life.

  2. Prisons are, in their present form, abhorrent torture chambers which serve no good purpose.
    Good to hear you’re ‘out’ @ Arthur Taylor.
    And now for the book?

  3. Hey Arthur ; pleased to see you out. You have done good things and I have no doubt will continue to do so. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Awesome! I hope to meet you one day Arthur your posts on the TDB have educated me, sometimes played to my prejudices, sometimes confirmed my worst fears. But my experience of being a Special Votes officer at the 2017 election and meeting the number of ex prisoners that I did meet, convinced me of what I knew to be a stain on our democracy , the removal of prisoners right to vote. Your victory ( first one) in the High Court was a long overdue wake-up call. I fully expect the United Nations appeal to be successful and high profile enough to make the effing Beehive Wake the fuck up and reinstate prisoners voting rights.

  5. After 40yrs inside, I hope the inside never sees you again in anger (no doubt Labour will find some NGO for you to be part of for Prison Reform or something… Which I have no problem with BTW) which may very well see you inside again, as a visitor only!

    Let’s see the recidivist tally not increase in numbers with you Mr Thomas. Personally, I will not hold my breath, but I do wish you well on the outside.

    • I’m confused? Have you condemned Arthur for life or are supporting him?
      If you understand the Recovery principals then you will indeed understand it is all about hope. If National were still in power Arthur would still be stigmatized and discriminated against, just like Nationals morals on Cannabis and Abortion reforms.

      I wish you all the very best Arthur, without the discrimination of prejudice that others feel the need to add their own morals, including not holding ones breath.

  6. “cura te ipsum” take care of your own self – an exhortation to physicians, or experts in general, to deal with their own problems before addressing those of others.

    Bis vivit qui bene vivit.
    He lives twice who lives well.

    • To add to that – “Carpe diem” – seize the day. Use each one to make a better life for yourself.

  7. Excellent Arthur it not easy especially been locked up for decades but with support from friends and loved ones it certainly helps with the process. There will be trying times but it gets better. Good luck Arthur Taylor!!

  8. I heard the news of your win at the board about an hour after the decision was released. It was broadcast on National Radio at 5 pm. I was so pleased I called your counsel (you know who she is) and congratulated her on the outcome.
    Now it’s time to put your extensive and varied legal skills to use to assist you and others make better lives.
    I wish you the very best and hope at some point to meet you.

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