‘You deserve to die’ is the nicest part of that text message


Police probe text allegedly sent from phone of MP Sarah Dowie to Jami-Lee Ross

Police are investigating a text message, allegedly sent from the phone of National Party MP Sarah Dowie, to her former colleague and ex lover Jami-Lee Ross.

The police investigation is said to focus on whether the text message – which came after the break-up of their extra-marital relationship – constituted an incitement to self-harm, which is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Ross, 33, has previously named Invercargill MP Dowie, 43, as one of the women with whom he had an extra-marital relationship while National MP for Botany.

The text message included the words: “You deserve to die.”

“You deserve to die” was the nicest part of the text message.

The double standards in all of this are eye rolling.

Is Newsroom now going to be held to account for using anonymous sources to smear JLR in light of this text message?

Dowie was protected by the media because  under current post Me Too cultural settings, allegation is the new evidential threshold so her claims against him meant JLR was unquestioningly guilty and Dowie utterly innocent.

Police investigation into possible incitement of suicide however forced the media to name her and the chances of the very conservative Invercargill National Party electorate team to continue supporting her seem very, very dim.

Let’s also remember its was Paula Bennett who first brought up extramarital affairs against JLR, so if it was good enough to have him outed, it’s good enough to have Dowie outed.

No one comes out of this looking particularly good, everyone seems to have behaved appallingly, but the media were more intent on unearthing a NZ #MeToo villain than the bigger issues of political corruption. Painting JLR out as the monster without any context seems to have been doomed to fail the second this text became public knowledge…

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…now, as I have begged since the beginning of this scandal, can we get to, you know, the REAL issues here – what happened to the donations by wealthy Chinese Businessmen and how about that attempt to buy two Chinese MPs on the National Party List?


  1. This is a really bad look she needs to be prosecuted for this she better not get of this either. Looks like national have gone a wall and they will be sitting in the opposition benches for a bit longer they are becoming like one of those soaps, ‘The young and restless’ comes to mind. Dowie is the new sugar mummy with her toy boy Jamie.

    • Who the hell talks like this? You sound like the entire WO blog during the Brown affair..

      Not only should she keep her job, she should get damages for breaching her privacy. We need to stamp this media shit out of our politics.

      • Wow, unbelievable Z. You condone illegal activity? How can she possibly keep her job. Firstly understand the law. Now that it is a police investigation, the media are rightfully able to release her details and secondly to incite, as she has done, if convicted holds a criminal conviction of up to 3 years.

        The reality is that Bridges( through his donation leak inquiry) and Bennett’s loose lips created this, full stop. To blame the media is to not take personal responsibility, something National does oh so well.

        • A bit silly to think this was “incitement to suicide”. More the howling of a woman scorned (Hell hath no fury, &c.).

          The sooner both are out of parliament, the better for the country.

  2. Has Dowie’s stocks now gone into the stratosphere for National Party strategists? Surely

    Cheats on her man
    Throws the next one under a bus, almost literally
    Grist to the mill stuff for the Nats.

    With these must have boxes ticked, this woman has got the next leader. Look out Simon!

  3. having just read sugar mummy sarah dowies text she deserves to be axed from parliament for this and her action do not look good for the people of southland she is suppose to be representing is this the type of person they want to stand for them cause she aint a very nice person

  4. The bit that needs more daylight was what he said to smear the party – the donation splitting between all the members to keep them anonymous.
    We held John Banks to account on this over Dotcom so it actually appears that wasn’t a one off situation and considering Ardern brushed it off quick smart would indicate its something they are all doing.
    Expose that corruption, show kiwis who they really are.

  5. I would imagine people say pretty ugly things to one another when affairs end, and sometimes that contributes to people feeling suicidal. That’s not a crime..its just stupid, mean people leading stupid, mean lives and sometimes failing to deal with the consequences.

    • Yes, it does seem the exchanges between two emotionally immature people has been politicized. The main issue here though is Sarah Dowie has behaved this way, yet claimed to be a victim.

  6. Ha haah ! I read her txt. ( Thanks @ NITRIUM) She wrote more fuck words than me. Respect. But at least I don’t look like a 1980’s refrigerator wearing lipstick and a wig.
    As you work ever harder to just get by, remember? We pay them, with our taxes, $ix figure$ plu$ entitlement$ and co$t$ to hump each other like amoral rutting monkeys but with less class and more lice.
    I mean…? JLR? What has he actually achieved? What.Has.He.Done?
    Other than, well, you know? Service up the refrigerator.

  7. No one wants to admit that the PLA has major influence in the national party.

    It seems because they Chinese don’t have a cool name for their intelligence networks like MI6, KGB or the CIA – no one really thinks they exist.

    Because let’s face it, neocons are just puppets for who gives them the most money/influence.

  8. You’ve proved your point, Martyn.

    Once again, in the comments here, the main focus is on the fallout from what appears to be a long term extra-marital relationship self-annihilating and damaging a number of people, while the fact that our whole country may be damaged by political corruption, questionable donations, and the buying of parliamentary candidates and influence, is of little interest to the vicious and virtuous.

    If all the citizens reaching near-hysteria last week about the activities of dopey Brit tourists could mount the same amount of passion about what we, the goodies, have done and are doing to New Zealand, this little country could be Utopia, but we are played for fools every damned time – and Nathaniel Hawthorne rules the prurient pebble-throwers.

  9. There is that all true quote of “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”.

    But to wish someone be dead is despicable and of course evil.

    For a supposedly rational adult, even one who was voted in by those in the electorate she campaigned in, to say such a thing to another person is something that is now highly questionable let alone logical or sane???!!!!!

    I am a female and yes I have been dumped by the ‘love of my life’ but I would never ever resort to saying to that person that I wish he was dead. That wording i.e ‘you deserve to die’; is the lowest of the lowest of the low in my honest opinion.

    But then it’s obvious the NZ National Party don’t have a problem with having such unacceptable persons as their MP???!!!!!! Perhaps they are too much obsessed with being the “Look Good” Party rather than what goes on behind THEIR closed doors???!!!!

    Here is one thing and that is if the NZ Police wheel out their usual “We cannot find any evidence of wrong doing…blah.blah.blah….” that Dowie had done anything illegal or wrong then perhaps we need a serious Revamp(excuse the intended pun here when it comes to the word Vamp)of the NZ Police Investigation Unit on MPs.

    If an ordinary NZ citizen committed the same offense by inferring that a person is better off dead and the NZ Police were drawn into the offense by the event(s) I am sure the offender would be in prison quicker than one would say “offensive text message’.

    But if an MP of any political party party has committed the same offense then they should not consider themselves as being outside of the law of the land.

    I am sure those behind the scenes in the Roast Busters and the political influence by the government of the day would be serving just time for their actions today(2019) if there was a true justice for the actions of others.

  10. Dowie won’t be around as an MP I’m picking for the next election. After this, it seems her electorate committee is turning its back on her, while some of her staff have resigned.

    The content of the text indicates to me it was written in malice to intentionally hurt and mentally injure the person it was intended for. There is no other way to interpret it.

    If she doesn’t willingly resign from Parliament, then Dowie should be sacked.

    Natz dealing with two police investigations now; the alleged corruption involved with the Chinese finance donations being one, as well as that of the malicious Dowie text to JLR, should keep Simon & Co on their toes for some time to come!

  11. So what do you reckon her future holds?
    A Harcourts Real Estate agent maybe? specialising in the future slump in the Queen’s Town market?

  12. Accurately enough the comment ‘you deserve to die’ is the least offensive part of that text, not that it isn’t offensive! But its more along the lines of ‘I’m a gonna kill you’ that we use to yell at our enemies at school than an incitement to suicide, which would have to be more instructive to be an incitement surely, IMO. However yep, the important trudly newsworthy stuff has gone away like a puff of smoke… what about that donation??? And buying candidates???

  13. Hey It’s just normal Tory social chit chat. And besides JLR has more charisma than Simon. Sarah’s teeth aren’t as good as Jacindas but.

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