If Paula Bennett is National’s answer to the cannabis issue, what the hell was the question?


Paula Bennett will do to the cannabis debate what she did for the state housing meth hysteria. 

So National’s response to the need for a rational debate on cannabis reform is appointing the woman who helped create the state house meth hysteria that needlessly cost the country $120million and threw thousands of beneficiaries onto the street.

Paula Bennett, who exposed beneficiary details when they criticised her.

Paula Bennett, who implemented pointless drug testing regimes for welfare.

By selecting Paula Bennett as their spokesperson on cannabis, National have clearly singled they have no wish to seriously debate the issue and are simply going to do everything in their power to degrade it into the prehistoric fear mongering debate of yesteryear.

When Paula Bennett is your answer, the question is worthless.


  1. agree 100% Martyn also nationals choosing nick smith for maori crown relations shows they don’t give a flying fuck about our maori people

    • National and sensible don’t go together full stop.
      Can we have a referendum on foreign influence and funding from foreign governments to the National party that should be made public and not hidden in a Waitemata trust !
      I am glad Bennett is the spokesperson on this because she is so far out of step with where this issue is heading that all she will do is make an arse out of herself and that is not hard to do given her track record.
      National once again has missed an opportunity to participate in the 21st century.

  2. It gets better Martyn, talking on social media the past few days has gleaned more information on the happenings of the opposition.
    People who knew Paula back in the day say she had the nickname of Taupo 10 Speed and she was quite the party girl and consumed cannabis often.
    Now she is going to be a complete hypocrite just like she has with everything else from her past.
    Remember that Ashley guy who laid a bunch of accusations at her, somehow she buried him. Think that might need some airing.
    Aside from Paula there is movement from that nutjob Bob McKroskrie who is importing someone called Alex Berenson. Did a search of this guy and hes written about 16 books, 14 of which are non fiction, one on the war in the middle east and now some misinformation piece about cannabis that Bob is telling all his members to buy.
    Interesting times ahead….

    • Absolutely agree with you there Mark. Paula Bennett has a lot of skeletons in her closet, which need airing.

      I think when Ashley Farrell was about to speak out on Bennett’s dark past, she had a legal injunction put in place as a preventative measure, so her dirty secrets can’t be exposed.

      And as Bennett this week admitted she has used marijuana in the past, did she commit a crime? Now let’s see if media crush her, as it did Metiria Turei, when she confessed to breaching benefit welfare rules as a struggling single mum! Haven’t heard anything so far from msm and I’m patiently waiting!

  3. National may regret this, it is the 21st century apparently…

    online at least, some of the filthiest right wingers imaginable say they are voting YES for whatever liberalisation the referendum offers, tamer Nats seem only concerned about getting organised crime out of dope, and ” drug driving”-but definitely want medical cannabis available to them

    Neo Libs will support due to entrepreneurial opportunities, so the holdouts will likely be religious nutters, of which there are still quite a number in NZ, but hopefully not enough to sway this referendum

  4. National will use the same old tired cliche’s around cannabis which will appeal to uncritical readers or those who want to live in denial. National have never supported any form of cannabis law reform and never will. The big question is, will those voting at referendum base their decision on science and evidence or the anecdotal gibberish that has been spouted falsely since cannabis was criminalised nearly one hundred years ago. The drug war has been spectacularly unsuccessful and was always destined to be so. Cannabis use needs to be managed from a harm minimalisation perspective to ensure those that do need help due to use can actually get it and limited justice resource can be much better targeted.

  5. Say what u want, but how much of the electorate actually base their vote on cannabis law reform? Given ALCP’s polling, not that many.

    Some National voters will roll their eyes at Paula, some will applaud and some Labour voters will switch to National.

    In some ways this is probably a smart move by National. They just need to be careful not to become a total clown show, which they are, but hey – no accounting for taste.

  6. It is certainly a dead giveaway by National that 1: They want to scupper any informed debate by introducing populist scare mongering and fictional statistics in order to claim some sort of conservative high moral ground which leads to 2: make it into an election issue for 2020.
    So is National making an early play for support from the New Conservative Party? This toxic combination of old fogeys, Rugby Men for Rob, Red Squad retirees and ZB listeners will surely be happier with this announcement than will the ACT Party (who generally favour liberalisation of drug laws).

    • Is that the new conservative party with a migrant pom moffat telling us who can and cant come to our country whose joined with the we are one people lot. Loppy right wing loonies and they won’t get a seat or the numbers they need to get past the threshold hooray! we don’t need more divisiveness and that is what they seem to stand for divide and conquer.

  7. Ba ha! The only answer paula bennett would be to would be to the answer to the question of who should play shock value in a John Waters glam horror slasher movie.
    She’s got brawlers fists and no finesse what so ever. If she ever smoked a joint then God only knows what fiendish horrors she could concoct for the prey upon which her narcissism feasts.
    You’re in a room at a party and there’s plenty of mood lighting… a joint goes around… Then! In the gloom! Below that hair style of the recently electrocuted! There! Paula bennett is watching you! Smiling that toothy smile of the soulless! Or any realestate agent. You move along the sofa to hide… Her eyes follow you, locked on like a stoat’s onto a rabbits neck. Fuck the windows or doors to escape! I’d just smash my way through a wall.
    On the subject of Godlessness and vampires? Who’s seen the series ‘Preacher’. Isn’t it brilliant? I particularly like Herr Starr.
    Do yourself a favour and Adam Ant this.

  8. National’s answer is to put more people in prisons and then build more prisons. Then privatise prisons. That’s not a solution, that’s a giant leap into the past. If anything shows the difference between the Left and Right, it’s this. National is incapable of original thinking.

  9. I think you all underestimate the numbers involved in this movement, it encompasses a lot of folks ive never seen on the cannabis band wagon before, loads of old folks want medicinal cannabis NOW. it has not gone unnoticed that arthritis and cancer are kept under control bye these new (old) processed cannabis products.
    These are two main causes of discomfort in old age, once the oldies are onside Prohibition is doomed and so are the Nasty Natz, as for the Justice system for profit model, it has collapsed in its country of origin the U.S.
    Personally i think this will be the issue for the next election also bye then man made climate change will be finally debunked because of what has happened this northern hemisphere winter. I WANT MY CARBON TAXES BACK.
    Where We Go 1 We Go All

  10. Rickoshay you’re right about oldies using medicinal cannabis. When I had a hip replacement operation (12 years ago)I included cannabis in the list of medicines I was taking. The surgeon told me that lots of older people were using it for pain. I had no hip joint by that time and needed another joint for pain relief. I was hopeless at smoking but it was still better than anything my GP prescribed. I look forward to when I can take it in a more palatable form, legally.

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