The Liberal Agenda – Ralph Breaks the Internet – 4 stars


So it’s school holiday movie time and my daughter wanted to go and see Ralph Breaks the Internet (I wanted to see the Spiderman multiverse movie or Glass, but she shot down both of those suggestions because she’s not a Spiderman fan and Glass is an R13 thriller which she can’t legally watch, so Ralph it is.)

Being glad that I wasn’t going to see Aquaman, I stumped up the insane price of the ticket and muttered about pirating it all for free and we want to watch Ralph.

I’m so glad I did as my eternal crush, Sarah Silverman is the lead and she’s just wonderful. Sigh.

It’s a sweet movie with lots of focus on friendship and men learning to be not so demanding and insecure.

It’s like the new Gillette advert meets Sesame Street.

I’ve given it 4 stars because the 5 minute scene where Sarah Silverman’s character meets all the Disney Princesses is perhaps the funniest 5 minutes of animation every created.

Well worth the ticket price. We are going to the Spiderman movie next.

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4 stars.