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  1. To the kind people at the Standard who have shown solidarity with my permanent ban from the blogsite, thank you.
    To ‘We the Bleeple’ for submitting a comment on Open Mike about eating less meat for the planet, thank you.
    To Jan and Maui, thank you for your continuing solidarity.
    Thank you for your continued opposition to my permanent ban.
    Feel free, any of you to use my comments before on the site.

    Did anyone see Rachel Stewart’s excellent article on the inevitability of the demise of rodeo?

    “So, we all know in our hearts that rodeo is wrong. But with Michael Laws speaking up for it, we now know it’s got to be even wrong-er than we originally thought.”

  2. Terrible stuff going down in the DRC.

    “Ethnic violence in western Democratic Republic of Congo led to the death of 890 people within three days last month, a UN report released late last night revealed.

    “Credible sources” claim clashes erupted between Banunu and Batende communities, while the source of the conflict is unclear.

    The UN report notes: “Some 465 houses and buildings were burned down or pillaged, including two primary schools, a health centre, a health post, a market, and the office of the Commission Electoral National Independante (CENI)”

    You’ll never read it in the Herald or the Standard.
    You’ll never see it on TVNZ.
    You’ll never hear it on RNZ.

    But you will read it on the Daily Blog…………..

  3. John Wight is one of the most perceptive thinkers in the UK and the best left wing writer in that country at the moment.
    Neil Clark is a courageous independent journalist.

    I have just discovered their podcast, which is a revelation.
    If you want to find out what’s happening with Brexit,

    you won’t read about it in the Herald.
    you won’t hear about it on RNZ.
    you won’t see it on TVNZ.

    They’re too busy following an unruly family round the country.

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