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Yesterday’s overwhelmingly decisive vote against the Theresa May EU leave deal in the British House of Commons raises the question -what will happen next?

While many things are uncertain one thing is already very clear to those who are looking behind the scenes of this political muddle to the fact that Big Money (by which I mean the global financial elites who in fact control the world’s economy) have already covered their bases for all eventualities in order to make money no mater what the outcome.

In Britain the so- called ” financial services sector” contributed £119 billion to the UK economy in 2017 – with exports worth £61 billion.

(£61 billion by the way – when you do the currency conversion is conservatively around 60% more than our TOTAL exports 2017 )

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New Zealand already has it’s hand up to be first in line for a free trade deal with the UK should it leave the EU.

If that happens then the politicians will again be pushing the advantages of the deal with wonderful statistics about how rich we will all be from the sales of beef and lamb and dairy and any other commodity they can think of.

Well, if internationals treaties were just about trading commodities I would not be writing this post. Unfortunately they’re not..

Anyone familiar with the TPPA and CPTPP negotiations will know that the word “trade” doesn’t occur in either those titles and for a very good reason. A lot of the fine print in those treaty documents is about what Big Money can do in our country.

Part of my upcoming crowd funded documentary
( currently called Trade Secrets) is about just that – following the money in these deals and how the twin ideologies of “free” trade and the “free” market are keeping the vast majority of us shackled by debt- captives of the global elite of money masters.(Some of whom by the way I shall name).

For the moment however let me just finish by saying that the more we allow foreign capital to mess with our economy, the less we will be in charge of our own country , our own lives.. our own destiny.

Let’s trade but trade fairly. Let’s not trade our way into servitude.


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. The word ‘Trade’ in relation to NZ/AO has always seemed like a misnomer to me.
    We, that is NZ/AO, have enormous amounts of vital stuff to ‘sell’ where as, as a very small population relatively, we have an equally very small population of ‘consumers’ to consume what we might ‘trade’ in return.
    That means, surely, that we are experiencing a ‘trade’ or sales surplus. We can sell, by value, more than we can consume by equal value in return to keep our markets happy by offering equality and balance in the sales/trade arrangement.
    And that’s where we get fucked up, fucked over and fucked off.
    We ‘sell’ primary industry product for foreign dosh. And then we ‘buy’ those things that we need that we can’t ( shouldn’t) manufacture ourselves to import to use and to consume. It’s at about that point that things get sketchy.
    Ask Fletchers, ask Fisher and Paykle, ask Watties, ask the AU car manufacturers…
    Those fuckers know just how sketchy things were and are.
    New World Super Market in Balclutha is selling garlic at $49.99 a kg.
    Meats, including fishes, fresh produce, dairy, breads and sundry other staples are incredibly expensive. Why? NZ produces shit loads of that kind of thing to ‘trade’. Once it leaves the farmers farm, that’s the last the farmer sees of it until it’s grocery time. Imagine the chorus of rough OMG’s !
    I was in Countdown in New Brighton in Christchurch once and wailing about the price of bacon. I said out loud “ Fuck! I can buy a whole pig at the sale yards for the price of a packet of bacon!” A couple wandering by came up and said “ Oh! I know! We can buy NZ/AO bacon cheaper in London than we can buy it here.”
    Why…? I mean ?????????
    The same question can be answered by asking those urban scum grifters who syphon off money from farmer made produce then rort you for the luxury of being forced to buy our own back at their prices while they discount it in London to stick it to the local competition.
    This is going to sound preposterous. Here goes. That’s why, the formation of the EEC. I know! Outrageous, right? Little old New Zealand. ‘ The Market Garden of Europe’. Causing a jolt through Europe like an electric shock to the very balls of the UK and the EU.
    Of course. I understand there will be a hue and there will be a cry and grave nasturtiums will be cast in my path… Then cast on. For, my blatherings are righteous!

  2. Yes, we need fair (meaning balanced) trade. There is nothing we can do to stop growing inequality unless we can find an international trading system to replace the present one, which is just a race to the bottom for the working class and easy money for the banking system.

    • Progressive trade is being thrown up when you haven’t yet implemented the result of past elections. Corrupting the definition of democracy in favour of a preferred outcome.

      If election promises don’t matter, they should just call a reboot and solve all the damn problems not related to the party leader in one motion. Why does Kelvin sound weird? Reboot. New Kids? Reboot. Internal ructions? Reboot. Stupid policy? Reboot. Hotel porn? Reboot. War Crimey grim death army? Reboot. Labour/National lite? Reboot.

      It costs them NOTHING to release one single tweet and rescues them from any and all complaints about how it is not being faithful.

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