GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Let’s support our Junior Doctors


Around 3000 junior doctors are expected to walk off the job tomorrow for 48 hours, which will affect all DHBs apart from West Coast District Health Board.

The Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) says it wants a renewed collective employment agreement after the last one expired nearly a year ago.

It says doctors have been forced to take industrial action to keep their existing terms and conditions, which would be changed under the current district health board proposal.

One of the things the Bolger/Richardson National goivernment did was introduce legistlation that undermined collective bargaining. Why? Because as the old song sgoes “, United we stand Dvided we fall.”

Junior doctors work incredibly hours and when people get tired they make mistakes.They won the right to some more realistic rosters. They shouldn’t have to lose what they gained. Don’t you think Labour?

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The DHB’s say they have the next 48 covered ( prpobably by more senior doctors and propbably at greater cost but I don’t know.)

So if you have something that isn’t a rfeal emergency please contact your GP. If you really are ill – don’t hesitate, go to hospital and you WILL be treated.


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. The junior doctors and our nurses are undervalued and undermined every step of the way yet they continue to save lives and care for the sick and vulnerable. The DHBs will do everything they can to claw back the hard fought for gains doctors and nurses have made. They, the DHBs, treat their medical staff appallingly in conditions akin to sweat-shops.

    Stick to your guns doctors – the great majority of the public are behind you.

  2. Correct, Youngsuffrajet; bean counters running hospitals care sfa about patients, or about those who do the real work – or about those who they damage.

    Kia kaha drs.

  3. The legacy of he National Party’s slavery good, migration bad approach: why bother with fair Labour negotiations when you can undermine those workers, whether fishermen or doctors, with cheap imported workers who will be more compliant?

  4. A tired doctor is an obedient slave inside the slave system. Who originally set up the Medical System? Well bless my soul if it wasn’t ol’ robber baron himself John D Rockefeller. Go straight to bottom line ignore all red lights and read the line out aloud…it’s all about the money! Keep the doctors tired and frightened about their debt repayments and keep them under control and distracted so they don’t ever realize that modern medicine is not about curing anything or anyone.
    A healthy nation has no value for the slave owners.

  5. Yes but medical doctors only make us un-sick.
    Thank God those of real value to our society are very,very,very well remunerated.
    Like senior banking staff, CEO’s of what were our state owned infrastructures, real estate agents, financial investment consultants, accountants, insurance reps, politicians, loan sharks, etc. Where would we be without them?
    “When you get a lump and you feel sick and insecure? Who you gonna call? You’re stock broker! ”
    I have an interest in psychology. That is all I have. An teething interest. And when one’s interested in something? One tends to want to learn more about that subject. Thus. The more I know about human psychology the more I’m rendered aghast at how freely [it’s] used to head fuck people into situations they’d not otherwise be so comfortable with.
    The whole NZ/AO work force should be on strike to help and protect our Dr’s. And our teachers, nurses and bus drivers.
    Instead? We get our brightest stars standing along the road sides waving placards at others who’re equally helpless and vulnerable.
    “Lets do this!?” Adern? What, exactly, did you mean by that phrase? The dishes? Lets do the dishes?? Ok then. I’ll do the dishes for $2 k an hour.That Bankster CEO for I think ASB? That’s what that fat, pig eyed bastard takes. I could wipe out all my oppressive bills for the month by working for that one hour a week. The word surreal hardly does the whole thing justice.

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