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GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – This isn’t holding the Government to account, it’s being a clown!

By   /  January 14, 2019  /  21 Comments

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I know National Party MP, Alfred Ngaro, He works hard for his Pacific constituents and he is passionate about being National’s spokesperson for Children and the Community, but revelations this week that he has been lodging 1000 written questions a single day to purposely clog up the resources of the Government are shameful.

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I know National Party MP, Alfred Ngaro, He works hard for his Pacific constituents and he is passionate about being National’s spokesperson for Children and the Community, but revelations this week that he has been lodging 1000 written questions a single day to purposely clog up the resources of the Government are shameful.

This Government welcomes critical analysis, we are all believers in democracy and the importance of the function of the Opposition to be the check and balance to political power, but lodging 1000 written questions a day is not holding the Government to account, it’s a shameful waste of resources that would be better put elsewhere. It’s also an interesting aside that we haven’t heard a peep out of the so called Taxpayers Union about this very conscious decision to clog the machinery of Government to excess, wasting taxpayers money in the process.

A tactic National have adopted since becoming the Opposition is lodging tens of thousands of pointless questions just to shut down the Government from pushing through its agenda because it’s too busy answering disingenuous questions.

In our first year in office, National have lodged 42 000 questions, when Labour were in Opposition for our first year, we asked less than 20 000 written questions.

We must have a robust democracy and we must always be questioned, but this is a childish tactic that is beneath the National Party and its MPs.

Let’s stop the silly time wasting and get on with the job the people voted us in to do.


Willie Jackson is the Minister for Employment

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  1. Al says:

    The hypocrisy of the so-call “taxpayers union” (should be called the far right mercenaries union) in no calling this is galling. How could this organisation not call this nonsense? The answer, it appears, is entirely political. In terms of the National party – again massively hypocritical – if the Labour Party (or any party) did this to them you would never hear the end of it. Dirty Politics much?

  2. Jason says:

    Free Willie.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% Willie I wrote on Arthur;s todays blog on Labour MP’s being “missing in action” now as we cant even get our Labour MP’s to help our east coast/HB community issues as they say they are to busy or cany be invloved now, so tell Jacinda to fix the lack of laboour MP’s involvement in “inclussion” promised to our communities before the election.

      Copy of my blog to Arthur today so Willie help our community here please and get twyford to meet with us. His office has 56 emails over the last yeasr requesting his “inclussion and to meet with us in napier with CEAC.

      “Arthur, you are on the mark here with the slackness of our elected politicians here.

      Since labour came into power all our Labour MP’s have stepped back from being our “advocates” for our public community issues, as we see the same thing here in HB where the Labur MP’s are now not interested in being “active with the community now.

      Their excuse now is, “we cant get involved with these issues as they are outside our control” .and it is now endemic and used very frequently by Labour MP’s.

      So Jacinda needs to take control of her MP’s as they are making trouble for her by not being interested in helping our community’s around NZ who voted for them and may not vote again for them come 2020.

      Before Labour took over in 2017 they were very active with the community and promised a “new kinder, gentler, inclusive, caring responsive, transparent transformational government and today we see everything but this, and it is not a good look for labour at all now.

      They re a bloody disaster frankly I fear now and better wake up shortly.

      Even the Minister of Transport is missing in action here, and is not interested in meeting the public over transport issues, as his PA always says, “Phil Twyford is to busy”.

      We are very disappointed in labour now.”

      • stefan broca says:

        After all this time, does it not occur to people just how big the pile of shit is that the nats left to clean up? Add to that the general lack of recognition of the fact that it will take DECADES to rebalance the devastation the thieves, and fraudsters that Johnny {sparkles) Key not only allowed to operate freely, but changed our laws in order to facilitate easier access to our money…. Now we have an”opposition” without a shred of decency, deliberately making mountains of paperwork, and using up valuable time that should have gone to the real job of rebalancing…
        “We are very disappointed in labour now”.. Why? because they aren’t superhuman? Because they aren’t doing what the nats did, and ride roughshod over any political debate before doing what suits them? Remember that the fourth estate in NZ is staffed with people who will fill the air with “undemocratic, dictatorial, self serving, and uncaring” accusations.. No matter that the nats did it… They were praised in the media, and on the farms for being “effective”.. Are we getting an idea just what this government is really up against?, or is it just more satisfying to whinge? Nothing personal, but i would love to come back home to a country that NZ used to be, and should still be.. it was working a treat, but all I see is one oversized clusterfuck that keeps getting fed by greed and selfishness, then explodes all over its own people…

    • countryboy says:

      Ha. I met a senior creative person off ‘Free Willy’ once.
      He/she smuggled joint into NZ/AO from Hawaii in his/her sock and produced it when we were coming down off the Mt Hutt ski field access rd.
      ( That was more than 20 years ago so… )
      By the time we were half way down I was driving at about .005 km an hour and I swear, at one point I was sure we were overtaken by an earthworm. He/she clung to the grab rail in my 4×4 moaning ” I thought God damned New Zealand was mostly Goddamn flat! So!? What the fuck Dude!? ”
      Ahhhhh memories…

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    Well said

  4. jay12 says:

    Alfred shows his contempt fo the people of NZ who need this government to do its best to remedy the disaster it inherited.

  5. Johnnybg says:

    Our rotten party political system & W.J’s beloved weak willed, middle of the road liberal democracy will not get what’s really needed (liberation from foreign ownership & control & radical future proofing) done.

    Only a radical, war footing like, interventionist national unity/salvation government with balls, real teeth & a long term mandate will achieve such aims. An anti globalisation establishment revolution is long overdue in our precious little lap dog cargo cult land.

  6. countryboy says:

    Are Mr Ngaro’s actions not, in some way, illegal? Would not a deliberate attempt to subvert the course of the day to day runnings of a democratically elected government be, in some way, treason?
    Mind you? Given the way our ‘democratically elected government’s’ have behaved over the last 40 or so years, there’d be not much left by way of laws to protect us, those who pay your’s and other politicians salaries, from such shenanigans. A wee parliamentary tweak here and there to our mandates via the Ministry of Justice and anything can be achieved, correct? Who, again, made millions over night from the sale of our tax paid for assets?
    Passenger rail? Forestry? Fisheries? Telecom? Electricity? The scurrilous bnz? Etc…? And although we have a modest budget surplus we have one of the highest household debt to income ratios in the world and an unbridled house price rort that actually, really benefits no one in NZ/AO in the long term. Great for Foreign Greed though.
    A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the lot of you please?
    ( I did actually write a letter and asked the Queen that very question. She referred me to the Gov’Gen. Jonky’s shoulder tapped Gov’ Gen. It’s as well for jonky she doesn’t have a pony tail.)
    Prime Minister Jacinda Adern ( I’m desperately trying to be respectful of Prime Minister Jacinda Adern ) SHOULD close down parliament and request a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the relationships between NZ/AO politicians and private wealth concerns and why it can be so, that a fucker like Ngaro can sit on his fat arse and waste my taxes like that while people are lying, lost and without hope in the fucking streets!

  7. Mjolnir says:

    Indeed, where is the so-called “Taxpayers Union” in all this? Oh, that’s right, theyre all National party supporters……

  8. Helena says:

    Okay Willie, here’s a question for the gentleman given he likes to protect the young: why did National grant Thiel a passport given Thiel’s stated interest in young blood. Whose NZ blood is he bottling? Someone in National will know, best guess would be an ex-PM.
    Vampire anyone?

  9. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Remember to thank the Greens for making this possible…

    (Didn’t they give ‘their’ questions to the Natz?)

    • Maama says:

      I still don’t understand why the Greens made this stupid offer to National. Maybe James Shaw will advise us what was their strategy for this obvious stupidity.

      • Mjolnir says:

        Ditto. I wonder if the Greens foresaw this would happen?

        Perhaps its time for them to reconsider their “generosity” and take back their allotted questions.

  10. So, will there be a campaign to get Trevor to put Alfred Ngaro on the straight and narrow, or are we just going to let this nonsense keep going?

  11. RosieLee says:

    Even twenty thousand is a sick joke.

  12. Ngungukai says:

    Alfred the Polynesian Zionist what the hell is he playing at, playing silly buggars by the sound of it ?

  13. Johnnybg says:

    It seems that W.J. is sacred in someway to the DB. On numerous occasions I have commented on his blogs but they never see the light of day. W.J. is a public figure & a member of a political party whose salary is paid for the NZ taxpayer. He represents a particular political ideology & is a supporter of our current political system & how it functions. I disagree with his political allegiances & intensely dislike the rotten party political dictatorship he upholds & corrupt liberal globalisation establishment behind it. It is my right to criticize this man whenever he pops his head up & throws some more party political bullshit our way. I think what’s happening here is that by censoring my criticism of a Labour party propagandist, the DB is protecting it’s own.

  14. simonm says:

    Ngaro is a self-important dildo. I suggest the new government takes a leaf out of “Sir” John Key’s book and doesn’t bother answering any of the opposition’s questions if they’re going to act like small children.

    My taxes are paying for those sods to be in parliament, and even if I don’t agree with any of their policies, I expect them to behave like adults while they’re there.

  15. Wensleydale says:

    The sad thing is, it’s not “beneath the National Party” at all. It’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from that vindictive collection of hideous old reptiles. They lost the election. National don’t cope well with losing. They’re prone to tantrums and throwing things. And when that doesn’t get any traction they resort to sabotage. It’s just how they roll.

  16. Ngungukai says:

    Just watch the next two years the Natzi’s will start playing dirty, the kids were wounded at the 2017 Election and they are not happy about Winnie sucking up to Labour.

    It is going to be fun and I know National have a Copy of the Latest Crosby Textor Dirty Tricks Manual 2019.

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