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  1. An interesting recent development in the anti-Russia hysteria has been the release of hacked communications data of a UK Government funded charity called The Integrity Institute. These show without doubt that they have been leading the attacks against Jeremy Corban.
There is an interesting parallel between what is happening now wrt Russiaphobia and in the time of Napoleon. A French General, Armand de Caululaincourt tried to warn Napoleon that the Russians had figured out how to beat him but no one was listening. You can read that here:

The story about The Integrity Initiative is here

Lastly, the links between the small number of players in the location of the Skripal poisoning are beginning to crystallize and it starts to look like The Integrity Institute has its fingers all over this.

If you want to look at the raw hacked communications, they are here

    • Thanks Spikeyboy
      When the Skripal thing happened , the poison was said to be a “nerve agent” but its more specific identity was unknown
      Dan Kazseta prepared the way in Bellingcat, by introducing “novichoks”
      It struck me as notable at the time that he drew especial attention to this group. Knowing he is part of II certainly makes clear to me the partisan nature of his “science”
      In fact he has no academic background in chemistry, but nevertheless has become the “go to ” for chemical weapon “outrages”
      By the way , that ridiculous bullshit over on the Standard about US bases that got you a ban is typical of the blowhard “experts” over there.
      It hasnt stopped

    • Dr Cryan is excellent to teach us about the human dangers of chemicals and many before him has explained the effects “our toxic world”

      try also the book called “Our toxic World” by Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call Paperback – October, 2003 by Doris Rapp (Author)

      Just a short brief in this link below will chill your bones as enter into a poisoned world.
      By Dr. Mercola
      Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Newsletter

      Polytoxicity: The Wild World of Chemical Exposure
      26 March 15, 2017

      toxic chemicals in hand sanitizer
      There are about 85,000 chemicals registered under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), but even the EPA is largely in the dark about what that actually means for people’s health and the environment
      Combining chemicals often magnifies their toxic effects; in the case of bisphenol-A (BPA), using hand sanitizer prior to handling a BPA-containing receipt may increase skin absorption 100-fold
      About 1 in 11 public schools in the U.S. are located within 500 feet of highways, truck routes and other roads with heavy traffic, leaving millions of school kids breathing polluted air
      By Dr. Mercola

      Have you ever wondered how many chemicals you’re exposed to on any given day? How about your kids? It’s really anyone’s guess. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compile and keep a current list of chemical substances manufactured or processed in the U.S.

      That list includes about 85,000 chemicals,1 but even the EPA is largely in the dark about what that actually means for people’s health and the environment.

      As noted in Chemical & Engineering News, “The agency is struggling to get a handle on which of those chemicals are in the marketplace today and how they are actually being used.”2

      Very few chemicals on the market are tested for safety, but even those that are, are not necessarily safe. Part of this is because safety testing is typically done on just one chemical at a time, and under laboratory conditions.

      The way you’re actually exposed to chemicals — in combination and under countless different real-world scenarios — may increase their toxicity exponentially.

      The Toxic Reality of Using Hand Sanitizer, Eating and Holding a Receipt
      A revealing example of just how toxic our world has become is the bisphenol-A (BPA) used in thermal paper (the type many receipts are made out of).

      BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to a number of health concerns, particularly in pregnant women, fetuses and young children, but also in adults, including high blood pressure, heart disease,3 obesity, fertility problems and more.

      BPA is most often associated with plastics, personal care products and canned goods but, according to a 2014 study published in PLOS One, “Free BPA is applied to the outer layer of thermal receipt paper present in very high (∼20 mg BPA/g paper) quantities as a print developer.”4

      This in itself is unsettling, considering very few people think twice about handling receipts (or handing one to a child). However, the study revealed that a very common scenario — using hand sanitizer prior to handling a receipt — maximizes the risk.

  2. Get used to hearing the name Tulsi Gabbarb, she announced her bid for President in 2020. Main issues are health care access, criminal justice reform, climate change and war and peace.

    Move over Sanders, Move over Hillary, it’s over for Trump>>>

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