2: Under the News Radar 2018 – NZs first Woke Murder


Justice League?

The second big news story that was missed in 2018 was the bizarre murder of  Teenager Jack McAllister who was stabbed 14 times after a gang of 6 other teenagers decided McAllister was a rapist who needed to be punished.

This was probably our first woke murder, and I have to be honest, the case fascinates me so much, I’m seriously thinking it should be made into a film.

The self importance of the 6, their desire to be judge. jury and executioner, luring McAllister to a stadium using the promise of sex only to murder him.

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I don’t know why, but this story of a gang of 6 deciding to take justice into their own hands based on nothing more than allegation really says something about where NZ culture is right now.


    • I guess he means we’re also part of the woke #MeToo movement, which has directly led to mere accusation being the new evidentiary threshold leading to knee-jerk demands for over the top for punishment?

    • Doesn’t it say more about six youth with a pack mentality likely being led by someone with mental health issues, than NZ culture?

  1. OH come on – the being killed or hurt for being a “rapist” has been going on for generations. I hope you are not saying KKK members who killed black men for “raping our women” are woke! How about the many other murders and beatings of men for perceived or actual wrongs? Or any of the other vigilante justice crimes. These people killed someone based on a whisper – they are thugs, as is anyone who replaces the judicial system with thuggery. To try and use these people to advance the theory that the generation below yours is immature and nasty is problematic.

    • Agreed you only have to go back to the late 1960s early 70s for the pack killing of a gay man in Hagley park by late teens early 20 year olds .

      • Follow the karma, Geoff.

        The Hagley Park murder was young guys going out gay-bashing on a Saturday night and killing a victim whom they said that they only intended giving a hiding. Like homosexuality was illegal back then – and how many heterosexual so-called men does it take to beat up one gay man? Hmm ?

        Unknown young lawyer Lawrence O’Rielly made a name for himself getting them off, largely I think because the victim was gay, viz a pervert. Christchurch lapped it all up.Christchurch can be like that.

        Lawrence went on to become Commissioner For Children and he died in his 40’s from cancer. His older bro, a failed politician and a failed wannabe priest, became a pedophile, and went to live in Western Australia when he got out of prison.

        O’Rielly’s were a good Irish Catholic family from Timaru – ran Cassidy’s Motors – and another of lawyer Lawrence’s bros also talked of becoming a priest, but he became a gang spokesman.

        Someone somewhere can access the ChCh Hagley Park gay killing trial transcripts and see how much the defence depended upon the dead man being gay. But if there was any evil in the air that night, the killers brought it with them.

        All vigilantism is stupid and – dangerous. End of.

  2. the thing is y’see – is that mr bradbury has a large woke-bee in his bonnet…

    and it has bitten him – and given him woke-vision..

    ,and he now sees woke – everywhere..

    ..i’ve actually seen him looking at dogs – eyes narrowed – as he tries to ascertain if this canine is or isn’t – a woke-dog….

    and/on with this story – he has clearly done what is called a woke-stretch.

    (and of course he is in training for succession to succeed trotter in his curmudgeon-spokesperson/go-to – when trotter either explodes in indignation…or retires….)

    so what we are seeing in this story is an early (uneasy) marriage of early-curmudgeonary and woke-vision…seeing woke everywhere..

    hope that clarifies that for readers…

      • Mjolnir I think a woke dog is a a canine what used to be asleep and then it woke. Up.

        I think my neighbours might have one. Never seen it, but sometimes when I walk after dark I hear it bark, and then I think the dog must be woke.

        The elderly Chinese owner speaks little English, but when he plays his flute on mellow summer evenings it is too magical for any sort of woking at all.

  3. Lynley Hood’s” A City Possessed” on the Christchurch Creche case (Peter Ellis)
    sets out the zeitgeist which made mass hysteria possible.
    Its an absolute required text explaining how unexamined “group think” can dominate and result in the most egregious injustices.
    Whoever’s got my copy, I want it back!
    We seem to be at a moment in history once again when crazy polarity is ascendant
    There’s not a lot of nuanced reasoning or dissident thought allowed
    “Deplatformings” galore, facebook/twitter wars and denunciations.

    • So I guess that explains wee Bill English then, and that guy Todd, eh Andrew ? Reckon they all text each other all night then ?

      Just imagine if they hadn’t imported Tim Shadbolt ! Just imagine.

      (It’s easy. Open your mouth- a little. Close your eyes – tight. Listen to that plane overhead and don’t even start to think about where it may be going with you not on it.)

  4. Nitrium – Agree- It’s result of the #MeToo movement straight out of Hollywood.
    Its very dangerous that Hollywood “celebrities” are now given a political voice.
    Mind you Hollywood (& Music Industry) is just one large subversive entity. Part of the same entity that owns the Mainstream Media.

    You can tell these kids are brain dead & soulless. It’s a sign of the times.
    Kids have nothing to believe in any more, and all their minds feed on is trash pop culture , because it’s all they’ve ever known, and probably ditto their parent(s) before them.

  5. Is this a “woke” crime. Conservative New Zealanders, in particular, have a history of frothing at the mouth in self-righteous anger and a desire to punish people

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