SPCA’s 1080 position will lead to cruel deaths and extinctions – Forest and Bird


Forest & Bird says the SPCA’s statement calling for 1080 to be banned shows a naïve failure to understand how nature works in the wild, and they will be seeking a meeting with the organisation to discuss its position.

Forest & Bird CE Kevin Hague says “The SPCA’s statement on the use of 1080 is seriously misinformed, and contains errors of both fact and logic. Their position reflects their history of caring for domesticated animals such as cats and dogs, without understanding the needs of New Zealand’s native animals and ecosystems.

“While the idea of stoats and rats peacefully coexisting with native birds sounds great, the reality is that an estimated 25 million native birds, eggs, and chicks are cruelly eaten alive by introduced predators every year in New Zealand.

“This is the terrible death that countless native animals across New Zealand suffer every night.

“The SPCA’s position on 1080 is a blow to their credibility. It’s sad to see them promoting flawed logic whose outcome is the extinction through being eaten alive of treasured animals like our kiwi, kereru, and kokako.

“Without scientific, ethical, and precision pest control, of which 1080 is a key tool, there is no way to protect our native animals from the overwhelming numbers of introduced predators. Giving up 1080 would lead to an ecocide of huge proportions in New Zealand, and the SPCA need to understand this is the outcome of their pest control position.”


  1. Crap you speak here,

    1080 poison has been banned in every other country in the western world now!!!!

    I live on a farm in the hills of Gisborne and see the deaths of many other animals and birds that were poisoned by 1080 from feeding on the water sheds around 1080 bait traps up here.

    Don’t think that 1080 doesn’t harm or cause “cruel deaths and extinctions” to any other animals and birds other than just Possums.

    Come to the ‘Matawai Conservation Estate’ at the headwaters of the Motu river and see for yourself.

    This 500 area pristine forest is nestled alongside the headwaters of the ‘Motu’ and ‘Waioweka’ rivers.

    Both these two rivers are supposed to be two of our most ionic
    clean water river in NZ.

    You are leaching 1080 poison into them both from your widespread broadcasting of that toxic bait around some of our pristine forested areas now and so stupid this is.

    Wake up ‘Forest and Bird’.

    • So are you going to get out there and individually shoot all the possums, stoats, rats that are destroying our flora and fauna?
      BTW there is no evidence that leaching into streams of 1080 has any organism any damage.
      Neither is there any evidence that 1080 kills anything other than it is suppose to.

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