GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Lettuce eat!


Some of the workers in Miro Unit grow vegetables in the prison garden for the local Womens Refuge .

However , the Refuge office has closed for the holidays and the lettuces are going to seed .

I asked the Unit Manager if inmates could eat the lettuce rather than let it go to waste .

He said “No . Head Office won’t allow inmates to eat their own produce without nationwide consultation .”

He’d agreed to a similar request in another unit last year & been reprimanded for it by Head Office.

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It’s disappointing for me in particular , as I haven’t tasted lettuce for 14 years .

Lettuce & tomato will top my list for taste treats when I’m released ( hopefully) next month .


Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights blogger currently inside prison. 


  1. Now how bloody stupid is this they cant eat the lettuce they grew it has to be signed of our justice/corrections system is one of the worst

  2. Bureaucratic bullshit abounds within the Corrections system. It’s one of the reasons why the whole jail concept is in the state it is.
    A staff member I knew some years ago (who was a qualified electrician) told me he wasn’t allowed to change a fluorescent light tube because if he did he’d be reprimanded and that the ‘contracted’ electrician had to make a special trip of about 50 km to come in and do it.

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