Trump’s done enough to manufacture his border crisis in the minds of his supporters


Trump’s cynical use of crime fear to manufacture a crisis on the Border is Machiavellian in the extreme.

He’s done enough to spook with crime stats & inject righteous fury into his support base – he’ll announce it’s a National Emergency once Democrats turn down this latest offer to mimic the pretence of being reasonable.

Trump’s running out of political capital, and his only chance is to build this stupid bloody wall. He’s not interested in negotiation, he needs a win that humiliates his enemies. He’s going to move hell and high water to do that.


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  1. Do you remember the last US presidential campaign at all Martyn? Mr Trump talked a lot about that wall, you might say it was the centre piece of his campaign. You surely would not approve of him welching on his main election promise would you?
    The other thing that appealed to folk over there was a promise to get out of America’s everlasting regime change wars all over the globe. That’s meeting at least as much opposition as the wall douse it’s from both sides of the house. But both promises are flip sides of the same deal. Don’t have an endless flood of immigrants , and don’t destroy the lives of people in other countries so that they are desperate .
    We have some problems in this regard too. I liked New Zealand the way it was. You can go to other countries to meet people from other cultures. There is an unlimited and multiplying supply of them. Sure they should be welcome to visit us too though the contribution of Air travel to climate change needs to be considered .
    D J S

    • You surely would not approve of him welching on his main election promise would you?

      For fucks sake, his election promise was that Mexico would build “the wall”.

      He has no voter mandate to ask the US taxpayer to fund it.

      His asking for taxpayer funding IS welching on his campaign promise.

      The whole Wall thing was/is a moronic and obviously hollow election ploy, only morons would ever believe he could deliver on it.

      I shake my head at their stupidity.

      • He said the Mexicans would pay for the wall not build it.
        I always assumed that what he meant was that the cash repatriated to families in Mexico untaxed , paid to illegal immigrants would be stopped, and the saving to the US taxpayer would recover the cost of the wall over time. I have never heard him spell that out but I assume he thinks that it should be obvious.

        Morons do vote

  2. I must admit, the Donald actually has a point. Look at the former Berlin Wall, only few made it through, and it certainly was an effective border barrier of sorts, that lasted for decades.

    Only difference is, the Berlin Wall was built rather to keep citizens inside the GDR, rather than stop ‘hostile spies and other elements’, while Trump’s wall or barrier is meant to keep undesirables out.

  3. Jeez Martyn, you still allow yourself to be led by Dennison-Trump’s distractions.

    The real drama remains the Special Counsel’s investigation.
    This shutdown etc is all so much desperate noise.

    Whatever The orange howler monkey does, it won’t save him, it’ll only accelerate his demise.

  4. The Courts will overturn any declaration of a state of emergency, and Congress will continue to deny the wall any funding.

    A state of emergency will not get Dennison-Trump his wall.

    The best he can hope for is setting up the Courts as someone else to try to blame for his failure to implement his stupid promise, a promise he never thought he’d be called to deliver upon as he never anticipated winning the election.

    Meanwhile, Mueller’s inquiry rolls relentlessly on.

  5. Trump campaigned on this. It’s insane and a horrendous cost but he made no secret to voters what he intended and the majority under their voting system voted Trump.

    This is no clandestine policy. The Democrats have no right to stop what he promised and what voters voted for. That is democracy at work, like it or not!

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