So who exactly were Immigration NZ and MBIE spying on?


Now we know Immigration were creating fake social media accounts and illegally spying on New Zealanders, who exactly were they spying on?

The arse covering from Wellington claims…

Jones, the Government’s duty minister yesterday, said the circumstances where such training may be useful was in keeping on top of “dodgy student visas”, referring to cases where international students had used student visas as a back door to New Zealand residency.


We know the other departments were spying on Iwi protesting oil companies, earthquake survivors, sexual abuse survivors, beneficiaries, MANA, the Green Party and Greenpeace.

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Yet Immigration NZ and MBIE would have us believe they were the only ones using deceptive illegal spying ethically?


TDB is hearing that Immigration NZ have been spying on protesting migrant workers who were highlighting their treatment as “modern slaves”.

Who was MBIE spying on? Who was Immigration NZ spying on?

‪How insane is it that we have to look at our friends and followers lists on social media and wonder how many fake profiles are really state agents?

What the fuck is going on in NZ?

-State use of corporate spies that saw Iwi, Greenpeace, MANA, earthquake survivors, sexual assault survivors & Green Party spied on

-Meth hysteria that cost $120m

-MBIE creating false social media accounts to spy on NZers

When will the Government start holding the public service to account?



  1. MBIE is now showed its own naked aggressive NAZI style character by using our own public money to spy on all of us now using false personas’???? – unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

    This is something out of Hitlers own 1933 “Reich Ministry of Public “Enlightenment and Propaganda.”

    “Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Hitler established a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. The Ministry’s aim was to ensure that the Nazi message was successfully communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials, and the press.”

    It now seems that MBIE is following down this same track as Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (MPEP) did to ‘brainwash us all’ again through the media control under MBIE as MPEP had.

    MBIE seeks training on managing fake online personas
    Wednesday, 9 January 2019, 1:04 pm
    Article: RNZ

    “A government department has hired a security firm (ZX Security) in a $112 Million Dollar contract that expires in 2021.

    So why is Government think that spying on it’s own citizens while secretly seen here using our public purse by using $112,000 plus GST to train staff in using fake online personas to gather intelligence and build profiles on citizens????

    The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has signed a contract with Wellington based consultancy ZX Security.
    The contract from December 2017 is published on the Ministry’s website and outlines the details of the social media training course.
    “The service provider will deliver an advanced social media training course to Ministry using false personas on social media for verification and investigation purposes,” the contract says.
    The contract states ministry staff would be trained to automatically “harvest” material from online platforms and other sources with minimal programming knowledge, identify trends, and spot a fake profile.
    They’ve also been taught how to maintain multiple identities using “techniques for creating a backstop (history) for your online personas”, send and receive anonymous text messages and emails, and analyse image metadata for location and other information.
    “During this workshop the attendees will use the skills gained during the course to create a detailed dossier on a group or individual,” the contract says.
    It even includes training on how to identify people based on their usage of language.
    The deal with ZX Security expires in 2021 and is worth $112,000 plus GST. The full or advanced classes were estimated at a cost of $6895 per 10 attendees, plus a fixed $840 fee for training outside Wellington.

  2. What is the outrage, SIS and GCSB are monitoring this blog site 24/7, like it or not, that is what they are doing, and here we go on about some petty spying on people’s social media accounts.

    • I think you miss the point entirely Marc.
      Would you be comfortable if we simply merged all government departments together and called it the Ministry for Governing People?
      And we could just have a Minister and an Associate and be done with it.

      The Police, SIS, GCSB, etc. have a role in investigating crime, fraud and security issues with appropriate oversight (debatable whether that oversight is appropriate).

      We could merge various Commissions as well
      The Electoral Commission
      The Health and Disability Commissioner
      Human Rights Commission
      Now I think about it, we could just put it all under the Commissioner of Police

      • I was trying to make readers and commenters here aware of how this blog is being monitored, and that will not stop at reading comments made by contributors using pseudonyms, it will also include checking out their computer and other IDs, and so forth.

        If some ‘spies’ from MBIE and so forth snoop around other people’s Fakebook account, pretending to be a ‘friend’, then that is a serious worry, of course, but any person using the internet and social media must always be aware, that anything posted and published, that is publicly available anyway.

        So where is the big ‘spying’ deal there?

  3. Hey we could even put the Ministry for Culture and Heritage lumped in with it all and they could then develop policy on what is culturally appropriate and safe for the ideal citizen.
    Think of the ‘efficiencies’!

  4. By the Way @ Martyn.
    I think they think they need the capability to track down dodgy students and employer/employee scams. No doubt that’s what they will have been telling their Minister anyway

    This ^^^ from the Ministry that actively encouraged all and sundry to become Immigration Advisors (kind of vertical integration for efficiency and effectiveness). Links were provided on the website for a very long time.
    So it enabled tertiary education providers (including the very shitty ones) to promise and fleece applicants ‘wrap around’ service – most of whom thought they were dealing with bonafide, properly monitored people. Some even called themselves ‘lawyers’.

    It enabled people in the Labour Hire sector, or anyone such as someone running a security firm to also provide those ‘wrap around’ services to an applicant who thought they were legitimately paying for something legal and supposedly promoted by the Nu Zull government.
    Never mind that a good many had banked the house and all the land that goes with it on all this, and that they could be assured was OK because lil ol NuZull is not a corrupt country

    Not surprising all that went tits up when both NZQA was so under-resourced and the IAA so bloody incompetent (possibly also under-resourcing and laziness).
    But never mind! We’ll just blame the victim because as Steven Joyce once said: “they signed the paperwork”) ….. and of course we need to keep this tertiary education export sector pumping – it earns us $5b pa

    Easier to just deport the victim asap and keep the whole shitty system rolling.

    SO then we need demographic profiling in order to identify high risk people from countries we consider risky – not that we ever made ANY attempt through media, advertising or embassy presence or otherwise to warn the victims.
    Bear in mind the IAA and INZ already had the capability to do the bleeding obvious – they managed the companies register for a start so the tertiary education provider and fleecer in chief (even when the shoddy institution that EVENTUALLY got shut down) was able to continue on providing immigration services. Even more recently, a known fraudster can be accredited.

    Then, of course!, this whole demographic profiling thing is not very PC, and is likely to inspire the wrath of a caring and sharing kind government.
    What to do, what to do! (keep track of the timelines @ Martyn)

    Because we’ve been complete fucking muppets and not tuned to the bleeding fucking obvious due to our culture of operating solely on immigration and a workforce that benefits economic imperatives above all else, we’d better find another way of entrapping our victims.

    I accept there are many within the organisation that don’t and won’t see it that way of course, but that is the net result

    So now we’ve fucked up, we’ll need another mechanism to cover for our inability to see the bleeding obvious and doesn’t involve something as unPC as demographic profiling (which most of us couldn’t see a problem with anyway). And besides – even that academic that did the report on exploitation thought that some of us were good blokes.
    I know – let’s ‘upskill’.
    We’ll find another way, and what better than to engage a young entrepreneur with dreads wishing to exercise his skills and ego. He probably even thinks he’s doing good.

    How much simpler and ethical it all could have been given the will

  5. Hey get with the program Bomber, it is all for your own good, and to protect you from the evil doer’s. Nothing to hide nothing to, fear nudge nudge wink wink.
    signed, concerned citizen.

  6. If govt departments want to spy on anyone in this country they should go the same process the police and spy afencies do: present their case to a judge and get a warrant. Otherwise we are slip-sliding our way to an Orwellian society from which it will be a struggle to step back from.

    This is why the Green Party should not be in coalition. By entering into an arrangement with Labour, they have self- muzzled.

  7. Perhaps removing the actual Chinese spy MP from the National party might be a better use of our own security services.
    Start an investigation in to foreign influence in our political system.
    Fishing industry influence in MPI, ECAN water allocations and bottling consents, there’s a heap of very dodgey behaviour that needs snooping.
    Then worry about if Joe Bloggs ever pulled a sickie.

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