MEDIA WATCH: Right now, the NZ Herald are giving more prominence to a ‘news’ story about Clarke Gayford’s fish than the State creating fake social media accounts to illegally spy on NZers


In a Democracy, the role of the Fourth Estate is there to hold the political establishment and the powerful to account.

Right now with the Summer season upon us and newsrooms are run by Millennial’s who are sourcing ‘news’ from their social media feeds.

Right now, the NZ Herald is giving more prominence to a ‘news’ story about Clarke Gayford’s fucking fish than the State creating fake social media accounts to illegally spy on NZers. Here is the front page…

…and here is the Politics page…

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…right now the State has been busted using deception and lies to spy on NZers and our media are burying THEIR OWN STORY exposing this in favour of Clarke catching a fucking fish!

We are witnessing an obscene abuse of power, in September 2017  the PM launches an inquiry into corporate spy use in State sector yet by December 2017, a mere 2 months after the Prime Minister of NZ has made her views explicitly clear that this type of behaviour was an affront to our democracy, MBIE signs a contract with ZX Security Ltd to provide advanced social media training to create fake social media profiles and illegally spy on NZers.

So who is running this country? The democratically elected representatives or unelected Wellington elites?

The public service is stacked with neoliberal acolytes who don’t care that there has been change of Government. That is a terrifying revelation that demands attention, yet what are the NZ Herald leading with?

Clarke catching a fucking fish!



  1. Oh Martyn! you’re just being bloody hysterical. (/sarc)
    If you cleaned yourself up a bit you might even be able join their gorgeous circle and pick yourself up an award at the next group pat-on-the back function.
    And meanwhile The Spinoff is re-running re-running re-running its words of wisdom, and Iain Lees-Galloway (so far) still seems to be chanting “Beat Me Beat Me Baby” at his ‘officials’. For someone who’s quite intelligent and hardworking, you have to assume it must be that he’s a masochist or his bullshit detector has gone ape

    • So, basically, they made a decently successful meme and tried to use it to resuscitate revenue?

      Media cartels are tabloids through and through, they’re only in it to sell papers. That’s all, the only way you can deal with cartels is to make sure they think you can be a bigger badder cartel too. You can do deals with cartels, without ever saying a deal is done. But the only thing a cartel cares about is business and the only language cartels respects is strength.

      Which on the one hand, I totally and genuinely understand. We all live in late capitalism, so rise and grind, get that bread.

  2. Well, I guess Grandpa Herald agrees with what John Key said when he claimed that the public would be more interested in hearing about their snapper quote that hearing about GCSB mass surveillance …

  3. Clarke does not look anything near of being a revolutionary, nor does his wife or partner by the way, so the Herald is pleased to have him and her deliver stories that are actually totally irrelevant to most people.

    The status quo is assured and guaranteed.

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