MEDIA WATCH: Millennials mildly surprised they’ve been shaped by neoliberalism


Interesting realisation by Millennials on Buzzfeed that they’ve been shaped by neoliberalism…

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
I couldn’t figure out why small, straightforward tasks on my to-do list felt so impossible. The answer is both more complex and far simpler than I expected.

…as the first generation of user pays – Gen Xers were economically robbed while keeping a publicly funded sense of cynicism towards power where as Millennials grew under total cultural mythology of individualism uber allas AS WELL AS economic insecurity.

Millennial narcissism and self centre of the universe policing of micro aggressions with vigilante parenting that demands trigger free spaces at all times is the perfect harvest of a bitter neoliberal cultural seed that fetishises individualism.

Identity politics encourages splits into smaller factions focused only on the narcissism of tiny differences while practicing ideological rituals of virtue signalling and public call outs.

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Don’t blame the Millennial for their impotency though, they are the very manufactured cultural selfishness neoliberalism breeds. As a hyper individualised generation crippled by an over inflated sense of social awkwardness and with only identity politics as their vehicles for change, they face the worst ramifications of free market climate catastrophe with none of the solidarity required to change it.

The loss of agency for the children in the West has been handed to the children of the East. Global free market dynamics brought into play hundreds of millions of impoverished workers in China, throughout Asia and India. The phones Millennials vent their lack of power on were built in the East by  a generation taken straight out of subsistence poverty and locked into subsistence employment.

These global labour dynamics coupled with corporate hegemonic economic structures have robbed nation states from protecting their own children’s futures.

The promise of democracy always was that you could look into the face of your child and know that they would get a better deal than you did. That promise is now hollow and dead.

At some point something has to snap.

Then again, this is BuzzFeed and I could just be reading too much into this piece of cultural realisation, they did after all  publish this the day before…

Young Jason Momoa — And I Can’t Stress This Enough — Could Spit In My Mouth


A hard rain is gong to fall, and hashtags won’t stop that. Our collective culture of self involvement will only be splintered by eternal events, I fear we lack the capacity to generate that change ourselves.





    • I’ve always called them elves because there’s no need to distinguish fictional beings except when creating or discussing fiction.

  1. All of society is more individualistic, not just the younger generations.

    It’s a function of a more diverse society and media, as much as economic change with the dominance of global market capitalism.

    The problem at the political level is that the economic engine produces greater disparity (mangement pay to worker pay – let alone the increasing share of the economy to the financial sector, new technology and CG), but the governments re-distributive system has not kept up. And when it tries, their is resistance – such as to WFF (a strange coalition of the white middle class and left wing fantacists who imagine that it is holding down wages).

  2. “Millennials mildly surprised they’ve been shaped by neoliberalism”

    The only worry I had was that I kept wondering what took them so long to realise. Then it dawned on me: Neoliberalism where an education system became a commodity and product

  3. As a bachelor uncle, I pointed out to my 32 year-old neph and niece this was 1939, except 100 times. Neph said he realised where he came from, niece referred elsewhere. Glad for these brighties’ respect — the response to an old bod wit’ no money. Gut help us.

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