House price falls & predictions Auckland will lose white dominance – here comes the fear & anger


When trying to appreciate why the February 2nd protests could be so spiteful, open ended immigration that will see the white majority gone in Auckland by 2038…

Auckland 2038: The Superdiverse City
By 2038, Auckland has cemented its status as one of the world’s “super diverse” cities. It’s a grand experiment that will require new levels of tolerance among its residents.

The Super City of the future will be more culturally diverse than ever before, with higher proportions of Asian, Pacific and Māori people than it had two decades previously.

It will be the only New Zealand city where European residents have fallen below 50 per cent of the population.

…and projections that house prices, the main source of middle class wealth, are about to fall could well be the fuel that ignites something dark…

Auckland’s biggest agency calls fall: after a decade, prices decline
Auckland’s biggest real estate agency says the city’s housing market is “edging towards a price decline” for the first time in a decade, with prices falling in the last year.

Barfoot & Thompson, with more than 40 per cent of Auckland’s housing market, has just released its monthly data and that showed a clear fall between 2017 and 2018, it said.

“The median sales price for 2018 was $836,792, down 0.8 per cent on that for 2017. This is the first time in 10 years the median price has fallen,” the agency said, noting how 2017’s median price was $843,582.

“For the first time in a decade the Auckland residential property market is edging towards a price decline,” the agency said.

…we could witness a lot of fear and anger soon, and there ain’t no fear and anger quite like white fear and anger.


  1. This link provided by Mike a few days ago is revealing.
    Rows and rows of empty new houses, rows and rows of minuscule sections. Many of them claiming to be sold, (I’m ever sceptical in this situation) but let’s assume. Then the overwhelming proportion of buyers are speculators with money burning holes in their pockets that they can’t find a better investment for.
    I suspect that the whole of the housing boom has not housed one single family. That the price inflation ride has edged nearly all genuine owner occupiers out of the market, and that neither new house purchases nor old are going to house a family in need,the capital gain so overwhelming the revenue from rent that with the problems and costs of letting out it is foolish to do so.
    The bubble has to burst before the housing shortage can be addressed, or even established that there is really a shortage at all were all available houses to be occupied.
    If we had a socially biased Government they would buy all that empty sock with fiat money and tenant them as State Housing.
    D J S

  2. In 1944 I was born in Auckland and my father was “blacklisted” by the Sidney Holland tory Government in 1951 for being involved in the 1951 wharf strike,

    So our family of four wound up in Napier, and I now have no care for Auckland.

    ‘Auckland is so full of itself and of their own importance’ while they take the best and leave the rest of NZ to wither, so they will get their justified comeback now.

    Long live regional New Zealand.

    • You wana throw mud, let’s throw mud. It’s us who want low unemployment and jobs. The New Conservitives and Simon Says want to help their banking mates out with low interest rates and low inflation. Ya can’t have wage inflation with low inflation. It takes a year or two to build up to 4% growth then you have to kick along at 4% or you’re a no chance of getting unemployment down, Simon is a no chance, you are a no chance.

      • By the way, Zack, it seems you proved Martyn’s point perfectly when he pointed out: “there ain’t no fear and anger quite like white fear and anger”. A bit of your own white anger showing mate.

    • It’s racism to you when your own white, male privilege is threatened Zack??

      Not when poor brown folk are affected though, eh??

        • Sam the village idiot strikes again. Skin as thick as a rhino, a peanut sized brain, an ego as tall & thin as Auckland’s needle & a bigger arsenal than the US air force. It’s okay, I know you’re desperate to be a good little soldier boy but c’mon, go get a haircut & a real job sweetie. Tiresome is more than a word, it’s an illness.

              • “The New Conservitives and Simon Says want to help their banking mates out with low interest rates and low inflation. Ya can’t have wage inflation with low inflation.” -Sam

                Johnnybg, if Sam is an “agent provocateur” for Act, this particular comment from him means he’s doing such a good job that he’s single-handedly dismantling the neo-lib foundations.

                Maybe he’s a triple agent!!

  3. Auckland 2038 is really a story about Maori being relegated to “just another minority group”. And with the broad Asian ethnic group outperforming all other groups educationally and economically it will be “interesting” to see how this plays out in political power (I guess it already is re National unashamedly whoring itself for Chinese $$)

    • By 2038 New Zealand will have fully realised the National Party’s dream of becoming the Tibet of the South Pacific – just another Chinese Communist Party client state along with Myanmar and North Korea.

      Not only will Maori be “just another minority group”, you can look forward to them being herded off to concentration camps for “re-education” in the same manner as China’s Uighur people when they refuse to accept their new status as second-class citizens in their own country.

  4. The DB says; ‘we could witness a lot of fear and anger soon, and there ain’t no fear and anger quite like white fear and anger’. Really; I suppose if you’re of European descent & for some reason you feel guilty about who you are or the privileged life you lead, then saying stuff like this makes complete sense. Maybe a good depth psychology session with J. Peterson while he’s here might be worth considering.

  5. well they ( many nzders) only have themselves to blame for voting for a govt that brought in almost a million immigrants in 9 years so they could look good and who does this hurt ?

    • For what ever reason a few politicians decided Auckland (and now NZ) should become a predominantly Asian city, and within a decade the will have their wish.

      Sadly Asia is not necessarily a blue print for a wonderful future, from re education camps to a caste system in India, most of the countries don’t have welfare systems, don’t pay taxes in the same way as the western world, have the death penalty, paid for education and medical care and super etc…

      Be careful what the woke left and “white fear and anger’ discourses wish for, because the brighter future might be one of full privatisation, no welfare system, indigenous people sidelined or ‘reeducated’ and a low wage economy with high levels of government corruption, like Asia.

      It is no surprise that corrupt countries are the preferred nationals to come to NZ by politicians and our immigration system, just as the drug smugglers and child abusers get granted ‘compassionate’ residency while other migrant groups are deported or don’t get residency by paying/securing fake reports/fake jobs/11 day relationships which our immigration system is geared towards as supporting .

      We already know that you can buy a place for $100k donation as a National MP if you are the right race, Chinese or Phillipines preferred apparently, but Indian maybe??? Pakehas apparently are ‘fucking useless’ at getting the required donations and therefore less desirable by the Natz for a place on their unelected party lists… Probably Labour is similar.

      Just an example of where NZ is going with all the classist corporate troughers… with Melissa Lee… from wiki

      “On 13 May 2009 Lee told a candidates’ meeting that the SH20 Waterview Connection could divert criminals from South Auckland away from the electorate. Lee apologised the next day, saying “if South Auckland people (find) my comments offensive, I apologise. It wasn’t about them. It was about criminals.” Prime Minister John Key later said the remark was a “stupid statement to make”.[11] Later that day she apologised again saying, “I apologise unreservedly for the comments I made regarding South Auckland… I sincerely regret my remarks.”[12] In the by-election, Lee attracted only 3,542 votes, coming a distant second to Labour’s David Shearer’s 13,260 votes.[13]

      During the by-election, allegations were made in May 2009 that Lee’s production company Asia Vision had spent New Zealand on Air money making a promotional video for the National Party ahead of the 2008 election. Lee called the allegations “ridiculous”, saying that all work on the video was done by volunteers. The Green Party referred the video to the Electoral Commission, saying that it should have been declared as an election expense.[14][15] An investigation conducted by New Zealand on Air later cleared Lee of the charge of misuse of funding.[16]

      Later in 2009 Lee used NZ$100,000 of contingency funding to increase the markup for Asia Downunder in violation of her contract with New Zealand on Air, which she described as “an innocent error”.[17]

      In April 2011 Lee courted controversy when, after she had made a speech supporting the controversially rushed-through copyright law 92A,[18] it emerged that hours earlier she had tweeted “Ok. Shower… Reading … And then bed! listening to a compilation a friend did for me of K Pop. Fab. Thanks Jay”[19] which appeared to contradict her stance on law 92A.[20]”

  6. The coalition is

    1. increasing the MW substantially (the last $1.20 to $20 an hour after the 2020 election 1 April 2021 and from there annual increases c 1$ pa) – which should result in productivity improvements reducing infrastructure pressure (and cost reductions to WFF)
    2. slowing immigration
    3. building houses that will be occupied by owners
    4. bringing in shared equity options so more can own
    5. building more state houses
    6. improving the quality of rentals and terms for tenants

    This both mitigates activism by “conservative” populists and leaves National left holding the low wage high priced property line of established privilege.

    The problem for government is more one of managing temporary supply of labour for seasonal demand and the foreign ownership of unoccupied new builds (possibly a new tax to incentivise their onsale or being let out).

    • I doubt very much we’d be needing a new tax (granted an incentive tax) with $20 billion in infrastructure projects on the books ready to go over the next 5 years, and $80 billion in ACC and Kiwi saver funds looking for fantastic opportunities. So there’s no guarantee that immigration will actually go down. Should be all hands to the pumps.

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