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TWITTER WATCH: Far Right Hate Merchant David Moffett doesn’t believe I am real

By   /  January 3, 2019  /  8 Comments

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Hi David, yes I’m as real a person as you are a dangerous far right lunatic who might be able to successfully hold up some of the ideological excesses of my Woke Comrades to manipulate the spooked hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind.

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My new hobby for 2019 is trolling far right hate merchant David Moffett on Twitter and David has responded by questioning my existence…

…so let’s be clear.

Hi David, yes I’m as real a person as you are a dangerous far right lunatic who might be able to successfully hold up some of the ideological excesses of my Woke Comrades to manipulate the spooked hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind.

I look forward to figuratively kneecapping you before the 2020 election you delusional former Rugby boss,  New Conservative political clown.

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  1. Sam Sam says:

    These people couldn’t have an idea of there own even if they tried. They’ll tell you things about themselves and there idiosyncratic stuff, so stuff about themselves. It’s difficult exercising dead people’s ideas.

    Dosnt help Moffats case that he couldn’t navigate The Daily Blogs sign up protocol. He’s a complete idiot.

    Now from a strategic point of view Moffat is probably on the out of the All Blacks trying to get back in. The All Blacks are on course for a third consecutive rugby World Cup title and he probably doesn’t like the fact the he fired Graham Henry, and Henry engineered the whole all blacks revival. People like the Ardie brothers, brown people basically would have never got a look in under Moffat. And we know what what type of culture won out in the end. Again Moffat is a complete idiot.

    Similarly any inequality or gender bending is just a weak attempt to inject politics into the situation. Size does reflect rugby prowess but that means nothing because woman are clearly equals in rugby. It’s not because woman are weaker or that brown people are poor, it’s because in rugby the people who make it up are extremely undisciplined and can come and go as they please (even at the top levels) and do what ever they want, it’s basically controlled chaos.

    As far as edgy gender or race issues ect, I don’t even think it is an issue because the All Blacks culture is far more advance than kiwi culture and the All Blacks management would consider such inequalities stupid and harmful to their win rate.

    David Moffat is really just trying to figure out what is going on. In most military organisations and private organisation in general, information is given out on a need to know bases, it isn’t based on rank or trust of an individual but the commanding officer judgment on whether or not an individual is crucial to the mission and whether or not information needs to be given to them to complete that mission. So from a command point of view Moffat has every right to be excluded from higher organisational decision making.

    But what about from a leadership point of view, this is a little more abstract in order to evaluate leadership. Now David Moffat is a problem, he’s a lose canon and a huge distraction and currently he has not been disciplined enough. Any military would lock him up and court martial him. Now Moffat is trying to carry out a kind of mutiny so it would be much tougher for him to carry that out behind bars. A good leader would access all his pieces as valuable and would proceed as necessary. Sidelining any and all prejudice so that the goals of the parts can match the leaders goal. A good leader realises that even if they can’t tell the subordinates everything, the subordinates are valuable assets. Dislike being a lose canon Moffat just needs a bit of guidance so that his values can match kiwi values.

  2. Lisa Redmond says:

    He is someone that the National loving, twitter yellow coats have latched on to, like the leeches they are. They are all delusional. A worrying trend in New Zealand.

  3. David Stone says:

    You’r letting him get under your skin Martyn!
    Chill out man! Leave him to stew in his own juice.
    D J S

  4. David Moffett? Never heard of him. Is he a fictional character from “House of Cards”?

    • Sam Sam says:

      David who? Isn’t he in that one man band called the one hit wonder?

      • Hmmm. could be, Sam.

        The only Moffat I’m aware of is Steven Moffat, one of the writers for ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Dr Who’. Perhaps David Moffatt is an Evil Twin from a Parallel Universe? In that Parallel Universe, something called “Rogernomics” wrecked New Zealand society; exported jobs to low-wage countries; undermined unions; suppressed wage growth; sold off valuable state assets for a ‘song’; underfunded essential state services; and made New Zealanders tenants in their own country. Oh… wait…

        • Sam Sam says:

          That brings me along to what about Venezuela. Which is very very convenient for the people profitting from neo-liberal policies. If public attention is on a massive row between the left and the right over which toilets transgendered people get to use you can easily sneak in tax cuts/exemptions for the right sort and welfare cuts/tax raises for the wrong sort. I mean seriously who the fuck cares. The very fact this is even debated is ridiculous. Just let that one in a thousand do what the hell they like. It’s like there’s no other problems.

          And that’s really how Neo-liberalism works and turns democracies into post democracies. We’ve got debates about shit that’s basically meaningless. “Oh well if they’re arguing about that nothing important is probably going on.” The important stuff isn’t even discussed and in the end governments basically do whatever the fuck they like. Until things explode. I mean we’re already seeing ultra-right wing movements win power and support. If the system can’t be at fault it needs to come from outside.

  5. R.P Mcmurphy says:

    moffet i sjust another accountant who thinks because he has your money then he knows everything. turkey.

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