TWITTER WATCH: Best Left Wing Pundit 2018


A subset of a subset of a subset of people have spoken!

The Best Left Wing Pundit of 2018 is…

…start immense hatred and bitchy comments now!


  1. They’re insulting you while manipulating you.

    The jungle creed
    Says the strong must feed
    On any prey at hand
    So branded as beast
    Vickie sat down at feast
    And learned that her prey
    Was man.

    – Donald Goines

  2. Martyn has a marvellous virulence, me having grown up among brothers. Lizzie is social liberalism. Trotter is the pillars. I suppose he’s in the traditions of failed idealists, Demosthenes, Cicero, doesn’t bear recalling. NZ has always been about who helps pay for mortgages. No need for much knowledge of history.

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